Battle Nexus: New York
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
BattlenexusNewYork titlecard.jpg
Season Code: 075-076
Episode: 11
Original airdate July 17, 2020
Written by Dale Malinowski
Supervising Producer Alan Wan
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Kevin Molina-Ortiz
Alan Wan
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Storyboard Artist: Max Collins
Christine Liu
Episode chronology
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"The Clothes Don't Make the Turtle" "E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2019 - August 7, 2020
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"Battle Nexus: New York" is the twentieth episode of the second season (Episode 11) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the sixty-sixth episode overall in the series. It first aired on July 17th, 2020.


Big Mama turns New York City into her new Battle Nexus arena and the Mad Dogs have to fight to save everyone they love.


Major characters

Minor characters

Additional Voices by Dave Boat


The episode starts with the Mad Dogs, Splinter, Draxum and April on a family trip on the tour of New York City, Draxum says they must be hurry, because he left Sloppy Joseph in the kitchen.

Suddenly, the cloud gets darker and takes all New Yorkers with it, not knowing what happened...

The Mad Dogs are shocked of seeing their city so empty, then they hear a woman laughing from distance, which the Mad Dogs realize it is from Big Mama, who turns New York City into Battle Nexus and traps all people in the Mystic Orb. In there it is a cruise. Right before they can do anything blue colored waves started taking them away.

The Mad Dogs are with their enemies on handcuffs, must fight off bestest from bestest. Like:

  • Raph is with Ghostbear, much to his joy. They must fight the most aggressive yōkai named Troll. Raphael tries to remember our ghostbear that he did it on his last move, Hibernator. But both of them, ended up being flung off the bridge and into the water below. Only their masks floated up to the surface, much to the horror of his brothers, father and friends.
  • Leo, along with one of Sando Brothers, Carl, must make jokes from the fairy named Sprite, who is unenthusiastic. She merged with Statue of Liberty. She still doesn't laugh, but they realize that they can only make her laugh, by injuring themselves, they ended up winning.
  • Mikey is with his favourite chef, Meat Sweats, must feed the Amphisbaena, two-headed snake yōkai who wants to eat food. Meat Sweats throws Food at him, while Mikey must make inspirational food, but he forgets while Rupert helps him out with pepper, both of snakes ate each other. Both mutants won.
  • Last of all, Donnie is with Hypno-Potamus, must beat Cortex, the most intelligent yōkai at chest, but due to Hypno doesn't know the rules, Donnie does it, but to his dismay, he is turned into figures. Suddenly, this takes too long, and Cortex, is stressed out tells him to pick the figure while he pounds his fists on table in annoyance, irritation and frustration. Both ended up winning as Cortex slams his head on table in defeat.

Meanwhile, Draxum suddenly realizes that they are in the orb, He tried to tell the others that they are in the orb but the never listen. He then shows them their powers to reveal everything. Using a ladder April and the others escape.

Returning to the center, the three Mad Dogs are reunited at last, but they are heartbroken over Raph's demise. Big Mama congratulates them and she announces that she is still keeping New York for herself. But suddenly, Raph appears before them! He defends his brothers from Big Mama as April, Draxum, Splinter and Recruit are freed. Now way outnumbered, Big Mama calls the Shadow Fiend to fight them. He begins to chase Draxum, who has and tries to decipher the orb containing the people of New York. Eventually, they make it to the top of Big Mama's tower, but the others have arrived and combine their powers to defeat him. Big Mama is about to use her ring to control him again, but to her shock...the ring is gone!

The Foot Recruit then reveals the ring in her grasp and tells them that there is no Shadow Fiend. As the cloak blows away, the ominous figure is revealed to be the one and only... Shredder. The Foot recruit orders him to attack the heroes as Splinter orders Leo to open the portal to escape. The demon proves to be to fast as destroys their powers and begins to crush Raph and Donnie. Thinking fast, our old rodent master uses Leo's odachi to open the portal, allowing them to escape. As all by one disappear, Splinter is the last one to vanish through the portal. The rodent ninja asks the spider yōkai woman to come with them, because he knows that there is something good inside of her. Touched, Big Mama attempts to come with them. However it was too late, as Shredder cuts her exit.

Recruit rides on the Shredder, declares that the Foot Clan rises again, as the episode ends.


  • Shadow Fiend is revealed to be the Shredder.
  • The mystical orb reappears in this episode, the first time it appears was in "Insane in the Mama Train".
  • This episode marks the final appearances of Ghostbear, Huginn, Hypno-Potamus, Meat Sweats, Muninn and Carl Sando.
    • Carl's brother Ben does not appear in this episode at all, his final appearance having been in "Man VS. Sewer".
    • Huginn and Muninn only appear briefly in a flashback, their final in-person appearance having been in "Goyles, Goyles, Goyles".



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