Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


The TMNT, Bishop, and their respective allies come to a climactic battle that will have devastating consequences for many!

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  • Old Hob decapitating Agent Bishop not only fulfills a vow Hob made to Seymour Gutz earlier in Mutagen Maintenance, but the event itself echoes a similar event in the 2003 TV series episode Return to New York, Part 3. In that episode, Leonardo duels with the Shredder and beheads him, only for it to be revealed that the Shredder's humanoid body was the exo-suit of Ch'rell, an Utrom. Likewise, in Battle Lines, part 3, after Bishop's head was severed from his body, it was revealed that the body was just an exo-suit the real, much more diminutive (though still human) Bishop had been piloting all along from a cavity inside the torso, much like with Utrom exo-suits. In both scenes, the pilot escapes alive from their wrecked exo-suit. (Coincidentally, the separate IDW version of Ch'rell appears in this issue in a different role altogether.)


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