Teenaged Tower of Terror

Name: Barbaric
Affiliation: None
Unauthorized Tools of Justice: Spiked battle baton with extendo spike
Background: Former juvenile delinquent
Department Contact: Officer Dragon

Dragons’ Notes/Pre-Police Report

So you’re a giant freak, 8 feet tall and red all over. You have the strength of 50 men but you’re just a typical adolescent teenager. So what are you supposed to do? Nobody’s talking to you. Nobody’s hiring you - not even the burger joints. So what are you supposed to do when somebody asks you to do a little job? A simple job: Just drive a truck and don’t ask questions about the stolen property inside. My gut tells me Barbaric’s a decent kid. Heck of a fighter. Lieutenant Darling’s had me lock him up once before. Barbaric trashed the jail cell. That temper can help me tame the vicious circle freaks. First offense, Barbaric toted a spike baton; could be a serious crimefighter with a little training. With Barbaric, She-Dragon and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for back-up, this city’s got a chance! I just gotta convince Lt. Darling that we’ve got better odds against the vicious circle with Barbaric on our side.

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