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Bane is a Gotham City criminal, and enemy of Batman's; he refers to himself as the man who "broke the Bat." Sometime before Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he was captured and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.


When he saw Shredder and Ra's al Ghul in Arkham, he expressed a desire to help them, since it would allow him to attack Batman. Later he was freed by the Joker, who sprayed the inmates with mutagen, causing Bane to transform into a mutant jaguar. His already-formidable strength was seemingly enhanced by this change, and he was pleased by the results.

He later attacked Donatello and Batgirl, knocking the Turtle senseless and flinging punching bags at the woman. Donatello rallied and attacked Bane, only to be thrown violently agains the wall. Bane then tried to break the Turtle's back by smashing it against his knee, but Donatello's thick shell only ended up damaging Bane's leg. Batgirl then smashed a weight against Bane's head, knocking him out.

Though it was not shown, he was presumably demutated with the other Arkham inmates, once the retromutagen was shown to be non-lethal.


  • Though he is mutated into a jaguar in the animated movie, In the comic book miniseries, he is mutated into an elephant.
    • Bane also had a much larger role as the main antagonist in the second miniseries.
  • Carlos Alazraqui previously voiced the character in Batman: Unlimited, Batman Unlimited: Mech Vs. Mutants, Justice League: Doom.


.Bane - Did they not tell you about me, little turtle? I'M THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BAT!!!

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