The Muscle-bound Mariachi Mutant!

Vital Banditotistics

Accessories: Kowabunga Cork Shotgun, Jalapeno Knife, Hero Holster & Reptile Revolver, Sewer Serape, Thorny the Cactus Pal
Favorite Song: I’m the Mariachi Mutant, I Am I Am
Favorite Hat: Sewer Sombrero

Hey, hombre! Welcome to the wild west world of Bandito-bashin’ Mike. He’s the meanest Mutant to ever have refried pizza. Here, just a shell south of the border, you have to earn your name. And Mike’s ready to own up to his bold bashin’ brand. With his ever-loaded kowabunga cork shotgun and reptile revolver, this rough and ready dude won’t take to dust bein’ kicked in his face. And if a bad boy bandito challenges maverick Mike, the ol’ jalapeno knife can cut a spicy slice right through his sombrero. When the going gets grisly, be on the look out for Thorny, the cactus pal who sticks with Bandito-bashin’ Mike through thick and thin. Together, they’re cleaning up the west – one Foot at a time.

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