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Balaraphon tentacle monster

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Turtle Trek (5 November 1994)

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The Balaraphon tentacle monster, which appears in the 1987 cartoon episode Turtle Trek,is a massive plant creature, native to the planet of Balaraphon in Dimension X. It dwells in an impact crater on the planet. It does not appear to be intelligent, as it blindly grasps whatever comes within its reach and tries to devour it. The Ninja Turtles fell victim to this when Gargon led them to the crater, and they were immobilized by the tentacles.

After Raphael and Donatello destroyed the Technodrome's engines, the tentacles attacked the Technodrome and dragged it down into the crater, where it landed upside-down. While the full extent of the damage inflicted by the creature is unknown, it led to the Technodrome being abandoned in the next two years.