Flag of Australia

Australia is a constitutional monarchy in Oceania, mainly located on the island continent of Australia and some smaller islands, the largest being Tasmania. Its capital city is Canberra.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appearances

The Ninja Turtles visit Outback Australia in the 1990 video game World Tour.

The turtles go there to save Leatherhead in the "World's Deadliest" story of the Tales of the TMNT comic books, and spend the duration of the sequel story, "Monster Island", there.

In the Hogbog the Horrible comic, when Hogbog crashes towards the ground after falling from a skyscraper, the turtles joke about Hogbog probably fell all the way to Australia, and might make an appearande at Neighbours.

It also is the main setting of the After the Bomb supplemental book Mutants Down Under by Palladium Books.


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