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Atilla the Frog
Biographical information

Louisiana (current)
North Hampton (former)

Weapon(s) of choice





Punk Frogs

Physical description

Mutant frog



Eye color

Red, Black and Yellow

Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

The Croaking

Voiced by

Maurice LaMarche

Teachers and Students

Attila the Frog is the leader of the Punk Frogs.


The leader of the Punk Frogs. Upon meeting Mikey and learning about his brothers at the O'Neil Farm house, Attila sends Genghis Frog to "liberate" the Turtles from the humans, stating that the humans are the reason behind the loss of their environment and planning to use the Mutagen that Rasputin studies to invade the cities to get revenge on the humans. When the rest of the Turtles arrive, Attila fights against Leonardo. After being rescued from the fire by April O'Neil and Casey Jones, Attila learns from April that not all humans are bad as he ponders on her words.

The next day, he gathered his followers and tells them he has seen that not all the humans are evil as the turtles and the human allies smile at his change in view. Attila then promotes Napoleon Bonafrog to general upon seeing the wisdom in him. He and his followers then head to Louisiana to live with their unmutated relatives there.


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  • His voice and speech patterns are a reference to actor Marlon Brando, and the character himself is seemingly inspired by Vito Corleone from The Godfather, and Colonel Walter E. Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, both of whom were portrayed by the aforementioned actor. His final line as the tree burns down 'the horror' is a reference to the final line uttered by the latter character.
  • Atilla is the only one of the Punk Frogs that doesn't have Green colored skin.
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