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On Burnow Island, the Technodrome has been activated and has begun terraforming. Inside, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo attempt to fight through Baxter Stockman’s army of flyborgs in order to get to Krang and shut down the Technodrome. Mikey and Raph seize an opportunity to attack Krang while he’s busy monologuing but Leo advises them to help the Fugitoid first. While the Turtles are occupied, Stockman commands two of the flyborgs to fly him to safety. The Fugitoid thanks the Turtles for rescuing him from Stockman’s M.O.U.S.E.R.’s and tells them that if he can reroute the power source then he can shut down the Technodrome before it’s terraforming power spreads any further. However, no longer lost in thought, Krang is more than ready to retaliate as Leo, Raph, and Mikey leap to attack.
Inside Harol’d laboratory in New York City, Bebop and Rocksteady are intent on carrying out Shredder’s orders and killing Donatello. Rocksteady lands a serious blow with his sledgehammer, sending Donnie flying into a support column. As he lies winded, Bebop begins choking him, but Harold, acting through Metalhead, shoots Bebop with a laser and causes him to release Donnie. Harold urges Donnie to flee while he holds the two powerhouses off, but Rocksteady quickly takes out Metalhead. As Donnie tries to leave Bebop throws a large computer monitor at him, knocking him back to the ground. Before he can get up Bebop breaks the keyboard across his face, stunning him, immediately followed by more blows to the face. Rocksteady finishes incapacitating Metalhead and turns his attention to Bebop and Donnie. Rocksteady tells Bebop to save some of the fun for him and strikes Donnie across the back with his sledgehammer, cracking Donnie’s shell open and Donnie passes out from the pain. Bebop and Rocksteady receive a call from Karai to return to the base and, content with their handiwork, leave Donnie to bleed out.

On Burnow Island, Leo, Raph, and Mikey attempt to wear down Krang while the Fugitoid tries to shut down the Technodrome. Using teamwork, the Turtles are able to damage Krang’s mech suit. The Turtles urge Fugitoid to work as quickly as he can as Krang gets back up. At Foot Clan Headquarters, Master Splinter remains locked in combat with Karai, the Mutanimals having abandoned him after Hob retrieved the supply of mutagen. Just then, Alopex and Nobody (Angel in Harold’s tech suit) arrive and take out the few remaining Foot ninja. Nobody and Alopex are ready to finish the fight but Splinter stops them, telling Karai that his problem was never with the Foot Clan itself, only the dishonor that the Shredder had brought upon it. Splinter tells Karai that he can sense the honor within Karai. Karai hesitates, then uses a smoke grenade to escape. Harold sends a distress call to Nobody, urging her and Alopex to return to the lab immediately.

On the shores of Burnow Island, Koya, Bludgeon, and the Foot ninja continue to battle Captain Tragg and Sergeant Granitor as well as Krang’s other troops. As the combatants witness the Technodrome activating in the distance, Krang’s human mercenaries flee to the safety of their base, knowing the area will soon be inhospitable. As everyone on the beach begins to suffocate, Koya and Bludgeon wonder what to do about Shredder, who lies injured. Bludgeon tells her that it is too late for him and the two flee the island. A lone flyborg searches the battlefield and spots the Shredder, flies down and picks him up, carrying him to a boat on the shore. Shredder asks who has rescued him. Stockman tells him that if the two can come to an agreement, his new partner.

Inside the Technodrome, Krang refuses to relent, despite his mech suit shorting out badly. The Turtles summon a final burst of energy and work together to finish off Krang just as the Fugitoid manages to reroute power to the Technodrome, disabling it. Krang cries out, despondent, believing he has failed to secure a home for the survival of his species. Fugitoid urges the Turtles to teleport back home immediately, as the artificial environment created for the human scientists working inside the Technodrome may fail at any moment. He assures them that he will deal with Krang and sends them back to New York. Krang curses the Fugitoid, but Fugitoid points out that all the death that day was on Krang’s hands, not his own. He explains that since the island has already been terraformed Krang has succeeded in creating a safe haven for his people, but he will not be there to see it. Fugitoid contacts the Neutrino Command and the two are transported to Planet Neutrino.

At Harold’s lab, Leo, Raph, and Mikey arrive through the teleporter. They are immediately surprised by the wrecked state of the lab. Angel and Alopex await them, bracing them for what they’re about to see. They explain that they and Harold did everything they could to save him, but it wasn’t enough. The Turtles see Donnie lying dead in Splinter’s arms, and Donnie’s friends and family grieve.





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