Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Page 1

"Well, looks like we got Krang..."

"...And we got Shredhead."

"Which just leaves one thing missin'..."

Raphael "...Where the hell's the Fugitoid?!"

Michelangelo "Do you think Donnie's teleporter thing messed up again, Leo?"

Mikey "Did we get sent to the wrong spot?"

Leonardo "I don't know, Mikey..."

Leo "...And we don't have time to dwell on it."

Leo "There's no telling how long Krang and Shredder will keep each other busy, so, Fugitoid or no Fugitoid, we've got to get moving."

Leo "We know where we need to go..."

Page 2

Leo "...We'll just have to figure out the rest when we get there."

"So you thought you could slip in and steal my Technodrome from me, did you?"

Krang "When will you ninjas learn—I will never be bested by the likes of you."

Shredder "Is that what you told yourself as your ship sank to the bottom of the ocean, General?*"

[*See TMNT #37B.C.]

Krang "No. I merely promised myself, should the opportunity arise..."


Krang "...I would finish what I started!"

Page 3

Krang "Our last dance was cut short, Saki. That will not be the case today."

Krang "There will be no running away for you this time."

Shredder "I do not run, demon!"


Krang "We shall see."

Tragg "Keep firing!"

Granitor "You heard Captain Tragg! Kill them all!"

Tragg "Speaking of..."

Page 4

Tragg "C'mon, Sergeant Granitor. We've got some old friends to visit."

Bludgeon "These weaklings think they can fight us, Koya? Ha!"

Koya "Grind them into the ground, Bludgeon! Smash their bones and bleed them dr—"


Koya "—Yyikk!"

Tragg "Round two, monsters!"

Bludgeon "Get up, Koya!"



Bludgeon "This fight just got interesting!"

Koya "Skreee!"

"Your resistance is wasted effort..."

Page 5


Krang "...You and your perversions of nature were doomed as soon as you stepped foot on my island."

Krang "A surprise attack? Yes..."

Shredder "Hyaah!"



Shredder "Glff!"

Krang "...You do look surprised."

Shredder "How...?"

Krang "you were betrayed, fool. And now you will die."

Shredder "Betrayed?"

"So, do you think those buffoons have finished each other off yet..."

Page 6

Baxter Stockman "...Or should we expect them to fail at something as simple as mutual destruction?"

Zayton Honeycutt "If they do, then we'll be in even worse trouble than we already are."

Honeycutt "How can you sit there so calmly, Stockman? Our plan could be unraveling while we're trapped in here."

Baxter "Your plan, you mean. I have no doubts mine is proceeding exactly as designed."

Honeycutt "Your plan?"

Baxter "Silly robot—did you think you were the only one plotting to stop Krang all this time?"

Baxter "I'm almost insulted."

Baxter "As it is, while you were so busy seeking outside help, I was tackling the problem from the inside... At its very core, to be exact."

"Utilizing one of my flyborgs as a trojan horse, I was able to access the complete technical schematics for our general's little toy of mass destruction.*"


Page 7

"Using the information I procured, I hacked into the main operational drive and uploaded malware designed to wrest control of the Technodrome when the time was right."

Baxter "And that time is now."

Baxter "Once the Technodrome is activated, my malware will initiate, access the core overrides, and I will be in charge in short order."

Honeycutt "But... If it is operational even for a couple of minutes, thousands will perish, Stockman."

Baxter "As if you could stop me, robot."

Honeycutt "Maybe not me..."


Chet Allen (Honeycutt) "Guards, quickly! The Fugitoid has escaped!"

Baxter "What in blazes?"

Baxter "Mr. Allen?"

Guard A "Who the hell's that?"

Guard B "Looks like one of the scientists."

Guard A "But how'd he get in there?"

Page 8

Baxter "Ah, yes... Now I see. Chet Allen was a ruse all along."

Baxter "Kudos to you, Honeycutt."

Guard A "Get back!"

Guard B "Hands up!"

Baxter "But if you think for one second you have the advantage..."



Guard A "What the—?!"

Chet "No!"


Baxter "...Then your circuits are most definitely corroded."

"So we just gonna stand around and do nothin'?"

Page 9

tap tap tap

Hun " 'Cause I'm thinkin' we could be doin' a whole lot more than sippin' tea and starin' at walls."

Oroku Karai "We have our orders from Master Shredder to remain in place."

Karai "That is enough."

Hun "Yeah, well Master Shredder's the boss and all but I ain't so sure hangin' here doin' nada is the right play."

Hun "Seems to me it's smarter to take the fight to the enemy instead of waitin' for them to bring it to us."


Page 10

Old Hob "Knock knock..."

RepTiLe TeNdeNcies

Hob "...Anyone home?"

Page 11

Karai "Foot! Repel the intruders!"

Hob "C'mon, mutants, time to show 'em what we are!"




Hob "And what they're not!"


Page 12

Hun "I know you! You're the chump that sucker-punched me!*"

[*See TMNT #28 - B.C.]

Hun "Raah!"


Hun "Hrggkk!"

Slash "Yes, I remember. It was when you were pummeling your own child to death."

Slash "Seems you forgot the punishment I delivered the first time."


Slash "Maybe this will remind you..."

Slash "..."Dragon Man." "

Page 13

Mondo Gecko "Comin' at ya live, babe!"


Karai "Not for long, worm!"


Mondo "Oh snap."


Splinter "No!"

Splinter "Go, Mondo Lizard—help the others. I have this."

Mondo "It's Gecko, Gramps."

Karai "So, rat, you've finally decided to crawl out from the hole you've been hiding in."

Splinter "But what of your filthy turtles?"


Karai "Were they too cowardly to follow you to your doom?!"

Splinter "You are mistaken on all accounts, Oroku Karai!"

Page 14

Splinter "My sons are not cowards—nor does today mark my doom."

Splinter "No, today my family ends the threats facing this city... And this world."


Karai "Uff!"

Splinter "Terrible dangers spawned by dishonorable madmen like the master you so loyally serve."


Splinter "You do not speak so of my grandfather!"

Splinter "Your grandfather's time has passed, Karai. Today's doom belongs to him. But understand..."

Splinter "...I do not believe you deserve the same fate."

Page 15

Hob "Perfect."

Herman "We got them now! Don't stop, soldier!"

Slash "I hadn't intended to."

Mondo "Save some for me!"


Hob "No more hybrid mutts for you chumps."

Page 16

Mondo "Now you see me."


Mondo "Now you don't, suckers!"

Hob "Mutanimals! Over here!"

Hob "We got what we came for—we're history!"


Slash "But... Master Splinter. We... We can't just leave him."

Hob "Hey, those flakes changed the plan on us without askin' before, right? Seems only fair that we do the same."

Hob " 'Sides..."

Hob "...That old rat's kinda busy at the moment."

Hob "Let's go. Now!'"

Herman "Sir, yes, sir!"

Mondo "Lead the way, jefe."

"Are you sure we're doing the right thing?"

Page 17


Mikey " 'Cause I think we're totally lost. Maybe we shoulda waited a little longer for Fugitoid, Leo."

Leo "We didn't have a little longer, Mikey. We're just gonna have to wing this."

Raph "Yeah. Quit whinin', runt."

Mikey "Shut up, Raph, I'm not whi—look out!"

Guard "Intruders!"

Raph "Whoa!"



Mikey "Eat chuck, chumps!"

Leo "Nice moves, Mike."

Raph "Yeah, little bro. I just hope you tanked 'em before anyone else heard."

Baxter "Unfortunately for all of us, he did not, turtle—"

Page 18

Baxter "—Though I appreciate you removing the guards for me, I had truly hoped to avoid any further interruptions today."

Baxter "I have important work to finish, after all."

Leo "Stockman!"

Mikey "Fugitoid!"

Baxter "Ahh, well—such is the way with the best-laid schemes of mice and men, I suppose."

Baxter "Flyborgs..."

Baxter "...Exterminate!"

Page 19


Krang "You still do not fall? I'm impressed."

Shredder "S-Save your praise, demon. If... If I am to die, I will do so... Standing."

Krang "Have it your way."

>General Krang! We have an emergency!<

Krang "What now?!"

>It's Stockman, sir! He's escaped and in the control room!<

Krang "Stockman, that slippery bastard..."

Krang "Tragg! Granitor!"

Krang "Clean up this mess..."

Page 20

"...I have other business to deal with!"

Baxter "Just sixty seconds, Honeycutt—one minute of live terraforming and then my malware takes control and Krang's folly becomes my fortune."

Honeycutt "You won't succeed, Stockman."

Baxter " "Won't" succeed?"

"I already have."

Raph "Gah! Stupid bugs!"

Leo "We gotta get to Stockman!"

Mikey "Tell it... Grlgk... To these guys..."

Baxter "And... Presto!"

>Activation initiated.<

Honeycutt "No."

Baxter "Oh, yes, Professor. This is where all our hard work pays off."

Krang "You're partially right, Stockman..."

Krang "...You are going to pay."

Baxter "Krang!"

Page 21

Krang "Out of my way, insect."

Baxter "General... How... I..."


Mikey "I call this flychucking!"

Leo "Oh no..."


Krang "Malware, Stockman? Really?"

Krang "Did you think me foolish enough to not prepare for something so predictable as that?"

Krang "This is Krang. Initiate triggering sequence utilizing protocol two-bravo-delta."

Krang "Scrub all primary systems and re-route all further commands through redundant arrays."

>Re-route complete. Triggering sequence initiated.<

Honeycutt "General... Please..."

Krang "Silence, Fugitoid..."




Page 22

"...This part won't hurt you."


Bludgeon "We will not leave you, Master."

Bludgeon "...We swear."

Koya "If you die, so do we."

Shredder "Not only you, my loyal soldiers."

Shredder "Bebop... Rocksteady. This is Shredder..."

Shredder >...Kill the turtle.<