Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Old Hob "Looks like we just about got everything loaded up."

Hob "Don't know 'bout you, rat, but this cat's ready to rumble."

Splinter "Indeed."

Hob "What's the matter? You don't look too excited about finally goin' after Shredder."

Hob "You ain't gettin' cold feet, are ya?"

Hob "Well... Are ya?"

Splinter "Old Hob, I—"

Leonardo "Master Splinter will be fine, Hob..."

Leo "...But the three of us won't be going with you guys."

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Hob "Not going?!"

Hob "What the hell are you talkin' about, turtle?!"

Raphael "You heard 'im, furball. We got other things we gotta handle."

Hob "I ain't hearin' this noise, rat. We had an agreement, remember?"

Splinter "Some things have changed."

Hob "Look, I lived up to my end and now you seriously think you can stiff me?"

Splinter "You need not worry, Old Hob—I will fulfill my obligations to you. When we face the Foot, I will be at your side."

Splinter "But as my sons have already said, theirs is another mission this day."

Splinter "Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I would speak privately with my family."

Hob "But—"

Splinter "A moment."

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Leo "Are you going to be okay, Father?"

Michelangelo "Yeah—Hob looks really ticked."

Splinter "I will be fine, my sons."

Splinter "Please, do not expend precious energy worrying about me."

Splinter "You have other concerns now that are of far greater importance, after all."

Mikey "Guys... I'm really scared. This whole thing... What if—"

Splinter "It is wise to be concerned, Michelangelo. We have many dangers yet in front of us."

Splinter "But we have all prepared diligently for this and your brother's plan is not only brilliant..."

Splinter "...It is noble, as well."

Leo "Thank you, Father."

Splinter "Now, you must go..."

Splinter "...And know that I am forever proud of every one of you, my sons."

Hob "Well, first we were missin' one, which was bad enough—now all four are history."

Hob "You realize this little romp's gonna be a helluva lot harder without their help, right, rat?"

Splinter "You would be correct, Old Hob..."

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"...If it were true that my sons are no longer helping us."

Baxter Stockman "General Krang, much as I hate to interrupt your reverie..."

Baxter "...We need to have a word with you."

Krang "You act as though our terraforming success is not something to celebrate, Stockman."

Krang "Very well, but make it quick. I want to initiate the final phase soon, so speak now while you still can."

Baxter "As always, you radiate benevolence, General."

Baxter "Well, Fugitoid... He's listening. Tell him."

Zayton Honeycutt "I... That is... I..."

Krang "Again, I suggest you speak now, Honeycutt. You may not have the opportunity later."

Honeycutt "I have intelligence that Shredder and the Foot are attacking the island today!"

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Krang "What did you say?!"

Honeycutt "The... The Shredder, he's coming here w-with an army. To kill you and... And take the Technodrome."

Krang "And you know this how?!"

Honeycutt "I... I told you. I have intelligence... From the outside."

Krang "Spies?! Tell me who!"

Honeycutt "I... I won't say."


Krang "You dare defy me?!"

Baxter "Whoa... Whoa there, General, that would be a colossal mistake..."

Baxter "...If you destroy the robot, you may as well kiss your Technodrome launch good-bye. As bothersome as he is, we still require his expertise."

Honeycutt "And... And my expertise will be worthless..."

Honeycutt "...If Shredder isn't stopped."

Krang "Shredder..."

Krang "Grah!"

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Krang "Captain Tragg, put your forces on full alert. If what this damned machine claims is true, I want to be sure we're prepared to crush our uninvited guests."

Krang "I will allow nothing to stand in the way of my New Utrominon, least of all that bastard Saki."

Tragg "Yes, General!"

Baxter "General, if I may, there is something else."

Krang "What now, Stockman?"

Baxter "Well, as it turns out, our friend Honeycutt here is not the only one with spies, and I have it on good faith he's merely providing you half the story."

Krang "Meaning?"

Baxter "Shredder is not the only threat making its way to the island."

Honeycutt "H-How could you know?"


Baxter "A fly on the wall, of course."

Krang "No more games, damn you. Spit out what you know or else I'll have Sergeant Granitor cut it out of you slowly."

Baxter "Torture, General—really? One would think you'd prefer a more expeditious path to the truth."

Krang "The truth is I'll have you slaughtered here and now if you don't talk."

Baxter "Or..."


Baxter "...We could negotiate. I hold something you need—vital information—and you hold something I desire... Namely, the continuation of my existence."

Baxter "For the guarantee of non-terraformed sanctuary in your New Utrominon, I will tell you what I know."

Krang "Blasted human... Fine! Done!"

Krang "You will have your sanctuary. Now speak!"

Page 7

Baxter "Certainly."

Baxter "Our Fugitoid's secret accomplices are the mutant turtles you've battled in the past."

Baxter "The mutants have aligned themselves with Shredder and plan to join him on his island invasion via a spatial teleporter they've constructed—"

Baxter "—Instructions courtesy of our robotic associate, of course."

Honeycutt "Stockman... Why?"

Krang "Shredder and those damned turtles, together, hm? How convenient."

Krang "How does the Earth saying go? Two birds, one stone."

Krang "Granitor, place these two miscreants into full lockdown until I order otherwise."

Granitor "Yes, sir!"

Krang "But... Our agreement, General! My sanctuary?"


Krang "Ha! Consider your incarceration your sanctuary, fool."

Krang "Believe me, if you weren't necessary for the Technodrome activation..."


Krang "Now if you'll excuse me..."

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"...I have other pests to exterminate."


Donatello >Hello?<

Leo "Donnie, it's us."

Donnie "I was starting to worry you guys weren't gonna make it."

Raph "What? And miss another chance to hang in the nerd cave? No way."

Mikey "Whoa! What's that?"

Donnie "How'd things go with Father and Hob?"

Leo "About as good as you'd expect. Hob definitely wasn't happy, but he'll live."

Donnie "I hope they all do."

Mikey "Cool!"

Metalhead "Hey! Put that down!"

Mikey "Gyah!"

Page 9

Leo "So... Everything's ready, huh? When do we go through?"

Donnie "You three can go through now..."

Donnie "...But I'm not going."

Leo "What?"

Leo "After everything you did to make this happen?"

Raph "Yeah... Whaddya mean you ain't goin'?"

Donnie "It's just... With Harold offsite, someone's gotta deal with the technical stuff on this end. And that someone's me."

Mikey "Can't Metalhead hang out and flip switches?"

Donnie "No, Mikey. It's gotta be me."

Harold Lillja >Donatello... Five minutes at most.<

Donnie "You heard him—it's time. The coordinates are all set. The Fugitoid will be waiting for you when you get there... He'll show you exactly what to do."

Leo "But—"

Donnie "No time to argue, Leo."

Harold >Three minutes!<

Donnie "Okay. Let's do this."


Page 10

Leo "Are you sure about this, Don?"

Donnie "One-hundred percent, Leo. I'll be fine—and so will you guys if you stick with Fugitoid."

Harold >Two minutes!<

Donnie "He's gone radio silent to avoid detection but he knows you're coming. He'll be there."

Donnie "Just... Just one more thing. I want you all to know, I..."

Donnie "...I really love you guys."

Leo "Yeah..."

Leo "...Us too, bro."


Harold >Why didn't you tell them?<

Donnie "They've got enough to worry about, Harold."


Harold >Well, so do you now...<

Page 11

Harold >...They're here.<

Shredder "So, Donatello, this is where you've been hiding yourself all this time? Impressive."

Bebop "Check it out, Rock."

Harold >Put that down!<

Donnie "Not now, Harold!"

Shredder "And who might that be?"

Donnie "Just someone who's gonna help me get you to Burnow Island."

Donnie "Are you ready?"

Shredder "I am."

Shredder "And per our arrangement, I am leaving behind some of my party to ensure there will be no treachery on your part while we are away."

Rocksteady "That's right, dweeb..."

Page 12

Rocksteady "...We got us a special mission."

Bebop "We're your babysitters."

Shredder "Understand, turtle... Their orders are to kill you at the first sign of betrayal."

Donnie "Yeah. Understood."

Shredder "Very well. Let us begin."

Donnie "Fine. All systems go?"

Harold >Levels steady. Coordinates locked.<

Donnie "Okay..."

Donnie "...We're live."

Shredder "Foot Ninja—advance."


Shredder "Remember, Donatello..."

Shredder "...Betrayal is death."


Rocksteady "Heh."

Bebop "Death."

Page 13


April O'Neil "Hello, Professor Miller..."

April "...Long time no see."


Miller "Miss... Miss O'Neil. H-How did you get in here?"

April "A little trick my friends showed me. You remember my friends, don't you?"

April "The ones you almost got killed by the Foot.*"

Miller "I... I can hardly be blamed for that. Violence is not my thing."

Miller "I was only trying to protect a precious artifact."

April "The Ashi no Himitsu—yeah, I remember. Just like I remember your idea of protecting it was running into Shredder's arms."

Miller "Yes, well... It seemed the appropriate course of action at the time."

Page 14

Miller "Why are you here, Miss O'Neil?"

April "Because my friends and I risked our butts to save you from the Foot just so you could throw it back in our faces. You owe us, Professor Miller, and it's high time you repay."

April "If you've got an iota of decency in you, you'll agree it's the right thing to do."

Miller "I agree."

April "And if you think I—say what?"

Miller "I said I agree."

Miller "I mean, I still believe trying to preserve the Ashi no Himitsu was the right thing to do, but everything that's happened since then has been..."

Miller "...Well, horrifying."

Miller "The Foot are insane, Miss O'Neil—absolutely insane—and Shredder is the worst. War, mutants, black magic... I want out—preferably with my head intact."

Miller "So, if you have any idea of how I can escape the pit of vipers I'm trapped in, then I'm all ears. I'll gladly repay whatever debt I owe you and your friends if you can guarantee me a way out."

April "Good... I'm glad we're in agreement. You help us, we help you. Good."

Miller "So, what do you have planned?"

April "Honey, Professor..."

Page 15

"...That's still a work-in-progress."

Hob "Okay, the players have changed but the plan's the same..."

Hob "...The joint looks empty—ripe for pickin'."

Hob "This is our big play, boys. Everyone ready?"

Slash "Ready, Hob."

Herman the Hermit Crab "Standing by for orders, sir."

Mondo Gecko "Ditto."

Hob "How 'bout you, rat? Or you too busy worryin' 'bout them brats of yours?"

Splinter "My sons are more than capable of taking care of themselves, just as I am of myself."

Splinter "Why? Do you doubt my combat skills, Old Hob?"

Hob "Nah, I ain't doubtin' nothin', rat. I got this damn patch to remind me every stinkin' day what you can do."

RepTiLe TeNdeNcies

Hob "All right, mutants—turtles or no turtles, we all know what we gotta do."

Hob "So let's quit screwin' around..."

Hob "...And do it."

"The time to strike Saki is upon us, my son..."

Page 16


Splinter (flashback) "...We are ready now and we cannot afford any delays. Is this meeting truly necessary?"

Leo (fb) "Yes, Father, it is. We need to discuss a change in plan."

Splinter (fb) "A change?"

Leo (fb) "Yes..."

Leo (fb) "...We won't be going with you to fight the Foot."

Splinter (fb) "What... What are you saying, Leonardo?"

Leo (fb) "Well, an idea came to me recently—a way to use Shredder's own methods against him. A plan to take him down..."

Leo (fb) "...And the Technodrome, too."

Splinter (fb) "The Technodrome? My son, we have already discussed this. General Krang is not—"

Mikey (fb) "Wait, Father... Please. Listen to Leo."

Splinter (fb) "Very well."

Splinter (fb) "Please continue, my son."

Leo (fb) "Thanks."

Page 17

"It was after that day in the tunnels*, when you cut your arm—I started thinking about the time I was brainwashed into believing I was one of the Foot. And I wondered—what if we turned the tables on Shredder?"

[*See TMNT #36 - B.C.]

"What if we made him believe one of us was voluntarily working with him?"

Foot Elite Guard "Our forces are fully arrived. We await your orders, Master."

Shredder "I want three battle groups—two flanking elements, let my Koya and Bludgeon, and a frontal element, led by me."

"And it was Donnie who helped me figure out how we could do it... And take out Krang at the same time."

"When he stormed out on us the other day, I was able to catch up to him and tell him that I thought he was right—the Technodrome did have to be stopped..."

"...But Shredder did, too, and I just didn't know how we could do both."

"I told him about my idea to plan a double-agent inside Shredder's army—that I thought I was onto something, I just didn't know what."

"Leave it to Donnie to put two and two together."

"He figured since Shredder wants to rule the world so badly, there'd be no way he'd stand by and let Krang destroy it. We could turn his ambition into a weakness."

"So Donnie would be the spy."

"He would use Metalhead to convince Shredder that he could help the Foot get to Burnow Island to launch a sneak attack on Krang."

Page 18

"Meanwhile, we'd fill in Fugitoid on the plan and he could tell Krang about Shredder's coming attack."

"Krang would be forced to defend the island, leaving the Technodrome exposed."

Shredder "We will surround the objective and crush it from all sides."

"It was a long shot, but it worked. Donnie has convinced Shredder he can secretly teleport the Foot to Burnow Island..."

Leo (fb) "...Where Shredder has no clue Krang's waiting for him."

Splinter (fb) "This... This is unexpected."

Raph (fb) "You ain't heard nothin' yet, Sensei. Tell him the rest, Leo."

Splinter (fb) "Yes, please do."

Leo (fb) "Well, while Shredder and Krang go at it, and while you and Hob's gang attack the poorly defended Foot headquarters..."

Leo (fb) "...The rest of us are going to take advantage of the multiple diversions to end the Technodrome threat."

Mikey (fb) "With Fugitoid's help!"

Splinter (fb) "I... I have no words."

Splinter (fb) "Why did you not tell me of this, my son?"

Page 19

Leo (fb) "We... Honestly, we wanted to, Father. But you were so focused on going after Shredder that we just didn't know how to include you without risking the plan."

Raph (fb) "Actually, you've been obsessin' on Shredhead pretty bad, Sensei. No offense."

Mikey (fb) "Yeah, it's totally true, Father. Sorry."

Splinter (fb) "You need not apologize, Michelangelo. I... I have been mistaken about many things."

Splinter (fb) "While my children—my students—have proceeded with forethought and careful planning, I have allowed emotions and passions to guide my thinking."

Splinter (fb) "My animosity toward Oroku Saki became too personal... Too dangerous. I have lost my way and I now see the time has come to regain the proper path."

Splinter (fb) "There is wisdom and maturity in your plan, Leonardo. I am truly impressed."

Leo (fb) "Our plan, Father. We're all in this together now."

Leo (fb) "And if it works out..."

"...If our luck holds..."

Shredder "Upon my command, we will—"


Elite Guard "Hrrk!"

Krang "You will die."

Page 20

"...Krang and Shredder will destroy each other."

Krang "Welcome to Burnow Island."

Elite Guard "Protect the master!"

Krang "You can try."

Krang "Annihilate them!"

Shredder "Foot! Attack!"

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Page 22

Krang "Granitor. Tragg. With me."

Krang "Our forces can finish the others..."

Krang "...We have unfinished business of our own to attend."

Shredder "Indeed we do, General."