Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Neutrino Scientist >Initiating activation sequence on three.<

Neutrino Scientist >Three...<

Neutrino Scientist >Two...<

Neutrino Scientist >One...<

Neutrino Scientist >Activate.<



Neutrino Scientist >Activation complete...<

Neutrino Scientist >...Stand by for triggering sequence.<

Zayton Honeycutt "This is insanity, Stockman..."

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Honeycutt "...Do you realize we will be party to the death of billions of innocent humans?"

Baxter Stockman "Of course I realize that, you feckless machine—unlike you, I happen to be included on that doomed list."

Baxter "Speaking of feckless, all the advanced machinery in this facility and this is the best they could do for a coffeemaker? Absolutely revolting."

Neutrino Scientist "Triggering sequence to commence in thirty."

Honeycutt "You know that's not the point I'm trying to make, Stockman."

Baxter "Spare me. I've averaged only four hours of sleep ever since the general returned from his nautical run-in with the ninja.*"

[*See TMNT #37 - B.C.]

Baxter "But what would you know of exhaustion, hm?"

Baxter "Krang's sudden push to complete his little terraform project has done little to fatigue your robotic nuts and bolts, I see."

Honeycutt "Perhaps not. But I've experienced no less anxiety than you, Stockman."

Honeycutt "The thought of the apocalyptic carnage to come--it wearies my soul."

Baxter "A machine with a soul? How ridiculously quaint."

Krang "If you two imbeciles are done with your blasted whining..."

Krang "...I'd appreciate some silence for this next part."

Neutrino Scientist "Triggering sequence commences in three... Two... One..."

Neutrino Scientist >Trigger!<

Page 3


Krang "Beautiful..."

Krang "...So beautiful."

"So the Technodrome is approaching full functionality?"

Page 4

Shredder "If what you say is true, then we have very little time to act."

Metalhead "That's why I came to you..."

Metalhead "...We have to do something quick if we're going to--"

Foot Ninja "Halt. Approach the master no further."

Metalhead "I already told you--this isn't a trick."

Metalhead "I'm not going to hurt anyone."

Shredder "So you have said—and yet you yourself hide behind the safety of this robot proxy."

Shredder "Consider the presence of my Elite Guard merely as a necessary precaution on my part."

Shredder "I still find it difficult to believe you would truly betray your family in such a manner as this."

Metalhead "I'm not betraying my family, Shredder..."

Donatello "...I'm trying to save the world."

Page 5

Shredder "Indeed."

Shredder "Though I wonder what Hamato Yoshi would say were he to discover you are collaborating with his sworn enemy."

Metalhead "He'd understand I'm making a strategic decision... If he weren't so blinded by his vendetta against you."

Metalhead "And frankly that's the least of my concerns--I'm sure you two will have no problem renewing your feud if we're able to stop Krang."

Metalhead "Right now, taking down the Technodrome is all that matters. And that requires an army..."

Metalhead "...An army you can supply."

Shredder "Perhaps. But getting an army onto Burnow Island is a fear far easier said than done."

Shredder "Logistical considerations aside, Krang is sure to have his defenses on high alert."

Metalhead "I already have that angle covered. I'm finishing up technology that will allow us to access the island completely undetected, and I've got an inside contact who can help us disable the Technodrome once we're there."

Shredder "A spy?"

Metalhead "A mutual acquaintance. That's all you need to know."

Shredder "And you trust this "mutual acquaintance?" "

Metalhead "Yes..."

Metalhead "...With the fate of the entire world."

Page 6


Metalhead "Time for me to go."


Metalhead "I'll be in touch soon to hammer out the final details."


Shredder "As you say, turtle..."


Shredder "...As you say."

Page 7

Harold Lillja "Are you done screwing around yet, Donatello?"

Harold "Donatello!"

Donnie "Wha... Huh?"

Harold "I said, if you're done screwing around with my robot, I'd like to run the final test on your teleporter."

Donnie "Uh, yeah, Harold, okay..."



Donnie "...Let's do this."

"No turnin' back now, boys..."

Page 8

Mondo Gecko "...Time to get gnarly."

Leonardo "Just like we planned, guys—two squads, bounding overwatch movement."

Leo "Herman has first squad with Mondo and Slash. I've got second squad—Raph and Mikey."

Leo "First squad's got the big guns and armor, so they take the lead."

Leo "Everyone ready?"

Herman the Hermit Crab "Roger that, soldier."

Herman "First squad..."

Herman "...Move out!"

Herman "Mondo—take out the lock!"

Mondo "On it, dude."



Herman "Slash—breach!"


Herman "Clear!"

Leo "Second squad, forward!"

Michelangelo "Hell yeah."

Page 9


Slash "Ambush!"


Leo "Covering fire!"

Herman "Move! Move!"

Leo "Hyah!"

Mikey "Raph, down!"

Slash "First squad up!"

Raphael "Who said second squad was down?"

Page 10


Herman "Machine-gun fire!"

Leo "Mikey, give me some smoke!"

Mikey "You got it, bro!"


Leo "Clear!"


Raph "Yaaahh!"

Old Hob "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!"

Page 11

Hob "You boys shaved five seconds off the last run-through."

Hob "Not too shabby, hey, rat?"

Splinter "Yes, Old Hob. The improvement we've seen recently is quite impressive."

Splinter "I believe we have reached the point where we can put our true assault into motion."

Hob "I think you're right, rat—though we won't be lookin' at rubber bullets and dulled-down arrows."

Hob "Be nice if we could get that egghead son of yours into the mix, too."

Splinter "We cannot wait any longer for Donatello to join us in this mission, Old Hob."

Splinter "He has made his decision and so must we. And time has come for our offensive against the Shredder."

Leo "Father... Before we go into battle, we'd like to request a family meeting."

Raph "Yeah. In private."

Splinter "Very well, my sons—but we have little time to waste."

Leo "We understand, Sensei. This won't take long."

Hob "Wait—I thought we were all family here."

Raph "Nah, flea-biter, we're just all mutants here..."

Raph "...Family's a whole different kinda thing."

Page 12

Casey Jones "So, yeah, your mom and dad have been great, April..."

Casey "...They've really gone outta their way to make me feel like family, that's for sure."

April O'Neil "Well, they wouldn't do it just for anyone, Case."

April "You've done some hard work on this place for them—it's like a new store."

Casey "Thanks. Tell you the truth, though, it's more fun than work. Makes me feel kinda guilty."

April "Yeah, I totally understand the guilt thing. I've been feeling that way about the turtles every time I go to class."

April "Those guys are getting ready to go to war and I'm just busy trying to get A's."

April "I feel like I'm letting them down big-time."

Casey "Ah, don't think that way, April—you're doin' a lot to help 'em, specially with Donnie and that Harold dude."

April "Maybe. But I don't just want to be some part-time lab assistant, either."

April "I might not be able to go into battle with them like you do, but I know I can do more than push buttons for Harold."

Casey "Yeah, well, they ain't exactly been tellin' me what they're up to lately, neither."

April "I think that's because they're trying to protect us."

April "And let's face it, we're not ninjas or mutants like them."

April "But that doesn't mean we can't help them win this war."

Page 13

Casey "I'm almost afraid to ask."

April "Casey, do you remember that professor who helped the Foot Clan against us? Doctor Miller?"

Casey "You mean the guy with the magic book?*"

April "Exactly. I've seen him skulking around campus again lately."

"He knows more about the Foot Clan than anyone else. Can't hurt to see if he's feeling talkative."

April "I don't know if I can get anything out of him, but it's a lead that I'm not going to ignore."

April "Oh gosh! Speaking of which, I need to get to the school for a study group."

Casey "April, promise me you're gonna be careful whatever you do."

April "Always am."

Page 14

April "See you later, alligator!"

Casey "Not if I see you first."

Casey "All right, Jones, the maintenance stuff's done for the day."

Casey "Time for a little site security."

"Okay—all systems read normal..."

Page 15

Harold "...Only one thing left to do."

Donnie "Yep..."

Donnie "...Aren't you going to wish me luck, Harold?"

Harold "Luck has nothing to do with it, Donatello. We've dealt with all the known discrepancies. You'll be fine."

Donnie "I'm not worried about those kinds of bugs..."

Donnie "...Don't forget what happened last time with those ghost guys.*"


Harold "Meh."

Donnie "Well, how about a bon voyage, then?"


Harold "Good luck, my friend."

Page 16


Harold "So?"

Donnie "So..."

Harold "Wha?!"

Donnie "...I brought you a souvenir."

Donnie "And it's raining in Paris."

Donnie "We did it, Harold!"

Harold "Yes, well... Did you expect anything different? I didn't."

Donnie "Whatever, man—you know you're just as stoked as I am."

Harold "Meh. I only know I have a few more minor adjustments to make."

Donnie "Sure, you do what you need to do. Meantime..."

Page 17

"...I've got to let someone know we're all systems go."

Shredder "The time to attack Burnow Island has arrived."

Shredder "I will lead the strike force."

Shredder "Bludgeon and Koya will accompany me, along with my Elite Guard and a large contingent of Foot soldiers."

Hun "What about the rest of us?"

Shredder "You will remain here with Karai, Hun. We require a rear echelon for the protection of our continued operations in the city."

Shredder "As for Bebop and Rocksteady, I have a special mission for them to attend to."

Shredder "Dismissed."

Page 18

Oroku Karai "Permission to speak candidly, Grandfather?"

Shredder "Of course, Karai."

Karai "Master, I am not convinced it is wise to trust the turtle called Donatello. I have seen them together—they are extremely loyal to each other in even the direst of circumstances."

Karai "His sudden willingness to work with you does not ring true to me."

Shredder "As it should not, Granddaughter."

Shredder "I believe we are simply the enemy of the turtle's enemy at the moment and he is using that fact to his advantage."

Shredder "It is a shrewd strategy on his part... But works to my advantage as well. So I ask you, Karai..."

Karai "...Who is truly manipulating whom?"

Shredder "Besides..."

"...I have ensured retribution should this Donatello dare to betray me."

Bebop "You hear that, Rock? A "special" mission."

Rocksteady "We rule, Bopster!"


Page 19

Honeycutt "This is insanity."

Baxter "You've already said that, Fugitoid."

Baxter "Is there some kind of annoyingly redundant loop running in that nuts-and-bolts brain of yours?"

Honeycutt "The only thing growing annoying are your smug retorts, Stockman."

Honeycutt "You do realize this significantly decreases our time to act, do you not?"

Baxter "Realize it, yes. Know what to do about it... Not a bloody clue."

Honeycutt "What if... What if I were to tell you there may be a way to stop this."

Baxter "Then I would say, if you have any empathy for the billions about to lose their lives that you're constantly moaning about, you damned well better share what it is."

Honeycutt "Very well... I will have to trust you with this. I have no choice now."

Honeycutt "But you must promise me, Stockman, your utmost cooperation and confidentiality. Your very existence depends upon it."

Baxter "And my very existence is of utmost importance to me."

Baxter "You have my word."

"Am I dreaming?"

Page 20

Krang "Can this really be happening at long last?"

Krang "Home..."

Krang "...Just like home."

Krang "Father, if only youw ere alive to see this—what your son has accomplished."

Krang "Where you sought to destroy, I have created."

Krang "What you so recklessly tore down, I have lifted up."

Page 21

Krang "New Utrominon."

Krang "So beautiful."

Krang "Burnow command, this is Krang..."

Page 22

Krang "...We go live tomorrow."

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