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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Attack on Technodrome is the eleventh story arc in IDW Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles|continuity. This story deals with the Ninja Turtles' initial assault on General Krang's Technodrome, which he plans to use to terraform the Earth.


Part One - Issue #41

Issue #41 regular cover by Cory Smith.

Released December 10th, 2014 

On Burnow Island, the activation sequence for the Technodrome is being started for the first time. The Fugitoid watches in horror and asks Baxter Stockman if he realizes that this will make them accomplices in the slaughter of billions. Stockman snaps at the Fugitoid in his typical manner, telling him that of course he knows, because he happens to be one of those doomed humans. Stockman manages to find it within himself to complain about General Krang's sub-par coffeemaker. As one of Krang's Neutrinos scientists prepares to begin the triggering sequence, the Fugitoid, the scientist formerly known as the Neutrino Professor Honeycutt as well as StockGen employee Chet Allen, continues to bicker with Stockman, trying to get him to realize the scale of what is about to happen. Stockman fires back that he has been overworked to the point of exhaustion ever since Krang's latest encounter with the Shredder (see the "New Mutant Order, Prologue"). Honeycutt says that although he doesn't experience fatigue anymore, being a robot, the impending massacre weighs on his soul, at which Stockman scoffs. Krang tells the two to be quiet and the Technodrome is fired for the first time.                                                  

Oroku Saki, the Shredder, walks through his zen garden as he speaks with Donatello by proxy through Metalhead. Saki's elite guard keep Don from getting too close to Saki but he tells them he's not trying to trick him, merely to stop Krang. Saki asks Don what Hamato Yoshi (Master Splinter) would say about Don seeking the aid of the Foot Clan. Don tells him that he would understand it to be a necessary evil, if not for his personal vendetta against Saki. Don tells Saki that he is a pragmatist and he understands that allying with the Foot in order to use their troops is unavoidable if they wish to stop Krang before he activates the Technodrome. Saki tells Don that he could indeed supply troops to stop Krang, but getting them to Burnow Island would be an issue. Don informs him that he has a mole within Krang's operation as well as technology that will allow them to get to Burnow Island undetected. With their current discussion at an end, Don quickly departs using Metalhead's vehicular mode. Setting Metalhead to return to the lab on auto-pilot, Don goes to help Harold run the final test on the teleporter.  

In an abandoned warehouse, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Slash, Mondo Gecko, and Herman prepare to run through another training drill. Slash, Mondo, and Herman get ready to lead the first squad, while the three Turtles get ready to follow. Springing into action, Mondo takes out the lock on a door, Slash knocks it open, and Herman makes sure the coast is clear once they're through. Suddenly they're ambushed and Slash protects the group from several arrows while Herman provides cover fire. Leo, Raph, and Mikey move into the next room and take out several traps. Slash and Herman protect the group from machine gun fire and Mikey throws a smoke grenade to help them remain unseen, so Leo can spring forward and disable the machine gun. Slash bursts through a wall so the group can advance, and Hob congratulates them on shaving time off their practice run. Splinter says that the group appears to be ready to make their assault on Krang's base on Burnow Island. Hob says it's a shame that Don is busy elsewhere, but Splinter says they can't wait for him any longer. Before they leave, Leo requests a family meeting with Splinter and his brothers. Hob asks if they're not all family, and Raph brusquely tells him that just because they're all mutants doesn't make them family. As Splinter and the Turtles excuse themselves, Hob and his crew are visibly insulted.  

At the Second Time Around shop, Casey is telling April that her parents had gone out of their way to make him feel like part of the family. April tells him that they're thankful that he'd done so much to help our her family. Casey tells her that he almost feels guilty because he's enjoyed lending a helping hand so much. April says she understands, as she's been feeling guilty because she feels she hasn't been doing as much as she could to help the Turtles while she's been busy with school. Casey consoles her, reminding her that she'd been a big help to Don and Harold while building the teleporter, but he understands, because he hadn't been doing as much to help as he could either lately, partly because the Turtles had been trying to protect the two of them. April tells Casey that she'd noticed Dr. Miller hanging around campus lately, and she plans on tracking him down to see if she can get any information out of him. Casey warns her to be careful before she leaves for a study group. With everything at the shop in order, Casey leaves to go on a neighborhood security patrol.  

At Harold's lab, Don gets ready to run a final test on the teleporter, considering their last test didn't go as planned (see the TMNT/Ghostbusters crossover). Don steps through the teleporter, and a few minutes later returns with a souvenir from Paris. Don is overjoyed that the test was a success, and even Harold shows some excitement. Don leaves to secretly inform Oroku Saki that the teleporter is ready.  

At the Foot Clan base of operations, Saki informs his lieutenants that the time to attack Burnow Island his come. He tells them that Koya and Bludgeon will accompany him along with the Elite Guard and a large contingent of Foot soldiers, while Karai and Hun will remain in the city to oversee the Foot Clan's continuing operations. Saki tasks Bebop and Rocksteady with completing a special mission. After dismissing them, Karai asks Saki for permission to speak her mind. Karai tells Saki that she feels Don is deceiving them, that even though he seems to be willing to work together he will ultimately betray them. Saki tells her he is well aware, but to work together in this instance is also in their best interest. Saki tells her that in any case, he has an ace up his sleeve for when the Turtles inevitably betray them.  

On Burnow Island, Honeycutt and Stockman grow increasingly worried as their window of opportunity to strike shrinks. Honeycutt confides to Stockman that he has been formulating a plan, but he makes Stockman swear to keep it secret. Outside, Krang examines the freshly transformed landscape and ruminates on his father Quanin's failure to preserve the Utrom race. He dubs Burnow Island "New Utrominon" and radios his command center to tell them that they will start terraforming Earth the next day.                                                                                                    

Part Two - Issue #42

Issue #42 regular cover by Cory Smith.

Released January 28th, 2015 

Master Splinter and the Turtles help Old Hob and his crew load supplies into their truck. Hob asks Splinter if he and the Turtles are ready to attack the Foot Clan, but Leo tells Hob that he, Raph, and Mikey won't be going with them. Hob is angry at what he thinks is Splinter reneging on their deal but Splinter assures Hob he will still accompany them while the three Turtles handle other matters. Splinter then asks for a moment to speak with his sons privately. Leo asks if Splinter is going to be okay with Hob and Splinter tells him not to worry, they have spent considerable time preparing for their respective missions. Splinter tells his sons he is proud of them and they depart. As the three Turtles leave, Hob tells Splinter that their attack on the Foot is going to be a lot harder than he'd anticipated.

On Burnow Island, Baxter Stockman and Professor Honeycutt, a.k.a. the Fugitoid, approach General Krang to tell him that they have important information for him. Krang tells them to hurry up and spit it out and Honeycutt tells him that the Foot is en route to the island to strike the Technodrome before it can be activated. Krang demands to know how Honeycutt is aware of the Foot's plans and threatens to kill him but Stockman calms Krang down. Krang orders Captain Tragg to alert their forces to be prepared for intruders. Stockman reveals to Krang that he too knows of yet another party about to invade Burnow Island, but Stockman makes Krang promise him a sanctuary of non-terraformed land before he tells him what he knows. Krang agrees and Stockman informs him that Honeycutt has been in contact with the Turtles, who have allied themselves with Shredder and the Foot for their attack on the Technodrome. Krang orders Stockman and Honeycutt be locked in a cell and leaves to ready himself for the impending attack.

Leo, Raph, and Mikey arrive at Harold Lillja's lab where Donnie is making final preparations for their teleportation. Donnie asks Leo how telling Hob that the Turtles wouldn't be joining them to attack the Foot's headquarters. Mikey starts fiddling with gadgets until Metalhead (being controlled remotely by Harold so as not to be in danger) tells him off. Don tells them they can go through the teleporter whenever they're ready, but he has to stay behind to man the controls and make sure nothing goes wrong. Before the other three Turtles leave, Don reminds them that Professor Honeycutt has the coordinates and will be there when they arrive to show them to the Technodrome. Donnie and the other Turtles tell each other they love one another and the three Turtles step through the portal. Another moment later, the Foot Clan arrives. The Shredder is impressed by Harold's laboratory. Shredder reminds Donnie that Bebop and Rocksteady will be staying behind with him at the lab, and at the first sign of betrayal by the Turtles, they will kill him. With that, Shredder and the Foot ninja head through the teleporter.

Dr. Patrick Miller enters his office. As he turns on the light he is startled by the sight of April sitting at his desk. Dr. Miller asks April why she's there and she reminds him that after she, Casey, and the Turtles tried to save him from the Foot, he joined up with them in spite of their warning, and now its time for Dr. Miller to return the favor. April is surprised that Dr. Miller agrees without further convincing. Dr.Miller says that if April and her friends can get him out of his unpleasant situation, he'll do whatever he can to help.

Hob scopes out the Foot Clan's headquarters with binoculars. He gives a pep talk of sorts to his crew as they get ready to start their mission. Hob asks Splinter if he's going to be alright or if he's preoccupied worrying about his sons, but Splinter assures him not to worry about his combat prowess. Hob points out that its pretty much impossible for him to forget how formidable an opponent Splinter can be, what with the eye he lost during their very first encounter.

In a flashback we see Splinter and the Turtles (minus Donatello) in their home beneath the abandoned church. Leo has called a family meeting to discuss their plan of attack against the Foot. Splinter asks why Leo has called this meeting and Leo admits that he and his brothers will not be going with Splinter and Hob and his crew. Leo explains that during he and Splinter's walk through the sewer tunnels (in which they encountered the Rat King but forgot, see issue #36), Leo had the idea to take down two birds with one stone by pitting them against each other. With Donnie's help Leo ironed out the details of the plan and got all the pieces into place. Leo explains to Splinter that by convincing Shredder to temporarily ally himself with the Turtles to attack Burnow Island, where Krang will be waiting for Shredder, the Turtles will be able to infiltrate the Technodrome and destroy it while the two battle. Splinter is impressed and asks why they kept this plan from him until now. The Turtles explain that Splinter had seemed to be too obsessed with getting revenge on Shredder. Splinter is quiet for a moment, then admits that his focus had become far too narrow. Leo tells him not worry, they are all in this together now.

On Burnow Island, Shredder begins ordering his troops to get into formation. As they are preparing however, Krang and his forces arrive and attack. General Krang and Master Shredder eye each other and prepare to take care of their unfinished business.

Part Three - Issue #43

Issue #43 regular cover by Cory Smith.

Released February 25th, 2015 

Leo, Raph, and Mikey take cover in the undergrowth and watch the battle on Burnow Island unfold. Not seeing the Fugitoid anywhere, the Turtles decide they have to press on without him.

Amidst the fighting, Krang and Shredder duke it out with one another while Captain Tragg and Sergeant Granitor fight Koya and Bludgeon. Shredder continues dancing away from Krang's strikes. The Foot Clan Elite Guard, seeing their master in danger, rush to help but Krang stops them. Shredder manages to land a decent blow on Krang, but afterwards is knocked aside forcefully. Shredder lays on the ground, surprised by the turn of events, and Krang tells him he was betrayed.

Inside the command center, Stockman and Honeycutt sit inside their cell wondering if Krang and Shredder have defeated each other yet. Stockman seems unconcerned and Honeycutt asks him why. Stockman explains that he had also come up with a plan, and unlike Honeycutt's his is still proceeding as intended. Stockman explains that during the building and programming process, he used one of his flyborgs to access the Technodrome's schematics and secretly install malware in its mainframe. Once the Technodrome is activated, the malware will initiate and give control of the core overrides to Stockman. Honeycutt points out that in this plan, thousands of innocent people will perish in the minute it takes the malware to transfer control. Stockman accepts this as a necessary evil. Honeycutt disagrees, and uses his robotic form's ability to transform to change into his Chet Allen disguise and trick the guards into letting him out. Stockman realizes that Professor Honeycutt had been working for him at StockGen all along. As Honeycutt and the guards are distracted, Stockman uses his watch to summon a wave of M.O.U.S.E.R.s, which pour out of a ventilation shaft and incapacitate Honeycutt and the guards with electricity.

At Foot Clan headquarters, Hun resents having to sit around and wait while Shredder and the others attack Burnow Island. Karai enjoys a cup of tea and tells him that Shredder's orders were very clear and that should be enough. Just then an explosion blows a hole in the wall, sending the two flying. Hob, Splinter, Herman, Mondo Gecko, and Slash enter armed to the teeth and begin their attack. Hun calls out Slash for sucker-punching him during their last meeting (see City Fall Part Seven, issue #28). Slash counters that Hun must have forgotten his previous punishment and slams him clear through a wall. Back inside, Mondo tries to take out Karai but is unsuccessful. Karai is about to bring her sword down on him when Splinter intervenes. Karai asks if Splinter's sons were too coward to join them in the attack, but Splinter tells her she is very wrong, as his sons are currently working to end the threat posed by the madman that is her grandfather. Splinter tells Karai that Shredder's fate is sealed and deserved, but he does not think the same is true for her.

Seeing that everything is taken care of at least for the moment, Hob slinks away from the battle. Hob takes out the guards and raids the Foot's storeroom, stealing their supply of mutagen. Having gotten what he came for, Hob orders the Mutanimals to fall back. Slash voices concern about leaving Splinter, but Hob tells him that if Splinter can change the game plan, then they should be able to do the same.

Inside Krang's base on Burnow Island, Leo, Raph, and Mikey try to find the Technodrome control center. Mikey wonders if they should have waited a little longer for the Fugitoid. Raph tells him to quit whining just as two of Krang's guards find them and open fire. Fortunately Mikey is able to knock them out quickly. Unfortunately, Stockman then finds them as well and orders his flyborgs to attack them.

Outside, Shredder struggles to stay on his feet as he takes a savage beating from Krang. Krang is nearly finished with Shredder when he is alerted by the command center that Stockman is trying to seize control of the Technodrome. Krang leaves Tragg and Granitor to take care of Shredder and his remaining forces.

Inside, the three Turtles attempt to fight past the flyborgs. Stockman mans the Technodrome controls and initiates the activation sequence so that his malware can begin. Before the activation is complete, Krang arrives and knocks out Stockman. Krang, already prepared for the possibility that Stockman would try something, orders the triggering sequence to be rerouted through redundant arrays to bypass Stocman's malware. The Technodrome is activated.

Koya and Bludgeon stand guard over the defeated Shredder, pledging to give their lives to protect him. Shredder tells them that they will not be the only ones to die.

Back at Harold's lab, Donnie looks on nervously as Bebop and Rocksteady receive the order to kill him.

(Note: Hob and the Mutanimals' storyline picks up in the TMNT: Mutanimals mini-series)

Part Four - Issue #44

Issue #44 regular cover by Cory Smith.

Released March 25th, 2015

On Burnow Island, the Technodrome has been activated and has begun terraforming. Inside, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo attempt to fight through Baxter Stockman’s army of flyborgs in order to get to Krang and shut down the Technodrome. Mikey and Raph seize an opportunity to attack Krang while he’s busy monologuing but Leo advises them to help the Fugitoid first. While the Turtles are occupied, Stockman commands two of the flyborgs to fly him to safety. The Fugitoid thanks the Turtles for rescuing him from Stockman’s M.O.U.S.E.R.’s and tells them that if he can reroute the power source then he can shut down the Technodrome before it’s terraforming power spreads any further. However, no longer lost in thought, Krang is more than ready to retaliate as Leo, Raph, and Mikey leap to attack.

Inside Harold's laboratory in New York City, Bebop and Rocksteady are intent on carrying out Shredder’s orders and killing Donatello. Rocksteady lands a serious blow with his sledgehammer, sending Donnie flying into a support column. As he lies winded, Bebop begins choking him, but Harold, acting through Metalhead, shoots Bebop with a laser and causes him to release Donnie. Harold urges Donnie to flee while he holds the two powerhouses off, but Rocksteady quickly takes out Metalhead. As Donnie tries to leave Bebop throws a large computer monitor at him, knocking him back to the ground. Before he can get up Bebop breaks the keyboard across his face, stunning him, immediately followed by more blows to the face. Rocksteady finishes incapacitating Metalhead and turns his attention to Bebop and Donnie. Rocksteady tells Bebop to save some of the fun for him and strikes Donnie across the back with his sledgehammer, cracking Donnie’s shell open and Donnie passes out from the pain. Bebop and Rocksteady receive a call from Karai to return to the base and, content with their handiwork, leave Donnie to bleed out.

On Burnow Island, Leo, Raph, and Mikey attempt to wear down Krang while the Fugitoid tries to shut down the Technodrome. Using teamwork, the Turtles are able to damage Krang’s mech suit. The Turtles urge Fugitoid to work as quickly as he can as Krang gets back up. At Foot Clan Headquarters, Master Splinter remains locked in combat with Karai, the Mutanimals having abandoned him after Hob retrieved the supply of mutagen. Just then, Alopex and Nobody (Angel in Harold’s tech suit) arrive and take out the few remaining Foot ninja. Nobody and Alopex are ready to finish the fight but Splinter stops them, telling Karai that his problem was never with the Foot Clan itself, only the dishonor that the Shredder had brought upon it. Splinter tells Karai that he can sense the honor within Karai. Karai hesitates, then uses a smoke grenade to escape. Harold sends a distress call to Nobody, urging her and Alopex to return to the lab immediately.

On the shores of Burnow Island, Koya, Bludgeon, and the Foot ninja continue to battle Captain Tragg and Sergeant Granitor as well as Krang’s other troops. As the combatants witness the Technodrome activating in the distance, Krang’s human mercenaries flee to the safety of their base, knowing the area will soon be inhospitable. As everyone on the beach begins to suffocate, Koya and Bludgeon wonder what to do about Shredder, who lies injured. Bludgeon tells her that it is too late for him and the two flee the island. A lone flyborg searches the battlefield and spots the Shredder, flies down and picks him up, carrying him to a boat on the shore. Shredder asks who has rescued him. Stockman tells him that if the two can come to an agreement, his new partner.

Inside the Technodrome, Krang refuses to relent, despite his mech suit shorting out badly. The Turtles summon a final burst of energy and work together to finish off Krang just as the Fugitoid manages to reroute power to the Technodrome, disabling it. Krang cries out, despondent, believing he has failed to secure a home for the survival of his species. Fugitoid urges the Turtles to teleport back home immediately, as the artificial environment created for the human scientists working inside the Technodrome may fail at any moment. He assures them that he will deal with Krang and sends them back to New York. Krang curses the Fugitoid, but Fugitoid points out that all the death that day was on Krang’s hands, not his own. He explains that since the island has already been terraformed Krang has succeeded in creating a safe haven for his people, but he will not be there to see it. Fugitoid contacts the Neutrino Command and the two are transported to Planet Neutrino.

At Harold’s lab, Leo, Raph, and Mikey arrive through the teleporter. They are immediately surprised by the wrecked state of the lab. Angel and Alopex await them, bracing them for what they’re about to see. They explain that they and Harold did everything they could to save him, but it wasn’t enough. The Turtles see Donnie lying dead in Splinter’s arms, and Donnie’s friends and family grieve.