Attack of the Neutrinos
1987 TV series episode
Attack Of The Neutrinos.PNG
Season Code: 07
Episode: 07
Original airdate November 20, 1993
Written by David Wise
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"Night of the Rogues" "Escape from the Planet of the Turtleoids"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1993 Season
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Attack of the Neutrinos is a season 7 episode of the 1987 TV series.


April and the Turtles are investigating a band of criminals called the Mole Squad, who are notable for tunneling up into places they rob. They manage to track down the criminals and engage them in a fight, but the Mole Squad escape with a device called the Sonic Pulverizer. Its inventor, Floyd O'Toole, is upset that all of his devices are stolen by criminals, and swears off scientific endeavors. So he gives the Turtles all his files - including a videotape of a device called a Hyper-Thruster - to safeguard.

While discussing inventions, Donatello mentions that he has created a Trans-Dimensional Communicator that allows them to talk to the Neutrinos whenever they want. The Neutrinos have to cut the message short, as they're being chased by Rock Soldiers. They're cornered by General Traag shortly after.

At Channel 6, Vernon steals the tape from April's camera so he can scoop her story. But it turns out that her videotape was mixed up with O'Toole's, and thus he is broadcasting the top-secret information on the air.

As a result, Krang sees the tape on the news, and is quite interested in using it to get the Technodrome off the ocean floor. General Traag also calls to announce that he's captured the Neutrinos, and they're brought through the Trans-Dimensional Portal. Krang's idea is to use the Neuralizer to turn the Neutrinos aggressive and vicious, and then set them loose on the Turtles. Zak and Dask head off to do as they're told, but Kala decides to cause trouble on the Technodrome instead. As she rampages through the place, she accidentally sets off a strange sonic signal, which nullifies the effect of the Neuralizer. She hops back in her car and leaves.

The Turtles are walking in the sewer when they see Zak and Dask's Starmobile approaching, and are met with a hail of laser fire. The Neutrinos bury them under a fallen wall and fly up to the surface, but the Turtles are mostly unharmed. They follow the Starmobile into a mall and chase them through stores, causing a lot of damage along the way.

Now that Kala is gone, Krang wants Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop to get O'Toole's tape from Channel 6, and sends them in one of the new amphibious modules to get it. They burst into the newsroom and Vernon hands it over immediately, before being taken prisoner by Shredder.

Kala appears and rescues the Turtles by fending off Dask and Zak, and eventually the Turtles figure out what it was that snapped her out of it. Then the Turtles have to take some time out of their attempt to stop Dask and Zak to deal with the Mole Squad, and this time they get the Sonic Pulverizer back. Donatello reprograms it to a specific frequency, but it doesn't work when he has the chance to fire it at them.

Kala heads up in her Starmobile to engage her brainwashed friends while Donatello tries to fix the Pulverizer. As they're about to fire on her, Donatello successfully nullifies the effect, turning them back to normal. Just then, April calls to inform them about Shredder taking the videotape and Vernon, and fortunately the Starmobiles can easily reach the Technodrome.

Krang has since finished building the thruster and begins lifting the Technodrome from the ocean floor. As Donatello deals with the technical side of things, the Neutrinos head through the portal back to Dimension X, and Raphael and Michelangelo rescue Vernon from Rocksteady and Bebop.

The Technodrome fully rises from the ocean in front of New York and levitates towards the city, much to April's amazement and horror. The Turtles flee from the Technodrome onto April's news chopper, just as the thruster explodes and the Technodrome falls back to the ocean floor - this time upside-down.





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Animation errors

  • Shredder's boots are coloured grey after Kala blasts a hole through the Technodrome wall.
  • Leonardo breaks one of his swords while fighting the Mole Squad. But it is repaired again moments later, before the turtles return to the lair.
  • When Bebop activates the Trans-Dimensional Portal, Krang's robot hands are flesh colored instead of the usual red. They are also flesh colored several shots later, before the neutralizing scene.
  • When Krang talks about extracting information from Vernon's brain, his robot hands are (once again) flesh colored.
  • The timer that Donatello sets up clearly shows that it has already reached 00:00 when he starts it.
  • The hands on Krang's android body are flesh colored (again!) shortly before the Technodrome crashes back into the water.
  • When Zak and Dask initially fire on the Turtles, the energy bolts are blue. After the commercial, they're red, and then blue again.


  • This episode introduces Krang and Shredder's new Amphibious Modules, underwater versions of the original Transport Modules which enable them to travel to the city quicker than their original models, but they will not be seen in use until "Revenge of the Fly".
  • Final appearance of the Neutrinos.
  • Townsend Coleman takes over for the voice of Shredder in this episode and the remainder of the season.