Leader of the Mutant Frogs!


The leader of the mutant frog family, Atilla is on a mission expand the reptiles' power. By obtaining the mutagen that April's "Mom" dropped in the forest, he has a plan to build his own mutant frog army. His hatred for Turtles and humans cause him to try and eliminate April, Casey, and the four brothers. However, after a dangerous fire threatened the frog fortress and his mutant frogs, the Turtles, April, and Casey save them, and the alliance between Turtle and frog was born.

  • Weapon: Powerful tongue
  • Team: Ninja Turtles


  • Retractable Tongue
  • Swivel Hinge Shoulders


  • None


  • His name is misspelled on every instance of it being used on the figure's packaging and marketing.
  • Playmates' official description mentions the punk frogs as reptiles, though frogs are actually amphibians.
  • Playmates' website listed a different reading for his weapon category, stating: No weapons. Ghengis does all his fighting.)


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