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Age: 18 and a half


Ninjutsu expertise

Weapon(s) of choice
Physical description

5' 2" (1.57 m)


110 lbs. (50 kg)



Eye color


Bandana color

Light purple

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Takemasa Miyoshi

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Aska is a character appearing exclusively in the Super Nintendo version of Tournament Fighters. She is a young kunoichi who participates in the tournament in order to start her own dojo to train people around the world in the ways of a ninja. Aska is the only female hero in the game. In story mode, Aska is the only opponent who is never a member of the Shredder Elite and only ever fights the turtles to prove herself as a ninja.

She has long hair with a hachimaki wrapped around her head, a red bathing suit, and the upper half of a white gi. Other than perhaps being a bit of a misandrist (due to some of her in-game dialogue), she is given little characterization.

Aska's victory pose

Although rumors as to the reason she was made for the game are numerous, Aska actually started out as Mitsu, as seen whilst combing through the coding of the beta version of Tournament Fighters. It is unknown why she was changed into an original character prior to release. A common hypothesis is that the third movie's dismal reception may have played a part in the renaming, or that the character was developed without knowledge of the film having a character by that name, and it was changed to avoid confusion.

Aska wields twin kunai and has the ability to conjure winds. Some of her movements show a trail of cyan butterflies, which may be created by her abilities. Aska also has a few provocative attacks, which involve leaping at her foe with her buttocks, as well as a throw that features her jamming her opponent's face in her crotch.

Difference between the western and Japanese versions.

Aska's sprite differed between the later Japanese release and the United States version. Her leotard is more skimpy in the Japanese version, exposing her butt cheeks more in moves in which they are visible. Her winpose also causes her breasts to bounce in Japan; this was changed in the U.S. release. Many fans spell her name as Asuka (アスカ) athough in the Japanese version of the game, Mutant Warriors, it is still spelled A-S-K-A.

Due to being one of the few female characters to see active combat in the series, as well as being relatively obscure, Aska retains a respectably-sized fanbase. Aska was rated as #4 on the list of "Top Ten Fighting Women" by Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1993.[1]


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