Rise april
April O'Neil

New York City




Yellow Submarine (by Raphael)

Date of birth

2002 (age 16)

Weapon(s) of choice

Baseball bat
Giant spatula
Whack-a-mole paddle
Green staff
Makeshift bow and arrows (rolling pin and pepperoni sticks


Pizza Shop Employee
Burgerville Fry Cook (formerly)
Albearto's "Party Captain" (formerly)
Small Screen Actress


The Turtles

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information

Rise of TMNT

First appearance

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 0

Voiced by

Kat Graham

Teachers and Students

April O'Neil is the Ninja Turtles' first human ally.

Physical Appearance

April O'Neil is an African-American teenage girl with black eyes (unlike her previous incarnations she is African-American, Most April's are white), thick eyelashes and curly brunette hair with bangs and two high ponytails. She often wears a pair of red cat-eye glasses with yellow lenses.

April wears a black choker around her neck, a long yellow t-shirt and a green sweatshirt with quarter sleeves, pale green trim and stripes, single button, and a "S" like logo over her heart and backside of the sweatshirt. She also wears dark navy blue leggings and yellow sneakers.


April is very upbeat, sassy and much more loud than her previous incarnations. She is also aggressive and quick to jump into action, showing that she also has more spunk, confidence and spirit.

April is shown to be incredibly brave as seen in "The Gumbus" when she was enjoying the whole fiasco in the Stock 'n' Shop while Mikey and Leo were freaking out. In "War and Pizza", April is very determined and would never give up as seen when she tries to get through Timmy's birthday without any disruptions.



April is a true New Yorker and a real firecracker: upbeat, wisecracking, and confident. As the Turtles' only ally, she loves them like brothers—and along with her pet, Mayhem, joins them on all their epic adventures.








  • "Game on!"
  • "April~ O'Neil!"
  • "Hey Mayhem. Now that's a cute name!"
  • "That's enough! I just need him to sing "Happy Birthday" and quiet the kids down so I don't get fired."
  • "That was fast. But I only needed Donnie."
  • ”Hi Donnie, You have nine seconds to tell me why you just broke my door.”
  • "Is anybody there?!" - Mrs. Cuddles
  • "Is my acting really that bad?" - Mrs. Cuddles


  • This version of April marks the first time she is officially portrayed as black, but not the first concept of April as a person of color. The original Mirage TMNT April was named after a biracial woman Kevin Eastman once married, and in the second printing of Egyptian Adventure, April was colored as black, but was later portrayed with a Caucasian appearance.
  • This is the second teenage incarnation of April.
  • Her weapon of choice is a baseball bat.
    • In the comic version, she uses a giant spatula to attack Meat Sweats.
    • In War and Pizza, she wields a Whack-a-Mole paddle to fight off the mole animatronics.
    • In The Gumbus, she wielded a bow and arrow made out of a rolling pin as the bow and the sausages as arrows
  • In this incarnation, April will have a pet cat named Mayhem.
  • April will have odd jobs for this series.
    • April is revealed to have a job at a pizza shop.
    • Because of her job, it is also how the Turtles get their pizzas in this series.
    • The Turtles even get a friends and family discount because of April's job.
    • She gets fired from her job at Albearto's after the events of War and Pizza.
    • In Mrs. Cuddles, April works as an actress in Mrs. Cuddles' television program.
  • According to her bio, April loves the Turtles like brothers.
  • According to the Junior Novel "Ninja Power", April is 16 years old and she has known the Turtles for 5 years.[2]


    "Not only will she be played by a black actress, but reports indicate that she will also apparently be a black character in the cartoon."
    "April O’Neil is Black – Although the character has traditionally been depicted as a redhead, Nickelodeon has decided to give her a slightly different background this time around."

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