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April O'Neil
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Crack reporter
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Mutant turtle (temporarily)



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White (as mutant turtle)

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series produced by Archie Comics, April O'Neil began as a carbon copy of her animated counterpart from the 1987 TV series, but the writers developed her into a competent warrior after training with Splinter. Years earlier in the September, 1985 re-printing of issue one, Mirage Studios artist Ryan Brown depicts April as a katana wielding ninja warrior in his back cover pin-up. At the beginning in this version she is a reporter for Channel 6, but because of her frequent adventures with the Turtles, she lost her job at Channel 6 and became a freelance reporter with her ​​friend Oyuki Mashimi as cinematographer. April received ninjutsu and katana training from Splinter, and gradually became highly proficient at fighting skills. Her remarkably quick progress was explained as being a result of her unique genetic lineage, having been a descendant of the malevolent sorceress, May East. Archie also published 2 sets of 3-part April O'Neil mini-series, the second of which dealt with the May East saga.

In the Winter 1994 Archie Special, April mutated into a turtle herself. This made April become the first official female turtle introduced to the series, three years before Venus de Milo's debut. Over time, she also builds a relationship with Chu Hsi (who carries the spirit of the Warrior Dragon within), and the two become a couple.

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