"April, it seems you have a rare gift: a sensitivity I have trained my entire life to develop..."

April O'Neil is an ally and friend to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As of "City at War", she is a fully graduated kunoichi after having undergone intensive training with the Turtles' mentor and father figure, Hamato Yoshi, and the Fugitoid. In doing so, she also has became an official member of the Hamato Clan.


April is a slim, pretty-looking, fair-skinned teenager with freckles on her face, ocean-blue eyes, long yet thin lashes and shoulder-length, ginger hair kept in a small ponytail with right-sided curved bangs. Donnie finds all of these features "attractive", leading to his crush on her.

For attire, April wears both a yellow headband and a yellow sports shirt - the shirt itself sporting multiple white stripes and the number "5" printed on the front, which is also colored white. Her shirt is also worn over her mid-quarter-sleeved navy-black shirt. She wears matching navy-black leggings which are worn under a set of blue denim short-shorts, which includes a noticeable patch on the right back pocket of her shorts, resembling Pixar's Luxo Jr. Ball: A round yellow patch with a blue outer ring and a red star in the middle. There also appears to be keys that are assumed to be her house keys. April also dawned thick, calf-length white socks with two blue stripes around the top, followed by large metal-like black boots. She accessorizes with dark brown wraps around both of her wrists, implying to be sports tape.

Since "New Girl in Town", her pajamas consists of a long-sleeved yellow button-up shirt with floral pants.

In "The Kraang Conspiracy", she is seen wearing a white long-sleeved button-up shirt with white pants when the Kraang was about to gather some of her DNA. Her headband is also changed to white.

Starting from "Beyond The Known Universe", she began wearing a yellow space suit over her normal outfit with a white belt, gauntlets, and boots. This appearances may be a reference to her 1987 counterpart's appearance.

Since "City at War", April has been wearing a black jumpsuit similar to her space suit, with yellow stripes down her arms and sides. In addition she wears her Tanto blade at her lower back and her headband is now black in color.


April is a smart, strange, and stubborn 16 year-old tomboy with an indie rock vibe. April is also feisty and determined and quite resourceful. She is fiercely loyal to her mutant friends, as seen in "Panic in the Sewers". When the Turtles are ready to give up, April volunteers to find out Shredder's plot. She is also somewhat reckless too despite her intelligence. She cares about her family, or what's left of it, above all else.

Any threat to her father is one that she takes very seriously, and when she finds out that the Turtles are accidentally responsible for his mutation, she becomes enraged and temporarily severs her ties with them. However, hearing Casey's story about losing a friend in a similar situation and agreeing with Donnie's earlier advice about not controlling everything, April realized her actions and behavior as she felt remorse's for pushing the turtles away for something that was an honest accident.

Unfortunately, April's guilt became worse when she is once again assaulted by Karai, as she realized that she not only put Casey endanger but also realized that he and Donnie were right about not controlling everything, even going to the point of desperately calling Donnie for help. After he and the others save her, they reconcile as April apologizes to the turtles for her actions and behavior, especially to Donnie.

She has grown to be hostile and slightly mentally unstable due to her weird obsession over the crystal the Aeons gave her. However, after the events of "Bat in the Belfry", April has begun to show signs of mental instability in regard to her Aeon Crystal, becoming overly-possessive of it, and going into fits of rage whenever she has parted with it or someone tries to touch it, even using the Turtles' weapons against anyone she sees wearing it to get it back. But after seeing Donnie getting destroyed due to her being controlled by an elder Aeon, April immediately regrets her behavior and apologize to the others for allowing her obsession over the crystal to destroy her friends and family.


Season 1[]

Rise of the Turtles (Parts 1 & 2)[]

April met the Turtles when she and her father, Kirby O'Neil were attacked by The Kraang. She was afraid of the mutants at first, but started to trust them thanks to Donatello. The group was unable to fight effectively as a team, which resulted with the Kraang succeeding in kidnapping April and her father. While she was trapped in their hideout, April tried to trick the Kraang into letting her escape, but her plan failed. Later, the Turtles came to her rescue. Eventually, they succeeded in saving April, but the Kraang got away with her father. Later, the Turtles met April at her aunt's apartment, where she would now be staying. April was safe, but upset over the loss of her father and determined to find him. The Turtles promised to help her get him back. Since then, April has become good friends with the Turtles and cooperated with them on various missions.

New Friend, Old Enemy[]

She shows Michelangelo how to use the Internet to make friends online.


April reveals that she's set up an online message board "to collect unusual sightings around New York... People send in pics, videos...", among which she also gets stuff that might be able to help in her endeavor to find and save her father from the Kraang: She also played a very active role by infiltrating a Kraang hideout and learning their plans to put Mutagen in the city's water supply. She was also able to defeat one of their guards on her own, and escape to inform the Turtles of the enemy plans.

Monkey Brains[]

April has begun training with Splinter in the ways of the ninja. While she is not on the level of the Turtles in terms of fighting skills, she has shown improvement in matters of stealth and spying.

Panic in the Sewers[]

She refuses to let the Turtles give up, and volunteers to spy on Shredder to find out his plan. At first, everyone rejects, but seeing they have no other way, they allow her to do it. She finds out Shredder's plan: To destroy the sewers with chlorosulfonic acid. After getting out of the building, April says she's going to hitch a ride and see where they go, but Leonardo objects. Because of Dogpound's acute hearing, he hears them over the phone and captures April. Later on, after Raph and Donnie stop Fong and the Foot Clan, she kicks the door of the van open, knocking him out.

Mousers Attack![]

April's phone is stolen by some Purple Dragons as part of The Foot's scheme to locate Splinter. Her phone is later replaced with a "T-Phone", which accidentally self-destructs in her hands thanks to Mikey.


April has found out that the Kraang are really after her, not her father.

Baxter's Gambit[]

April asks Splinter to find her a weapon. After trying out several different weapons ending in horrible failures, Splinter settles on giving her a Tessen that he had hoped to give to his long lost daughter. It looks like an ordinary fan, but it is in fact made of metal and has a razor-sharp edge.

Karai's Vendetta[]

She becomes a target for the Foot Clan. Karai, dressed in casual clothing, comes up to her, and quickly befriends her. However, April realizes who she is, and tries to run, aided by Mr. Murakami. However, while being good at running away, she is cornered, and pulls out her tessen. Karai compliments the weapon, yet quickly disarms April and utterly overpowers her. April keeps getting back up and fights back, but Karai toys with her and severely injures her. Karai questions what makes her so special, trapping her in an arm lock, and April angrily proclaims what has changed, including the death of her mother. This touches a nerve in Karai, lowering her guard and allowing April to send her tumbling down a subway staircase, and allowing her to escape. Despite her escape, Splinter states she should stay in the sewer temporarily. With the Foot now after her, along with the Kraang and likely thanks to her very narrow escape, she is unsafe out in the open. She reluctantly accepts, wanting the enemies of the Turtles defeated so she can return to her normal life.

Operation: Break Out[]

She hear something down in the sewer tunnel while training with Splinter. She pursues the sound and discovers that it was a communicate device that The Kraang use to communicate and brought it back to the lair. Splinter is interested in how April could hear something that he couldn't. April says that it could be the reason that the Kraang need her.

Booyaka-Showdown, Part 1[]

She helps Donnie decode the alien communication orb and find out what the Kraang are planning. When the Turtles leave the lair to go and stop the Kraang as well as save the world, April asks Splinter why he isn't going with them, to which he responses by saying that it is his job as a teacher to prepare them for the challenges that they face. She then counters that with the fate of the world and survival of the human race in the balance, he should help. He then angrily resorts that he doesn't have to explain himself to a child and storms out which upsets April a little. She is then approached by her father Kirby in the lair, who asks where everybody is. April then explains that the Turtles are on their way to the TCRI building. Kirby then informs her that the Kraang know the Turtles are coming and their plan for they have cracked the T-Phone's Encryption. He then convinces her that they must go find and warn the Turtles in person. As they leave, Splinter warns her that is very dangerous for her to be on the surface, to which she coldly replies by saying that unlike him, she can't just sit around and do nothing. As April and father walk through the sewers, she realizes that it isn't the way to the TCRI building. Suddenly, two Foot Clan ninjas appear and grab April. When she is secured, Karai appears referring to her as princess and if she missed her to which April replies by saying that she did and that she forget to give her something before she knees Karai in the stomach. Karai then compliments her father and orders him to take a message to Splinter. April then finds out that he's been brainwashed. He then goes back to the lair with two mousers, ignoring April's cries for help. Splinter leaves the lair and goes to rescue April himself. He makes his way to the headquarters of the Foot Clan and decimates a large squad of ninjas and enters the throne room. He then fights and defeats Dogpound and Fishface, and rushes to April to free her only to discover that she's another mouser hologram. The Shredder then reveals that he used April as bait to lure Splinter out and now that he has, he had no use of April, so he handed her over to the Kraang, who need her for their plans (April, who is handcuffed, is seen being handed over to the Kraang by the Foot soldiers in a alley as the Shredder reveals this).

Booyaka-Showdown, Part 2[]

April awakens and finds herself aboard the massive Kraang warship known as the Technodrome. She then sees the gigantic form of Kraang Prime who's staring down at her. It then explains that her mental energy is uniquely attuned to this universe and once Kraang Prime gains this ability, it will use it to transform the Earth into a world for Kraang (wiping out mankind and all other life on the planet in the process). A swarm of electrodes then converge on April and all goes black (April is heard screaming in the process). The Turtles then come to April's rescue by sneaking aboard one of the capture pods that the Kraang are using to abduct people and animals and are brought to the Technodrome. They hear her scream, but before they can get to her, they are set upon by dozens of Kraang. Within Kraang Prime's chamber, April has been fitted with a terrifying-like helmet device that is siphoning her mental energies and transferring them to Kraang Prime. As Kraang Prime starts to use the energies to start the planet-wide mutation of Earth, the Turtles burst in, having battled their way here. While Raph distracts Kraang Prime by kicking it right between the eyes, Donnie frees April, shutting down the mutation machine with her saying you're my hero, causing Donnie to blush. They then move to escape, but Kraang Prime pulls itself from the wall and pursues them all in it's gigantic robot body. April and the Turtles escape the ship with Kraang Prime close behind them all. Leo then stays behind and fights Kraang Prime himself so April and his brothers can escape in the last escape pod aboard the ship. The escape pod jettisons into the sea followed shortly by the Technodrome itself, which sinks to the bottom of the ocean. April and the Turtles then mourn over the loss of their brother until it is revealed that he managed to escape at the last moment. As the five celebrate their victory, the other pods with the abducted people surface as well. Back at the lair, as the Turtles continue to celebrate, April walks to a quiet Splinter and apologizes for her words earlier. He then tells her that there is no need for she spoke from her heart. Leo then comes over and asks him if something's troubling him. Splinter then replies by saying that he has learned something from Shredder but the revealing of those things is for another time. The Turtles and April continue to celebrate their victory with a dance party. However, unknown to them all, at the bottom of the ocean where the Technodrome lays, it slowly begins to light up and reactivate, indicating that the Technodrome and Kraang will indeed return.

Season 2[]

The Mutation Situation[]

April was nearly saved by her father from a mutagen canister falling from the sky. Unfortunately, her father came in contact with the mutagen, and then comes in contact with bats, causing him to mutate into a humanoid bat. When the Turtles capture him, they tell April they will save her father, but Michelangelo opens his big mouth by saying it was all their fault. April becomes extremely angered, and says she does not want to see the Turtles again.

Mutagen Man Unleashed[]

She becomes the target for Timothy. Donnie talks about her while working on a cure for him and her father, and being lonely makes him go after her to be her friend. She tutors Casey Jones in trigonometry and when Timothy finds them, they fend for themselves. She is still angry with the Turtles and tries to avoid them contently, but still cares about them seeing as she distracts Casey so he wouldn't spot the Turtles.

Target: April O'Neil[]

Karai decides to head right over to a Kraang hideout, where she finds that they have been working on their latest project (a robotic replica of Chris Bradford in his old human form, which she most likely ordered them to create). Karai tells them that, when it's database is fully-charged up, they should send it after a target to prove its worth, whom she instantly wants to be April O’Neil (but the Kraang are quite perturbed by this)

Meanwhile, April is walking home at night while doing a few of her duties, with Donnie following her at close proximity. April soon senses that someone is following her, and, after instructing the person to show them-self, she tosses her tessen behind a trash can which reveals her stalker's identity - Donnie. She is rather surprised to see him, and is still annoyed because he and his brothers were responsible for accidentally turning her father into a 'homicidal mutant bat'. Donnie tries to apologize, but April selfishly refused to accept. She makes it clear that she never wants to see them again, and wants to return to her normal life. Before she leaves, Donnie tells her that some things are just far beyond their control..

April shows up at a hockey rink to apparently have yet another tutoring session with Casey, and finds the latter playing there. After April settles in, Casey asks if she has any other friends besides him, since she seems to be such a loner all of the time. April says that she used to have four quite close friends, but doesn't talk to them anymore, which Casey seems to understand. Casey says that he once had a very good friend, Nick, since he was in 2nd grade, but their friendship ended when Casey was just about to conclude one of his playoffs, in which he and his friend happened to be on opposing teams. Nick came up behind Casey and the latter swung his stick backwards, injuring Nick. After that, he never spoke to Casey again. April states that he probably never meant to hurt him like that. He then tells her that some things are just far beyond their control, which greatly reminds her of what Donnie had said earlier. He then says that maybe they can go get some pizza later, which also reminds her of the Turtles. Realizing the guilt she put Donnie and the turtles through because of her grudge against them, April starts to feel remorseful for what she did.

Just then, some Foot-Bots arrive and start attacking....April initially fends them off, but is also then surprised at the revelation that they are now quite skilled robots. However, Casey then shows up to help, jumps right onto the ice, throws two pucks straight up into the air and hits them, smacking directly into the two robots' faces. However, Casey is then knocked down and one of the Foot-Bots prepares to stick a scythe into his head, but April throws a Kama into the robot's head in exchange. Casey comments that she has some rink range. He then asks her if she owes them a bit of money or something of that sort. Then, a dozen more Foot show up in a matter of seconds, and April says, "...or something". She wants Casey to go some place that is relatively safe, but he seems to be quite ecstatic to fight the robots. They both say that they can take them down themselves, but April then tries to lead the Foot away, since she knows that they're after her and her alone....However, Casey chooses to stay at the hockey rink with just a few of them, and is ready to fight. Meanwhile, Karai is secretly and secludedly watching April from a rooftop and sends a whole lot more Foot-Bots after her

April keeps fighting The Foot to the very best of her ability, but, after she is nearly killed with a scythe, she admits to herself that she does need some assistance from the Turtles, and so calls Donnie. Donnie answers very quietly and, after hearing of the circumstances, goes off to find April by following her coordinates

Meanwhile, April still continues to fight off the unrelenting Foot-Bot Soldiers on her tail, and it is soon revealed that some of them even have four concealed, weaponized arms now. Karai then finally makes her appearance, wielding a spear with a ligneous handle, and she starts to attack April directly, but not before saying, "This is between us girls..."Karai pins her down and comments that her skills are still weak, but then April's tessen comes around & hits her in the face and April says "You talk too much". Donnie quickly arrives and runs straight to April's side, managing to land/place some good hits on Karai with his staff. However, Karai quickly gets herself back up and, obviously under quite a false impression, says that their rodent master took someone (her mother) away from her (just as she incorrectly told Leonardo a while back), so she will now take away someone that means quite a lot to Splinter: April. Donnie then says that she won't touch April, and he keeps fighting with her, while April continues to deal with some of the Foot-Bots

Karai keeps fighting with April, while Donnie now tries to fight off the robotic Foot Soldiers. Robo-Bradford then shows up, pushes Donnie aside, and proceeds to grab April. However, now the robot reveals it's true programming, which is actually to reserve April for The Kraang. It then begins to take off with April, but Karai jumps up and grabs one of it's legs with force, preventing it from doing so. However, the robot now views everyone besides April as a big threat, such as Karai and her many Foot Soldiers...

The Shellraiser then shows up and does a 180 degree spin, ramming right into Robo-Bradford, whom Mikey quickly nicknames "Chrome Dome". Mikey begins firing a barrage of manhole covers at it, but "Chrome Dome" destroys them all with his laser eyes, removes Mikey from the van, and tosses him aside. He then grabs The Shellraiser and flips it onto it's side. Donnie then notices a panel on the robot's back that was damaged and cracked - and considers it to be a weak spot. Donnie manages to get behind it and rip the panel open with a couple blades in order to pry out some wires. The robot then goes ballistic, however, and spins the Turtles in every which direction. Karai continues to fight with April and nearly begins to outmatch the latter, but Leo manages to come in and knock Karai backwards with a flying kick. And Mikey finally defeats "Chrome Dome" by stabbing it's own laser sword through the center of it's chest. He then asks if he can keep the weapons, but after he nearly beheads two of them with it, their enraged expressions clearly state the answer. Leo outmatches Karai and tells her that it's over. Karai retorts, "For now!!!," and then completely vanishes with the use of a smoke bomb.

April is about to thank the Turtles for saving her, but she then remembers Casey being left behind with the Foot Soldiers, and runs back to the hockey rink. She sees that he is okay, and that all of the robots have been utterly defeated there. She slips a little bit on the ice and ends up right in Casey's arms. Unknown to them, Donnie sees this and looks on with a sad expression on his face.

Back at the lair, as the four Turtles are watching TV, April shows up and makes amends with the turtles. The Turtles are very surprised to see her back again. Splinter is also glad to see her back, and April humbly asks if they can continue their training soon, to which he replies, "Whenever you wish." April is then quick to tell the the Turtles that she is very sorry for everything. Leo is confused by this and says, "But we were the ones that screwed up." April responds that she understands, because the whole thing was merely an accident, and more importantly, they're her friends. She then promises that she'll never, ever hold a grudge again. Mikey then proves that he is grateful by offering her some rotten Pizza (which he deems to be 'eternal') that he found under his bed as a welcome home gift. April then goes over to Donnie and thanks him for always being there, even when she did not necessarily want him to be. She hugs him....and subsequently kisses him on the cheek. Donnie is so happy that he has a daydream in which he flies all around the world, yelling, "I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!!!!"

The Kraang Conspiracy[]

The episode opens with the Turtles on one of their typical training exercises, jumping from rooftop to rooftop throughout the city - However, this time they are being accompanied by April, who is finding it quite difficult to keep up with them....They all begin debating whether or not they should bring April on more missions, as she could be learning more than a thing or two from them. Unbeknownst to them all, however, someone is taking several pictures of them from afar. After a little while, April comes to sense the photographer's presence, and the four Turtles then spot him as well.

The man is able to escape into his own apartment (which is located nearby), but the Turtles, using their speed, manage to spot him doing so, and they easily follow him into the apartment. Upon entering, tons of pictures situated everywhere (most of which are of the Kraang and even the Turtles themselves!!) catch their attention. They begin to wonder how the man could know of their existence....Then, Raph manages to hear the man from behind a wall, and quickly grabs him and lifts him up, putting a sai to the front of his throat. The man informs him that he is not an enemy, which eventually prompts Raph to let him go. The man then reveals that his name is Jack Kurtzman, an investigative journalist who was making his very own investigation into the case of the missing scientists the prior year, until he recently discovered The Kraang. He then informs them that The Kraang have been been plotting to use their Mutagen to terraform the Earth for well over a millennium. However, their wicked plan could not be put into motion without a 'specific chain of Human DNA' for them to utilize. He then shows them a picture of April as a baby, which greatly surprises/confuses her. He then remarks that, before April was born, her mother was one of the few [idiosyncratic] people that the Kraang were experimenting on. April is appalled by this - but before she can display her true emotions, coincidentally, a squad of Kraang Droids show up on the spot (as they have somehow realized that Kurtzman is onto them), intending to capture April.

The Kraang begin firing their weapons at the Turtles, April, and Kurtzman. April is nearly abducted twice - but both Leo and Donnie are able to save her; miraculously, though, afterwards, she makes a debatable claim, which is that she could've easily saved herself. In a quite short amount of time, all of the robots are defeated. Kurtzman does fall out of a window and nearly to his death due to one of The Kraang's blasts, but Mikey narrowly saves him with his Nunchuck. Outside, a Kraang's van is parked - and a Kraang (walking on several new metal appendages) steps out of it and opens fire on them once again. They all quickly jump into The Shellraiser, which is activated to come to the scene, and they escape. Inside, Kurtzman tells them that they must infiltrate the TCRI building (yet again) to erase everything that is on The Kraang's computers pertaining to April (for her sake, primarily).

April thinks that the Turtles had recently destroyed the TCRI building, only to find out that the building was fully repaired and rebuilt somehow. Kurtzman then tells the Turtles that they must find the code for April’s DNA, and erase it at all costs. He then hands them a TCRI key card, which he managed to steal from one of their vans earlier. Leo then tells April to stay behind with Kurtzman, but she refuses to play a role as nothing but a stupid sidekick, and chooses to come along with them.

When they enter the building, they come face to face with an android staring at them - but they then soon deduce that all of the androids there in the area are charging. The five begin making their way through all of the inactive robots, when, suddenly, they finish charging and stand up. The Turtles and April narrowly avoid being seen as they silently make their way to the nearest elevator through the walkways. The elevator opens at the last possible second, and they enter. When the elevator reaches the very top floor and they all exit, it is revealed that Kraang Prime (who is seen through a screen) and a ton of other Kraang are "meditating" in midair there. April is actually able to telepathically read their thoughts - but The Kraang soon hear both her and the Turtles. They all then begin fighting, and our heroes are able to give The Kraang a good run for their money. Unfortunately, April is captured amidst the ruckus and is seemingly dragged out of a nearby doorway by a lone Kraang droid.

The Turtles quickly give chase to rescue April, and run through the apparent door that The Kraang had dragged her through. They then find themselves in a hallway, but to their surprise, April suddenly runs out of nowhere and towards them after seemingly escaping from the Kraang droid's grasp. She then leads the four into a detention cell to escape an oncoming Kraang horde; However, the cell doors close shut soon afterward and toxic gas begins to fill the whole room, with April laughing maniacally...The Turtles quickly realize that the "April" with them is some kind of duplicate. It is able to put up a very good fight, though the Turtles are eventually able to defeat the clone by knocking it off-balance and slamming it's face into a nearby control panel, electrocuting it. The fake April then explodes into nothing but black slime, and the elevator doors open for them.

After a few other obstacles, the Turtles soon enter a large room (which Leo has to use the card on the doorway in order to gain entrance to), full of many Template:201link settling in stasis tubes. In a different room, the Kraang are preparing to extract the real April's DNA to further perfect their clones. To deal with the Turtles, a Kraang opens what is called a "reject bin" and a grotesque, malformed April clone (a big genetic mishap) emerges...Whilst Leo and Mikey fight the rejected April clone (which Mikey manages to nickname "April Derp", due to it's limited vocabulary, which is comprised of the sole word "Derp"), Raph goes off to rescue the real April by hearing and following one of her screams, and Donnie has already busied himself with hacking into the computers to erase all of April's data

Raph is seized by numerous Kraang droids before he is actually able to rescue the real April. Under the pressure, April yells out really loudly and somehow emits a telepathic signal, incapacitating the nearby Kraang, along with "April-Derp". With their enemies severely weakened, Raph is then able to rescue April, "April-Derp" is completely destroyed, and Donnie successfully erases all of the data...However, as they decide to try and escape due to some alarms that are set off, all of the April clones are subsequently released and confront the Turtles, with the real April slipping into the crowd amongst the confusion. As the Turtles begin wondering which is the actual April, the truth is suddenly revealed when April pulls out her tessen fan and starts destroying a few of the clones. The Turtles and the real April then partner up to destroy the entire army of clones and Kurtzman then helps them escape in one of the Kraang's vans parked right outside. Upon dropping them off, he gives the Turtles his card in case they need his help or expertise ever again

After returning to the sewer lair, Donnie immediately inspects a sample of April's DNA (which he managed to swipe from the clone lab) under a microscope and makes quite a shocking discovery: April's DNA is made up of blend of Human and Kraang DNA, and he makes a conclusion that, because April has demonstrated to have these strange psychic powers, she is none other than a half-human, half-alien Mutant, which obviously appalls both the other Turtles and April herself in many ways...

The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones[]

at Roosevelt High School, April and her newly introduced friend, Irma, walk up to Casey, who is sifting through stuff in his locker at that moment. When he turns around to talk with them, it is revealed that a bandage is going across his noise and bruises are situated all over his face. They then ask what happened, but to no avail - Casey lies that he received the injuries at the hockey rink, which both Irma and April have a hard time believing, as they both know that the rink was closed ever since the mysterious fight broke out there a few months back. Irma then proceeds to her next class to take a Trig exam, forcing April to come along with her (though Casey is able to reveal to April that he fought with a crazy Mutant the other night)

In the lair, the Turtles are all watching TV. Unbeknownst to the turtles, however, Casey discovers the Turtles' lair, and becomes aghast when he sees more turtles. However, he accidentally reveals his own presence by dropping a metal fork, and all of the Turtles are soon onto him. At that moment, April comes out of a room after training with Splinter when she too is stunned to see Casey because the Turtles are bound to make the connection that she knows him, which they do. April then bluntly inquires what Casey is doing there, and in turn, he asks what she is doing with a bunch of Mutants. She grudgingly explains that the Turtles were the 'friends' that she told him about much earlier, and then, she introduces all of them. Due to their names, Casey inquires if they are Italian, but Splinter then appears, saying that he chose to name them after his favorite sculptors & painters from the Italian renaissance. Casey is so stunned to see an enormous rat that he passes out. He is soon woken up by April. She introduces Casey to the peaceful Splinter, which makes the teenager nervous to see a "giant-talking rat." Raph is then prompted to laugh at Casey because he has a fear of rats, while Mikey points out that Raph has his paralyzing fear of of cockroaches. Just then, April suddenly senses the Foot-Bots' nearby presence with her very acute hearing sense. The Foot-Bots then disturb the sanctity by showing themselves and beginning to invade the lair, much to everyone's utter shock and dismay

Fungus Humungous[]

April is one of the victims of Fungus Humungous, hallucinating with bats and his father

Of Rats and Men[]

The episode begins with Casey, April, and Irma walking on the streets after a tutoring session (and after getting a gluten-free Pizza). A small, harmless, common rat is then seen running across the street, which, obviously, surprises Casey. Irma then wonders why some one as big as him would be afraid of something tiny in comparison. Following the rat, however, a lone cat appears and April takes an immediate liking to it. While she quickly decides to bring the kitty home (since it doesn't even have a tag on it), something is watching Irma from behind. After both Casey and April say goodbye to Irma and leave, the strange something then emerges from it's hiding place and it seemingly attacks Irma

The Curse of Savanti Romero[]

The Frankenstein Experiment[]

Monsters Among Us![]

Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady[]

The Foot Walks Again![]

The Big Blow-Out![]

Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse[]

Unfortunately she was one of the mass casualties of the giant mutagen bomb which killed every human in existence. Her tessen was hung up in the Shellraiser in memory of her and Donatello Robot has a sticker that April had before.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Psionics: As a result of her mother being experimented on by the Kraang, April was born a half human and half Kraang mutant with an array of mental abilities. Her mental energy was stated by Kraang Prime to very unique as it is attuned to the universe. At the beginning, April had little control over her power, but throughout the series, she discovered more of and further developed it through special training with Master Splinter, tested by Donnie and the Fugitoid, and through the power of the Aeon crystal.
    • Telekinesis: April is able to use her psychic powers to levitate or push back both people and objects on a molecular level. As the series progresses she becomes to lift heavy objects and even use her power in conjunction with her tessenjutsu. Her power also allows her to unleash various telekinetic blasts/bursts that can damage, repel, crush, or destroy targets and create telekinetic force-fields of different sizes and intensities. She can use her telekinesis to levitate and fly at unmeasured speeds. Her telekinesis proved to be useful as it was one of the few things that could knock back the Super Shredder. April's powers are connected to her emotions, as when Shredder killed Splinter in an alternate timeline, she was able to send him flying with a telekinetic blast due to her grief and anger at Shredder. She later did the same thing with Splinter's permanent death, using her powers to throw Super Shredder off the Wolf Hotel. However, this power requires her to focus and can be broken if April is distracted. Furthermore, it seems her powers do not work on demons, as Kavaxas stated because he was not of their world, she was incapable of moving him. Regardless, April's mental shields still proved effective against his demonic fire, though each blocking attempt tired her severely.
    • Telepathy: With her psionic abilities, April can mentally read minds, communicate with others across vast distances, project mind blasts, perceive visions of the future. She was able to accurately predict that the humans mutated by the Kraang were taken to Dimension X and even predict Alopex's arriving presence long before Casey and Raph encountered her.
    • Extrasensory Perception: April possesses an idiosyncratic ability to sense emotions in certain areas (similarly to Splinter), and she can seemingly "see" into the person - or mutant's - 'soul', such as when she recognized a mutant monkey to be the missing Dr. Rockwell. She can also detect the true emotions of someone, as opposed to one who mimics them or is but a malicious individual. Moreover, April could sense when something was wrong before it even occurred, being able to sense that Tiger Claw and Karai were following them and even the invisible Bebop. During the final battle between the Hamato and Foot Clans, April was able to sense Super Shredder's presence close by.
  • Human-Kraang Mutant Physiology: As a result of her mother being experimented on by the Kraang, April was born a half human and half Kraang mutant.
    • Enhanced Strength: Although not as strong as the Turtles, April does has considerable strength from her unique physiology. She was able to send Karai down a flight of subway stairs with just a kick and could land staggering blows against Mutagen Man. She could overpower several Footbots without much difficulty as well as Kraangdroids. April could also send several mutant frogs away with her strength and land a kick that sent Casey sprawling in the dirt. Moreover, she could land strikes that staggered Fishface and her attacks were enough to briefly disorient someone like the Super Shredder.
    • Enhanced Durability: Although not as durable as the Turtles, April has considerable durability from her unique physiology. She was able to take several hits from Karai with no visible signs of injury, although she was exhausted after that. Morever, she took a backhand from Mutagen Man and was relatively unharmed, and could withstand getting kicked by Karai and flung her tessen at her not long afterward. April could also take hits from a powerful being such as the Super Shredder, and was relatively unharmed by his assaults on the Hamato Clan.
    • Longevity: As a half-Kraang, she possesses a longer lifespan than regular humans by Earth standard.
    • Mutagen Immunity: Being half-Kraang mutant she is immune to mutagen and her blood is the only ingredient needed to perfect the Mutagen (although the Kraang found another way) and Retro-Mutagen.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Due to her unique physiology, April has a great amount of stamina, though she eventually had to build them up to the same level as the other Turtles. Regardless, during the attack on Super Shredder's mansion, April notably held her breath for a long amount of time during the fight underwater, surpassing normal human standards and holding it as long as the Turtles.


  • Ninjutsu: When Splinter sensed potential within April he decided to train her to be a Kunoichi. In the beginning, her combat skills were sub-par and even struggled to keep up with the Ninja Turtles whenever they free run on rooftops and hold her own against Karai. In "Karai's Vendetta", April surprisingly defeated Karai in hand-to-hand combat. In time throughout the series, April's ninjutsu showed improvement. After the better part of a year of fighting alongside the Turtles and Casey on their adventures, she graduates to full Kunoichi of the Hamato Clan and shows better fighting skills. She is able to hide along with Turtles and even mastered The Dragon's Tail technique. April was able to keep up with Shinigami and Tiger Claw for a short time before being bested in hand-to-hand combat. Moreover, April had little to no trouble facing off against Footbots, Kraang, and even Karai's Foot Ninja. She even proved capable of briefly disorienting the Super Shredder before being defeated by him.
  • Tessenjutsu: April was trained by Splinter in the martial art of the Japanese war fan. She is able to use to strike with the blade of the tessen and use it to defend herself, and can throw it with the likeness of the boomerang. She can also use her telekinesis to levitate the tessen and fight from a distance.
  • Tantōjutsu: In City at War, April became armed with the Dragon Tantō as her secondary weapon. April is able to wield the tantō in unison with her tessen.
  • Shurikenjutsu: Since becoming a kunoichi of the Hamato Clan, April is armed with the Hamato Clan's respective shuriken and is able to throw them with remarkable accuracy. During the assault on the Shredder's mansion, April threw several shuriken to take out an Elite Footbot with the help of Mikey.
  • Agility: Since becoming a kunoichi, April is now very agile, although not as much as Mikey, able to flip from rooftop to rooftop and avoid Bebop's glue shots. April was also capable of avoiding a charging Rocksteady, and upon graduating to kunoichi, was able to keep up with the Turtles with her agility.
  • Driving: In the episode "Karai's Vendetta", April is engaged in a hot pursuit with Karai, driving a delivery man's motorcycle with great skill despite not having learned to drive.
  • Intellect: April is a very intelligent individual, being able to understand Donnie's science babble and even perform experiments alongside him. She was even able to help him make Retro-Mutagen.



After only other known relative is her aunt, whom she used to live with, until Master Splinter asked her to stay and live in the sewer until Shredder and the Kraang are stopped and quit looking for her.

  • Kirby O'Neil: While April shares a close relationship with her father, as her determination to rescue him shows that she cares for him very much. When she was reunited with him, she was very happy but dismayed that he being mind-controlled by the Kraang though relieved after he was freed. Kirby became very protective of her after he was released before he was mutated into a bat like creature. April was devastated at this and cut off her ties with the turtles after she learns it was partially because of them. She worked very hard to find a cure and when it worked, she was greatly overjoyed to have him back to normal. This happiness only lasted briefly as Kirby was again mutated but by the Kraang much to April's dismay. After the turtles and Mutanimals found a way to return all those mutated by the Kraang, April was reunited with her father and hugged him happy he was back
  • Mrs. O'Neil: April's mother, Mrs. O'Neil, is presumably deceased.


  • Donatello: While she is friends with all the Turtles, April seems to have the closest friendship with Donatello. He has a crush on her, but at first she pretends to be either oblivious, or indifferent about it. However, in, "Enemy of My Enemy", April was upset when Donnie said Karai was a better kunoichi than her, yet, she seemed a little annoyed by Donnie's attempts to flirt with her. In "Karai's Vendetta", April had a picture of him covered in flowers and hearts. Also in this episode, when Donnie yelled out, "My sweet princess is alive!", it is possible that she did in fact, hear what he said. She responded, "Let's agree that you did" after he asked if he muted that, so that is another clue that she knows his obvious crush on her; she pretended she didn't hear that so that he wouldn't be embarrassed. And constantly hugging and kissing him throughout the duration of the series, suggests that she not only only knows about Donnie's feelings toward her but also returns at least a crush on him, even stating to Donnie in "A Foot Too Big", that as far as she's concerned he's not just a mutant, he's HER mutant, before kissing him on his lips. In "The Power Inside Her", after being forced to reduced Donnie to atoms by Za-Naron, remembering him is what enabled her to destroy her Aeon crystal, slay Za-Naron, and restore Donnie. In "When Worlds Collide, Part 1", she and Donnie can be seen playing around throwing popcorn at each other, properly behaving like a couple. And the music video titled Ice Cream Kitty ends with the both of them kissing, possibly cementing them as semi-canon (mutual crushes). Although she hinted to have a mutual crush, she also shown to be self conscious about it, due to the human/turtle relationship implications, such as examples like after she kissed Donnie in "A Foot Too Big", she behaved like it never happened in the next episode, and in the "Ice Cream Kitty" music video, she was hesitant and looked worried, until she decided to throw caution to the wind and plant a kiss on Donnie.
  • Michelangelo - Of all the Turtles, Mikey is her 2nd-closest friend (along with Leo and Raph). In "The Mutation Situation", Michelangelo reveals that the four of them were accidentally responsible for her father's mutation, to which rage clouds her judgement as she temporarily unfriends the Turtles (Mikey included). In "Target: April O'Neil", April decides that holding a grudge against the Turtles isn't worth it and officially reconciles with them. Mikey offers her an old slice of pizza in response, to which she refuses, having already forgiven them. Like his brothers and Casey, April doesn't seem to respect Michelangelo's intelligence, though she values his friendship. During their stay at the farmhouse, April's friendship with Mikey has a slight rift once again during "Buried Secrets", when he attacks her "mother", who turns out to be a Kraang imposter. Though she's unwilling to acknowledge that Michelangelo was right all along, this is left unsaid. In "The Croaking", she winces in sympathy when the older three Turtles berate Mikey for accidentally trashing the house. Later on, after the six of them return home from outer space, she succumbs to the power of the Aeon Crystal, despite Mikey's protests, as he once called it her "precious" and pointing on her addiction towards it.
  • Leonardo - Aside from Donatello, Leo appears to be the most protective of April in the group and is supportive of her efforts to discover information that will lead them to find her father. Leo, aside from Donnie and Splinter, has been the most to interact with April.
  • Raphael - As of yet, Raph and April have not interacted much onscreen. He does, however, seem to show deference to her when she catches him and his brothers teasing Donatello for sustaining injuries from a lab monkey or when he laughed at her for being chased by Pete, a giant Pigeon. However, they do remain good friends, and Raph shown signs that he cares about her at least as much as Leonardo and Michelangelo do (as seen in Panic in the Sewers where he agreed with the others that she shouldn't go spying on the Foot, and in Karai's Vendetta when she spilled Kraang water on herself). He is also the one that goes to rescue her in The Kraang Conspiracy, though both he and April make satirical comments about it. Most notably are the handful of occasions when Raphael refers to April as "sister" when making a sarcastic comment, and one point in Race with the Demon! where April put her arm around his shoulders. Raph and April do seem to get along most of the time, probably because both have very feisty, active personalities. Whilst Donatello clearly has a crush on April, Raphael is more like a big brother to her.
  • Casey Jones - When April was hired to tutor Casey for an extra credit assignment when they first met, the two quickly become friends, much to Donatello's jealousy. He shows admirable fighting skills, especially when he helps April fight Mutagen Man and Foot Soldiers. In "Target: April O'Neil" when Casey told the story of how his friend ended their friendship over an accident, made her realize that she was was wrong to cut ties withe turtles. Later, after he follows Raph into the lair, he learns that April's friends are mutant turtles and is informed about everything that is going on. Casey and April then start hanging out with April stating what a relief it is for her to have somebody who is in on the secret. Throughout the duration of season two, Casey tries to push their friendship further, trying to find out if she's romantically interested in him. But when in "Plan 10" their minds and bodies are switched over. In Season three the Spirit Quest episode and Casey exclaims that it will be just him and April together in the farm house while the turtles train, she and Casey are seen sparring. Later in the episode, she is seen exchanging witty banter about kicking his smug smile off his face. In the "Serpent Hunt" when taking temporary refuge in Pizzaria April and Casey look at each other then both turn around April smile suggesting interest on Casey. He also has shown empathy towards April like when she was tired and he wiped a smudge off her face. Although showing signs of returning Casey's feelings for her (like smiling and hugging him), she never showed affection to Casey the way she does with Donnie (such as kissing) and she actually kissed Donnie on the lips. This means she might see Casey just as a good friend.
  • Splinter: April seems to be on good terms with Splinter, despite knowing little about him. They share the student-teacher relationship like he has with the turtles. When he realized that she has empathy, Splinter decided to teach her to be a kunoichi. She seems to respect and care for him, especially when she was forced to fight him. Since training under him, April has learned much about Splinter's past (including the loss of his wife and daughter), showing that he now trusts her greatly, and he even gave her the weapon that he intended to give to his daughter, which April accepted honorably, showing that their bond as teacher and student has deepened greatly. He has also called her my child. This suggests that he loves April as if she were one of his own.
  • Irma: Irma was April's best friend and a fellow student at Roosevelt High School. She was based on her 1987 cartoon counterpart. Not much was said or known about her. she was introduced in season two of the series. She called her in the episode, "Mousers Attack!". It was revealed in the season "The Invasion, Part 1" that she was actually Kraang Subprime; a male Kraang master spy from Dimension X, that only got close to April so he could find and give the Kraang the location of the turtles lair which was the only component the aliens needed to beginning the invasion. During the attack on the lair, April comments on the situation being missed up, to which Kraang Subprime replies to by saying that he fooled her and the turtles. He also reveals that the Kraang will capture Splinter and the Turtles and hand them over to the shredder and foot clan in the process. However, she is unaware that he survived his supposed death and has returned multiple times where it appears that he has died but somehow survives and always comes back.
  • Mr. Murakami: Seems to be a close friend and mentor to her. They're always protecting each other from danger such as April protecting Murakami from the Purple Dragons, and Murakami with April from Karai. It's likely that he was the one who taught April basic Japanese words and parts of the Japanese culture.
  • Timothy/Mutagen Man: Timothy develops a crush on April after he learns about her from Donnie. He then decides to hunt her down and stalk her. When he finally caught her, he revealed that he considered her to be his only friend since they both have been in situations that involved mutagen and the end results have been horrible as well as the fact that they are both associated with the turtles. It is suggested that Timothy may have developed a crush on April himself
  • Karai: She is the one of only other girl humans April has come in contact with, who knows about the mutants and aliens, which normal citizens do not. Although it's established that they are enemies, it's shown that of all of the characters they actually have a lot in common. They both lost their mothers (probably at different points in their lives), they speak Japanese, they are both associated and are love interests of the Turtles, both of their biological fathers have been mutated into animals [both of which are mammals-rat and bat], they are both kunoichi and they know martial arts. It is suggested that April dislikes Karai due to the things that the turtles have told April about her, (which means April, much like the others, sees her as nothing but trouble), as well as the fact that Karai used Leo's feelings to divert his attention. Her views on Karai have now changed now that she has found out and accepted that Splinter is her biological father. In "The Manhattan Project, Part 2", April along with the rest of the team find out that Karai is Splinter's biological daughter to which April shows disbelief and refers to her as an evil witch. She then apologizes to Splinter about the remark which she did believe was honest. She also talked to Karai in "The Wrath of Tiger Claw" and defended her when Donnie and Leo found them on a rooftop. She then told the both of them that she believes Karai was about to accept the fact that Splinter is her real father, showing that she trusts Karai now. Also they seem to enjoy each other's company and have great chemistry due to having a lot in common. A friendship between them is yet to be seen. In "City at War", she forgave Karai who apologized to her along with her friend Shinigami for everything that has happened between them. She shook her hand in the process. However at the end of "Broken Foot", April gave Karai a stern expression on her face, showing that they can still occasionally be at odds. She seems to have gotten over it though since they fought together against Baxter's insect minions in "The Insecta Trifecta" and Karai saved April from being killed by Tiger Claw in "Darkest Plight" and April saved Karai from being crushed by a truck thrown by Super Shredder in the same episode with her psychic powers.
  • Shinigami: Shinigami is another human girl April came into contact with who is Karai's old friend. she didn't like her at first due to Shinigami having superior fighting skills and besting her in two duels. at the end, She forgive her and Karai for everything that has happened between them all.


  • The Kraang have been April's archenemy from the very beginning of the show. She didn't know why she and her father were kidnapped, and hated them because of it. However, she's now discovered that there's something about her that's different than other humans. It's unknown what the truth behind April and the Kraang is, but it's likely that the Kraang want to use April for their invasion on the Earth. It is revealed in the season finale by Kraang Prime that the Kraang need April because of her mental energy, which is uniquely attuned to the universe, and they need it to synthesize the mutagen, as well as use it to mutate Earth (wiping out all of life in the process) so they can live there and evolve. The Kraang have become obsessed with finding and having April for their plans and perhaps even to themselves. That idea has now changed as they thought it would be amusing to kill her, while collecting her DNA in the process, in "The Kraang Conspiracy" and trying to exterminate her along with the Turtles and Casey in "Plan 10," "The Invasion," and "Return to New York." This is most likely due to the fact that since the Kraang have somehow perfected the mutagen, they no longer require April for their plans anymore and, much like the Turtles, only see her as a threat and enemy now.
  • The Shredder has used April as bait to lure out his enemies so he can destroy them. He then handed her over to the Kraang who are her other enemies. It is suggested that April dislikes the Shredder. She also hates him for killing Splinter, hurting her friends and using her and others (like Karai, Leo and her own father) in his sick and twisted plans for revenge. Although April and the Shredder have met on a few occasions, they have had little interaction with each other. In "Darkest Plight", April used her Aeon crystal to throw Shredder stuff and a truck against him showing her force to destroy him.
  • April dislikes the Foot Clan as much as she dislikes the Kraang and Shredder.
  • Baxter Stockman has used, kidnapped and grabbed April and brought her to his lab. He tied her up above his vat of mutagen and explained his plan to her. During this fight, it is revealed that April is immune to mutagen, explaining why her DNA worked as the catalyst for the Retro-Mutagen.


“I don’t know! I’m flunking trig, my friends are mutants, aliens got my dad, and I LOST MY MOTHER!” - Karai's Vendetta

"You guys wanna speed it up a little?!" - Never Say Xever

"This is it, April. A new start. Just pretend you're a normal girl. Don't talk about alien robots, or mutant dad, and don't even THINK about turtles- WHOA!" - Mutagen Man Unleashed

"It was an accident, and more importantly you're my friends. I don't want to hold a grudge ever again." - Target: April O'Neil

"Not bad for a nobody." - Karai's Vendetta

"You talk too much." - Target: April O'Neil

"Got that from nobody"- Karai's Vendetta

"I still can't believe that evil witch is your daughter. um.... sorry to be so honest".- The Manhattan Project, Part 2

"You wanna do this, Karai? Fine! But I'm warning you, I've been training with Splinter big time and I'm ready to kick your butt." - The Wrath of Tiger Claw

"Oh, well I've been trained in that, too." - The Wrath of Tiger Claw

"You're my hero" - Showdown, Part 2

"Doubts about the evil leader of the evil ninja clan, really?"

"I believe that she believes you." - The Wrath of Tiger Claw

"Leo, Donnie wait... you have to listen to what she has to say" - The Wrath of Tiger Claw

"I don't know. I always kind of wanted a twin sister."
"Wow! Me, too! This is actually kinda cool!" - Earth's Last Stand

"It's my crystal. I'm never gonna take it off again for anyone, or anything, ever again..." - Bat in the Belfry

"You're not just a mutant, Donnie. You're my mutant." (kisses Donnie) - A Foot Too Big

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Splinter, fan

A Hamato Clan Tessen.

  • April's name comes from the Latin "aprīlis", meaning "of the month of the goddess, Venus". April's surname, O'Neil, is of Irish origin; derived from Irish Gaelic, it means "descendant of Niall" (the translation for Niall either being "Cloud" or "Champion"). Her surname implies that April has family roots in Ireland, making her ethnicity/nationality Irish-American.
    • In Japanese, April's name would be 四月 (しがつ, shigatsu), meaning "the 4th Moon"; (moon = month and April is the 4th month) or 卯月 (うづき, uzuki), meaning "Moon of the Rabbit". In Katakana, April's name is spelt: アプリル (Apuriru).
    • April is called "April-chan" by Mr. Murakami, who she likewise addresses as "Murakami-san".
  • As of the events of "Baxter's Gambit", April is now armed with a Tessen, (lit. a "Iron Fan", better known as a Japanese war fan), a weapon that Splinter had one day hoped to give to his daughter, Miwa, who April reminds him of. April will now be focusing her fighting style around the real-life Japanese martial art of Tessenjutsu. The tessen has a sharp edge when it spreads open, and can also be used as a throwing weapon.
    • Before settling on the tessen, the weapons April went through are a Chigiriki, (a staff with chain), a Mace, (a club), a pair of Kama, (small scythes), and a Manriki (a length of chain with weights on both ends).
  • April is revealed to have Chiroptophobia, a fear of bats in " Fungus Humungous" most likely because of what happened in "The Mutation Situation".
  • This is the first incarnation of April to be a teenager.
  • There is a Pixar Ball on the back of her pants.
  • April's dad, Kirby prefers if April hung out with Donnie, but not with Casey.
  • She is the only character in the series who always has the "Small Mouthed" animation.