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April O'Neil's van
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April O'Neil's van is her primary mode of transport, and is sometimes used to carry the Turtles without them being visible to other vehicles, such as when they journeyed together to the O'Neil Farm outside Northampton. She also drove this van to the American Southwest with Casey Jones.

The van has sustained damage on two notable occasions, those being when Slash tore long slashes into the side of it, and when it crashed during the pursuit of a Foot Clan vehicle.


  • April's van joins a tradition of vans being used by the Turtles in different continuities, the first being April O'Neil's Volkswagen van during the early part of Mirage TMNT volume 1. In certain other continuities, the notion of the Turtles using a van on ninja missions resulted in designs for different versions of the Party Wagon and Turtle Van.
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