April O'Neil and Irma in April's apartment in It Came from Beneath the Sewers.

April O'Neil's second apartment is where April O'Neil lives in New York City and where the Turtles occasionally hang out.


Following the destruction of her first apartment in A Thing About Rats, when it is attacked by Baxter Stockman's Mouser, her second apartment is first seen in the season 2 episode It Came from Beneath the Sewers. It is not known if the building where her second apartment has been built where the former stood or not.

In Four Turtles and a Baby, April babysits Tribble in her apartment. Looking for Buffy Shellhammer, Bebop and Rocksteady attack the apartment using a Technorover in Poor Little Rich Turtle, breaking a hole down to April's neighbour Mrs. Kawolchick's apartment.

In Divide and Conquer, Leonardo and Raphael fight against Dregg inside April's apartment.


  • The apartment number is 48.
  • Many episodes show April has lots of cat pictures in her living room.