Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Issue #7 of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series by IDW Publishing. This issue highlights April O'Neil.


April wakes from a strange dream where she herself was a mutant turtle, fleeing from multiple Foot Ninja. She vows not to eat pizza before bed anymore. 

April is driving her van, which is full of teenage mutant ninja turtles, thinking about how bizarre her life has become. Donatello is telling everyone that they are too exposed living in April's parents' old antique shop; Baxter Stockman could use another turtle tracker and hunt them down easily. Raphael and Michelangelo tell him not to worry. April drops the Turtles off and heads to StockGen for her internship. 

At work, April thinks about the idea of science and how it applies to the Turtles' situation. Sadly, April no longer believes in the purity of science. She's seen that it can be used for evil purposes. April knows there are more shady things going on at StockGen but she wonders how she can find proof; she's no ninja nor a fighter, but she could be a spy. She steals a coworker's ID badge as she leaves the lunchroom. She sees Chet Allen talking to a coworker about the turtle tracker; as soon as he notices her he tries to change the subject. Aiming to cause a distraction, April trips on purpose, bumping into Chet and knocking a cup of coffee onto a bundle of wires. As the electricity shorts out, three containment tubes malfunction. With Chet distracted by the commotion, April pockets the turtle tracker and slips away. Back at the antique shop, April tells the Turtles she was able to hide the turtle tracker at work, and she'll be going back later that night to get it. Leonardo tells her she shouldn't take risks on their behalf, but she tells him they aren't the only ones who get to take risks. 

April approaches StockGen that night disguised as a jogger, and then changes into her work clothes and slips inside using the stolen ID badge. She wonders what she's going to discover when she sees one of Krang's stone soldiers berating Chet. As April grabs the turtle tracker from where she stashed it, the stone soldier recognizes her as someone who isn't supposed to be there and demands she identify herself. April quickly leaves the room and tries to lose him, entering a laboratory with genetic experiments going on. April notices a containment tube has been broken, meaning the specimen inside has escaped. She grabs a vial of green ooze to study later but is then apprehended by the stone soldier. Thinking quickly, April grabs an exhaust tube and blows steam into the stone soldier's face, allowing her to escape. The stone soldier is hot on April's trail when he pauses, realizing that one of the genetic experiments has escaped. He tries to raise an alarm but the specimen punches him in the face, knocking him out. The specimen enters the lab with the turtles' old tank and grabs the little plastic palm tree. With all the guards distracted looking for the escaped specimen, April is able to get out of the building. The escaped specimen, Slash, is close behind her.






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