April 1992 figure

The Gutsiest Gal to Ever Gather the News!

Vital Newstistics

Accessories: Crook Catchin’ Camcorder, 52mm News Makers' Special, Leg Holster, Babe Belt with Detachable Microphone and Tape Player
Favorite Headline: "Ace Reporter Wins Another Award"
Favorite Turtle: What? You don’t know?
Weight: 105 lbs.without pad and pencil

When the news happens, April is there – live! She's the gutsiest gal reporter to ever cover the big city. April will do anything to get a scoop, even walk into Shredder's hideout. Nothing can stop April from getting the story, not even the Foot Clan. Of course, it helps when you're best friends with the Turtles. But when the Turtles aren’t around, April has her News Makers’ Special and crook catchin' camcorder to help her uncover the facts. And if the bad guys think they can intimidate her, they best be warned. She's the master of tossin' the tape player and no one can scream for help louder. So keep an eye out for April, cuz when she’s around, news is bound to happen!


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