Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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[The witching hour...]

[A time when darkness and shadows rule...]

[...When spirits of the past convene in the present...]

[Four silent figures flow from one shadow to another.]

[Is it the mischievious shadow spirits playing tricks on our eyes...]

[...Or do the shadows seem to represent...]


Donatello "OK.... There's the back way to the apartment."

Raphael "Let me at them!"

Don "No! We must wait for Sal first!!"


a story
Eastman and Laird's
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

story, art & letters by Francis Mao © 1986

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Raph "Where is he Donatello?! Are you sure about this guy!?!"

Michelangelo "Yeah! This whole deal seems a bit... Bizarre!"

Leonardo "I agree..."

Don "Alright... Alright..."

Don "Look, I'll tell you again what happened..."

Don "Earlier tonight, I went out to get some stuff for a cake that April was baking"

"...Suddenly, from out of nowhere..."

Sal Pitela (flashback) "Ooph!!"

Don (fb) "Yo! Watch out!"

Sal (fb) "Omigod!"

Sal (fb) "You... Y-You... You're a giant talking turtle!?!?"

Don (fb) "And you don't watch where you're going!"

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Sal (fb) "I can't waste any time! I got to get out of here!"

Don (fb) "What's the big rush?"


Sal (fb) "Oh no! They've found me!!"

Don (fb) "Who!?! Who's found you...?"

Sal (fb) "Sh..! Quiet!"

Sal (fb) "Come on! We've got to hide!"

Sal (fb) "Stay down!"

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Sal (fb) "{Whew!} OK... They're gone..."

Don (fb) "Now can I ask?"

Don (fb) "What the *#@*!!!!! is going on around here!?!"

Sal (fb) "Look... I haven't much time, so listen up!"

Sal (fb) "You must help me!"

Sal (fb) "My name is Sal Pitela, and my family and I have been kidnapped by the local gang—the Daggerlords!"

Sal (fb) "I lucked out and was able to escape! But... They've threatened to kill my wife and children if I got to the police!"

Sal (fb) "I'm going to try to get help!"

Sal (fb) "If I don't make it, you have to save my family!"

Don (fb) "But..."

Sal (fb) "Get help! Send them to 1150 South 5th Avenue!"

Sal (fb) "Apt. 2-D!"

Sal (fb) "It's 11:15 now, I'll try to meet you by midnight!"

Don (fb) "Hey wait!!"

Don "Before I could say another word, he dashed off into the night!"

Page 5

Don "...And that brings us up to now..."

Leo "Well, how long are we going to have to wait for..."


[A woman's shriek of horror shatters the night silence]

Mike "There's your answer!"

Leo "Let's move!!"

[They react as one—like parts of a well-honed fighting machine.]

[They are masters of stealth and subtlety]

Mrs. Pitela "Please!! Please don't hurt my babies!!"

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Daggerlord A "Chill out lady! Us Daggerlords don't abuse no kids!"

Daggerlord B "Yeah! I was a kid once!"

Daggerlord C "Why you have'ta be so grim lady?"

Daggerlord C "We're just looking for a place to lay low while the pigs are out searching for us!"

Daggerlord C "...Soon as the heat is off... We'll go, nice and peaceful-like, OK...?"

Daggerlord C "Now you don't go do nothin' stupid, y'hear?"

"Like your hubby did..."


Sal "Why are you still here!?! Save my family!!!"

Don "Sal! Where've you been?"

Don "Did you get help?"

Sal "No... I didn't make it. It's up to you!!"

Sal "Please!! Save my family!!"

Don "Alright! You heard the man!!"

Page 7


Daggerlord A "What the!?"

Mike "You have a choice..."

Leo "...Leave the family be..."

Raph "...Or..."

Don "Die!!!"

Daggerlord D "Ain't us who's gonna die!"

Daggerlord D "Don't matter what kind of stupid gang outfits you got on..."

Daggerlord D "Turtle suits or no..."

Daggerlord D "When you rumble with the Daggerlords..."

Daggerlord D "...You bleed deep red!!"

Page 8

[Highly trained ninja warriors...]


Daggerlord A "Oof!"





Daggerlord E "uh oh..."


[Mindless street brutes...]

Page 9

[...Was there ever any doubt of the outcome?]

Mrs. Pitela "Oh! My babies!"

Mrs. Pitela "Oh thank you! Thank you!!"

Mrs. Pitela "You've saved our lives!!"

Don "Don't thank us ma'am!"

Don "It was your husband that got us!"

Don "He's out back in the alley..."

Mrs. Pitela "B..B...But! My husband is dead!!!"

Page 10

Don "But that can't be! I ran into him not more than an hour ago!"

Don "He told me to get help and meet him here..."

Don "He's out in the alley!"

Don "Sal? Sal!? He's gone!"

Mrs. Pitela "{Sal} ...S..S..Sal is d..dead! He's in...there! {Sob}"

Mike or Raph "Donatello?"


Mrs. Pitela "Sal.. {choke} had escaped... But they... They.... Caught him!"

Don "But...!"

Mrs. Pitela "They... {Sob} {Sob} stabbed him to death!"



Mrs. Pitela "...And then the turtle gang came in and..."

Don "Come on! Let's go home..."

Leo "But Don...!"

Leo "...What did we see tonight?"

Mike or Raph "Don...? Donatello? Don....?"


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