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Ante-up Axe with Nasty Noose, Beat 'em Back Bat, The Old Ball & Chain



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Alien Ant

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Brown, Red

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"Off with their shells!"
— Antrax in Night of the Rogues

Antrax' is a character from the 1987 cartoon, originating from the toy line. He is said to be "Krang's executioner from Dimension X", which makes him an alien rather than another mutant.


He appeared once in the 1987 cartoon episode "Night of the Rogues" where Shredder hired some of the Turtles' past foes (including the Rat King, Leatherhead, Slash, Tempestra, Chrome Dome, and Scumbug) in hopes of defeating the Turtles. When the Turtles hid in the sewers, Antrax and Chrome dome decided to attack Stock exchange to lure out the turtles out of hiding. When Leonardo came to stop them, Chrome Dome and Anthrax managed to subdue him once his swords proved unable to hurt the former.

Antrax and the rogues left the turtles tied up in an exterminator with a disintegrator set to go off. Antrax was excited to get paid for his work, especially with the treasure of the legendary space pirate, Captain Logos, but was enraged when the surviving turtles dumped the disintegrator bomb onto the ship containing the treasure. After being criticized by Shredder for failing to destroy the turtles, Antrax and the other rogues responded by attacking him and Krang. When the two villains were rescued by Rocksteady and Bebop in the Transport Module, the rogues decided to flee.


He looks like a giant ant wearing an executioner's hood and outfit, and is armed with an appropriate axe. He has a sophisticated voice.


Antrax loves using his axe. He claims to hate fine art and was delighted to destroy statues in front of the Stock exchange building. He appears to take pride in his insectoid heritage as he and Scumbug were delighted that the Turtles would be destroyed along with the city's biggest insect destroyer and stated to Scumbug, insects will rule and make humans their pets.


Oddly enough, while this was the first appearance of Antrax and Scumbug, April and the Turtles acted as if they encountered them before.

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