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Antonio Puzorelli
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Antonio Puzorelli is the don of the New York Mafia, and one of several crime bosses who appear during the "City Fall" arc. He sent his henchman Marcello to fetch the Savate leader Victor to a meeting with several other criminal leaders, where he diplomatically broached the turf war that was starting between the Foot and the Savate. He was shocked when Victor brutally killed Marcello for disrespect.

Antonio was one of the bosses present during the Shredder's live execution of Victor, and obeyed Shredder's command to attack Splinter and the Turtles. After the battle, he presented Shredder with a tribute, and was rewarded with the assurance of a mutually beneficial arrangement.

This arrangement continued even after the Shredder's death when Splinter became leader of the Foot Clan, but Antonio did not reappear until "City at War, part 1", when his Brooklyn waterfront mansion was raised by Oroku Karai and her crew. Karai told him that he would never have to pay tribute to Splinter again if he were to turn on him and assist her in taking him down. Puzorelli asked what would happen if he refused, to which Karai told him the Oroku Clan would "crush all [he] hold[s] precious in this world."

Puzorello soon discovered that the Foot Clan was aware of his meeting. At a meeting with other mob bosses, they were attacked and executed by a squad of ninja. He was killed by a bomb while Splinter watched from a distance.


  • Antonio Puzorelli is a rebooted version of Antoine Puzorelli from the Image's continuity; in that series, he was the biological grandfather of Shadow Jones. His last name Puzorelli is not mentioned in the IDW continuity, however, until the City at War arc.


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