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New York City




Pizza Face


Skilled chef
As a mutant:
Food entity creation
Mind control

Weapon(s) of choice

Pizza Minions


Pizza Chef

Physical description

Mutant Pizza



Eye color

Black (as human)
Pepperoni (as mutant)

Out of universe information

2012 TV series, New Animated Adventures

First appearance

Pizza Face

Voiced by

John DiMaggio

Teachers and Students

"Pizza Face? I like-a that. Cause I have a pizza for a face!"
— Pizza Face

Antonio was the owner of the Antonio's Pizza-Rama food chain, a famous New York City pizzeria in the 2012 TV series. He was turned into the evil Pizza Face after exposing to a canister of mutagen in Season 2.


Before his mutation

For a long time, Antonio was just an alluded character that appeared in pizza boxes, but he was also the owner and main chef of Antonio's Pizza-Rama. As revealed in the episode Pizza Face, the incidents that occurred during The Mutation Situation caused Antonio to find a mutagen canister and due to his culinary curiosity, he tasted it hoping it would turn out to be a good ingredient for his beloved pizzas. The mutagen caused him to mutate into a pizza monster with the ability of creating living pizzas that would help him to capture humans to satisfy his hunger. Michelangelo was the only one who could stop him as his brothers were already under Pizza Face's control and so he literally ate his way to victory, eating the cheesy villain from his insides out only leaving a slice behind that freed the humans and his brothers. Pizza Face's last slice attacked Mikey and caused him to faint, then he woke up at home and thought it was all a dream, but lurking from a pizza box in Mikey's room, Pizza Face was revealed to have survived as a single slice of pizza.

In Meet Mondo Gecko, Pizza Face is among the audience of Mr. X's mutant race.


Pizza Face is a giant mutated blob of pizza with chubby arms and a face, he has pepperoni eyes and mozzarella skin covered with various toppings, such as mushrooms and tomato sauce.

Powers and abilities

  • Pizza physiology: After tasting mutagen, Pizza Face turned into a giant pizza blob and gained several abilities.
    • Sentient food creation: Antonio can create living pizzas from the melted cheese and sauce from his body.
    • Mind control: Pizza Face can control the minds of anyone who eats the living pizzas he creates..
    • Invulnerability: Even while Michelangelo was eating his body, he felt no pain.
    • Cheese spewing: Pizza Face can spew partially melted cheese from his mouth, which he used to stick Michelangelo to a wall.
  • Skilled chef: Pizza Face is a such a skilled cook that he has his own restaurant.

Pizza Minions

Pizza Pies

Pepperoni and Mushroom pizzas covered with a special four-cheese blending that made people eat them even against their will so their minds could be controlled by Antonio. They all share the same voice and are completely loyal to Antonio, although they seem to display some levels of individuality.

Pizza Zombies

People who were hypnotized by Pizza Face and obeyed his every command, but for Pizza Face, they were just another ingredient for his giant calzones.

"Elita" Mozzarella Guard

Pizza Face's elite guard are individuals who Pizza Face has deemed worthy to serve him as his protectors and has covered their faces with his cheesy pizza goo that indicates their status and likely strengthens the effects of the mind control.

Known Members:

  • Leonardo
  • Donatello
  • Raphael
  • Splinter
  • Little Girl
  • Several other individuals


  • Originally Pizza Face was an action figure from Playmates toyline in the early 90's, a character which never got to appear in the cartoon.
  • His design may possibly be a reference to the character "Pizza the Hutt" from the Mel Brooks' film Spaceballs which is a parody of Star Wars. Which was also the 90's action figure's working name.
  • He is the second mutant to mutate by tasting mutagen and also the second to have a food-related mutation, the first one for both cases being Ice Cream Kitty.
  •  He likes the name he was given, because it accurately describes his appearance.
  • The pizza shooting button on the new Pizza Shooter vehicle toy is molded after Pizza Face.

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