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Antonio's Pizza-rama, or simply just Antonio's, is the main fictional pizza chain appearing in the 2012 TV series. The Turtles' first pizza was a pepperoni pizza from Antonio's and they have been ordering their pizza from Antonio's ever since.

Usually the Turtles add some of their weird toppings to make it more "refined" to their taste.

Their phone number is (212) DA-FLVR.


  • Rise of the Turtles, Part 1 - Raph scares a delivery boy who drops a pizza box from Antonio's, it became the turtles first pizza and non-algae food. Antonio's pizzas have been featured various episodes since then.
  • Of Rats and Men - Casey, April and Irma are seen leaving one of Antonio's pizza joints, Irma complains that her pizza wasn't gluten free.
  • Pizza Face - After being mutated into a giant pizza Antonio tries to eat the New York City citizens turning them into giant calzones in his restaurant. Oddly in this episode it's called Antonio's Pizzeria.
  • Return to New York - It became the turtles new temporary lair after they went into hiding.
  • Serpent Hunt - Everyone's decorating the new lair.
    • There's a Weo Peo arcade machine in the pizzaria now, a reference to the Neo Geo arcade and console system.


  • Antonio's Pizza-Rama is heavily inspired by executive producer Ciro Nieli's father, who owns a pizzeria of a similar name.

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