Andrew Pepoy is a comic book inker best known for Fables. He also worked on Birds of Prey, Mutant X, Batman, Peter David's Incredible Hulk, Peter David's Young Justice, JSA, X, Sonic the Hedgehog, Batgirl, Amazing Spider-Man, What If?, Iron Man, Jack of Fables, Simpsons Comics, X-Factor, Red Sonja, Robin, Cable, Superboy, The Kingstone Bible, Afterlife with Archie, Fairest, Manhunter, Thunderbolts, Justice League International, Star Wars Tales, Doom 2099, The Flash, Wonder Man, Angel, Steel, Uncanny X-Men, Futurama Comics, Green Lantern, New Warriors, G.I. Joe Reloaded, Justice League America, FemForce, Excalibur, New Titans, Godzilla King of the Monsters and Witchblade.


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