Shredder and April O'Neil at the Amsterdam Diamond Market.

The Amsterdam Diamond Market is seen in the 1987 TV series episode April Gets in Dutch.

There, the Duchess Diamond of the Netherlands is put on public display for first time in 50 years, when April O'Neil reports from the event. Suddenly, Spats Sparkle and Dag arrive to steal the diamond, disguissed as security glass. They replace the diamond with a fake glass replica.

Soon, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady arrive to steal the fake glass replica, thinking it's the real one.

Spats Sparkle and Dag place the real diamond in April O'Neil's handbag before escaping and re-grab the diamond outside. At the end, April O'Neil is accused and the Turtles have to take her from the Police Force of the Netherlands.

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