Alphaone 15

Alpha One is a Heroclix figurine in the first set release.


Foot Clan, Robot, TMNT Villain

Powers and abilities

  • Orders received... and ignored (Sidestep)
  • Dimensional Displacement Drive: Give Alpha One a power action and choose a character within 5 squares. If that character is friendly, it must have the Robot keyword. If that character is opposing, it can't have the Robot keyword. Place that character adjacent.
  • Advanced wave modulator (Pulse Wave)
  • Earth shall become a planet of robots! (Toughness)
  • Rebuild, rebuild (Regeneration)
  • Foot Soldiers respond to my thoughts (Regeneration)
  • Hey, this one can talk! (Perplex)

Point value: 60
Universe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Animated Series)

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