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[12:42 PM.]

[Cleaning crew has gone home.]

[Security guy is napping in his secret hiding spot (broom closet next to the lobby).]

[The owner of the building is holding an after-hours meeting.]

[He's a wanna-be ninja looking to level up. Organizing muscle, buying intel.]

[This idiot is not my concern.]

[The four turncoats selling him the secrets of my ninja clan...]

[...They're the mission.]


[They want to betray the Foot.]

[They want to betray my master.]

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[Time to go to work.]

[So-called "ninja" immediately goes for a gun.]


Gangster "Aaaaah!"

[I get there first.]

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Gangster "W-W-What are you?"


[I guess he wasn't expecting a mutant arctic fox.]

Alopex "Hold it."

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Alopex "I'm going to win. We all know that."

Ninja "We don't—"

Alopex "No, shhh, we do."


Alopex "You fight with these. It'll be good practice for when I have actual opponents."

Alopex "My apologies to whoever gets the bo."

Alopex "Stick with these weapons, I fight blind. Deal? Great."

Alopex "Truth be told, this is more than you deserve. Master Shredder took you in. He trained you. He invited you into his family—"


Alopex "—And this is how you repay him?"

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Ninja "You don't understand—"

Alopex "No, I get it."

Alopex "Enemies are closing in. Attacks are more frequent. Rats usually jump ship at the first sign of trouble."


Alopex "Strike that. Some rats? Actually pretty honorable. Don't deserve to be lumped in with you."

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[These men were part of the Foot. Part of a family.]

[They had a home, and a purpose. A calling.]

[They threw it all away. And for what?]


Ninja "Alopex, please."

Ninja "Keep the money..."

Ninja "...He's distracted, he can't be paying attention to us."

Ninja "Let us go, he doesn't have to know."

Alopex "There is no escape from the Foot."

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[I cover my tracks...]

[...And then go home.]

[Things are tense at HQ. We're being attacked from all sides.]

[Most of the humans aren't ready for war.]

[Some are.]

Ninja "Alopex. He wants to see you."

[Back five minutes and already a new mission.]

Alopex "Master?"

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[Master Shredder knows I won't fail him.]

[There are rumblings he's going to promote me. But that is not at all why I work as hard as I do.]

[I owe this man everything. He made me what I am. More than a mindless animal. Without him I'd probably be dead in a hunter's trap or starving in the snow.]

Alopex "Ahem. The traitors have been eli—"

Shredder "Opposition is escalating. We need to consolidate resources."

Shredder "Tomorrow at dawn, you and I are leading a clean-up of one of our research facilities."

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Shredder "Fairbanks, Alaska."

Shredder "Is there a problem?"

Alopex "No, sir."

[I know that name.]

[It's not just on this file.]

[It's on mine.]

Alopex "Dawn it is, then."

Alopex "Looking forward to it."

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[Never thought I'd come back here.]

[Fairbanks is where they mutated me. But it goes deeper than that.]

[The surrounding area.]

[The woods, the mountains.]

[According to my file, this was my home.]

[Master is watching. He's wondering if I'll react. Truth is, I don't remember much about this place.]

[Everything pre-mutation is a blur.]

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[All right.]

[Master Shredder wants to see what I'm made of.]

[So I'll show him.]

[This place has been closed for months. It's probably empty.]

Alopex "With your permission—"

Alopex "—I'll take care of this."

[Okay, let's make this quick. Plant the combs, grab any useful equipment...]


[...Blow this place to hell.]

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[Going to be easy. I don't smell anything alive in the entire building.]

[The facility is dead.]

[Outside, however...]

Alopex "Rabbit."

[Heh, I know what that's called now. Back then...]

[...I only knew its scent, knew how fast it ran, knew how it tasted.]

[All sorts of life.]

[Rabbits, squirrels...]

[...They could hide all they wanted.]

[I always found them.]

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[...I remember this.]

[I had a family.]

[I was the hunder of the pack before I was fully grown.]

[I should get back to work. That was a long time ago.]

[The Foot... Is my family now.]

[Push the memories back.]

[Fight. You know how to do that.]

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[Knew how to fight then, too.]

[Known throughout the land. Feared by all. That's what I felt like, at least. I was just a dumb kid.]

[The truth was different.]

Alopex "The bear."

[That monster wasn't afraid of anything.]

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[It would destroy anything in its path.]

[Every creature in the area lived and died in the shadow of the bear.]

[Sometimes we hid for weeks. Couldn't leave because he was nearby.]

[But we survived. My family and I, we stayed together.]

[My old family.]

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[Why is it running? There's no—]




[What is that?]

[Something's burning.]

[Smells like meat.]

Shredder "Welcome, Alopex..."

[Smells like death.]

Shredder "...To your final initiation. You are no longer just a soldier. From this point on, you are a chunin of the Foot."

Shredder "This is a sacred ritual that dates back for centuries. Today you will let go of your past, so that you may embrace your future with your true family."

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Shredder "I'm so proud of you."


Page 18


Shredder "No."


Alopex "You had my loyalty!"

Alopex "But then you bring me back here."

Alopex "Show me my life."

Alopex "And then you destroy it? You kill them all?"

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Alopex "Are you smiling at me?"

Shredder "I am."

Shredder "You know, it was my idea to use foxes. Craft, so fast, perfect hunters. I hold them in high esteem."

Shredder "And look how you turned out, just incredible. You actually drew blood."

Shredder "But you need—"

Shredder "—To remember—"

Shredder "—Your place."


Shredder "Never touch me again."

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Alopex "This forest was full of life. It's all gone... You've destroyed them all..."

Shredder "You act as though you're still one of them. You're not."

Shredder "You're Foot."

[I want to slice it off.]

[I want to run.]

[I can't.]

Alopex "You are right, Master. It was... Old instinct."

[There is no escape from the Foot.]

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[Shredder allows me to live, but doesn't say another word. He is displeased.]

[But it won't last. There is no damage that can't be undone.]

[He'll forgive me.]

[After everything Shredder's done for me, he'll want to see me do well.]

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[I'll be his greatest warrior.]

[I will fight my way back to his side.]

[But I know who he is.]

[He's the bear.]

[And this time...]

[...I'm going to kill the bear.]

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