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Jim McNaughton "Good evening, citizens of New York! Jim McNaughton here, reporting live for the News Center 6 Eyewitness News from the site of the mysterious T.C.R.I. building! T.C.R.I.—or Techno-Cosmic Research Institute—remains a baffling puzzle even now, three days after witnesses observed a blinding beam of light..."

Jim "...Lasting several minutes, which emerged from the top of the T.C.R.I. building and shot into the New York sky. Since then, the structure has been sealed off from within by heavy steel plates..."

Jim "...And there's still no word from anyone inside, whoever they may be! At this moment, high ranking police and National Guard officials are conferring on the next best move. One option under serious consideration is to enter the building by force, which—wait a minute...!"

Jim "Something's happening—!"

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Jim >Oh my God—! It's incredible—unexplainable! Camera two, are you getting that? Folks, this is amazing—just seconds ago a searing beam of light lanced down out of the night sky and struck the roof of the T.C.R.I. building!<

Jim >The whole place is alive with lights and leaping bolts of energy—!<

Jim >I can't believe my eyes!!!<

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Jim "And down here in the streets it's mass hysteria—utter chaos! People running everywhere—ow! One just hit our second cameraman! You okay, Phil?"

Jim "It's insane, folks!"

Jim "What the heck is going on?!"

Jim "Wait—there's the operations commander—! Let's see if he can tell us something!"

Jim "General Hedd, what's happening? What are your plans? Anything you can share with us—?"

Hedd "Take off, McNaughton!"

Jim "Sir, the people have a right to know—!"

Hedd "All right, all right!!! We just got confirmation from the governor—we're going to blast our way in!"

Jim "Well, there you have it, fellow New Yorkers—the police and the National Guard are definitely planning to assault the T.C.R.I. building, and hopefully get to the bottom of these bizarre happenings!"

Jim "Let's wish our boys the best of luck—but I hope they're prepared to handle the worst!"

Jim "God bless America!"

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[And, inside the T.C.R.I. facility...]

Utrom A "The retro-search function of the translocation matrix was successful--
--We have them.

Utrom B "But--what has come back with them--?!"

Utrom C "Set your weapons on stun--and be ready for anything!"

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Utrom "We may be in luck--the beaming seems to have stunned them--!"

Turtle "Uhk—"

Triceraton "Gahhrrr...?"

Other Utrom "Oh, no--look! Triceratons!"

Utrom "Triceratons! What an unfortunate coincidence that we sent the turtles to a planet infested with those reprehensible saurians!"

Other Utrom "True--but the same coincidence allowed the turtles to survive! Riding that random beam--"

Same Other Utrom "--They could have materialized on an airless asteroid--or even empty space! Fortunately, our computers recorded the approximate direction and distance of the beam, as well as the particle makeup of the turtles!"

Different Utrom "True--without that data, our search would have lasted forever! Even so, we had to guess how wide to make the beam..."

Same DIfferent Utrom "...And thus retrieved this extra flotsam--three Triceratons and a robot...? Hmm..."

Turtle "Ohh... Man?"

Same Turtle "Where are we?"

Triceraton "Grrr... What... Is this...?"

Same Triceraton "Hard... To breathe!"

Turtle "Leo—we're back on Earth! There are those T.C.R.I. guys, and—"

Same Turtle "—Oh, crap—look what came back with us!"

Other Turtle "Aarrghh! Triceratons!"

Triceraton "What is this madness?!"

Same Triceraton "Where are we?!"

Same Triceraton "What happened to the rest of our troops?"

Same Triceraton "Answer me—I command you!"

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Utrom "Remain stationary! Our nerve blasters are set to render you unconscious!"

Same Utrom "Stay calm, and your situation will be explained!"

Triceraton "This... Must be {koff!} a stinking Federat trap!"

Same Triceraton "Somehow {koff!} we've been captured by a special Federat force! No doubt they seek to {cough!} torture us for intelligence information!"

Utrom "Calm yourself, Triceraton! We sought only the turtles--the rest of you were brought along by accident! We apologize--and will return you to your home worlds as soon as possible!"

Triceraton "Eh? How can you...?"

Same Triceraton "Wait a moment! {Koff!} No ship brought us here... That energy field... {Cough!} ...You beamed us here!"

Same Triceraton "You have a working transmat device!"

Same Triceraton "...And {koff!} for the glory of the Triceraton Republic"

Same Triceraton "—We must seize it!!!"

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Same Triceraton "Commandoes—attack!!!"

Triceraton B "For the Republic—!"

Leonardo "Uh-oh..."

Leo "—Here we go again!"

Honeycutt "Hurry, my friends--"

Honeycutt "--Before these mad beasts destroy everything!"

Other Utrom "Stop! Stop! This is unnecessarieeee✺"

Triceraton "The transmat {kof!} must be ours!"

Different Utrom "True to their nature, the Triceratons do not listen to reason! Sadly, more force is needed to stop them before they damage the translocation device--!"

Page 9

Utrom "Set beams to heavy stun--!"

Utrom "--Fire!"

Triceraton "For the {koff!} glory of the Republic—"

Same Triceraton "—Die! Ugh!!!"

Utrom "We must stop them--they'll ruin any chance we have of leaving this planet!"


Leo "Yow!"

Honeycutt "Oomph! Get off me, you disgusting lizard--!"

Honeycutt "Help!"

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Raphael "Hah!"

Raph "There's two down—!"

Other Turtle "Yeah—but still another real lively one to go—! Unf!"

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Triceraton "Long {koff!} live the {cough!} Re—"

Same Triceraton "—Uck!!!"

Donatello or Michelangelo "Whew! That does it—they're all dead... Or stunned!"

Raph "Yeah—but now what?!"

Leo "Good point, Raphael! Keep sharp, guys—be ready for anything!"

Other Turtle "Right—who knows what these T.C.R.I. creeps are gonna do?!"

Leo "I don't know—but... If they really wanted to zap us, wouldn't they try it now, while we're still weakened!?"

Utrom "Your perceptions do you credit... Leonardo? We have no wish to harm any of you, especially now... Not that we ever had any malicious intent toward you! We merely sought to protect ourselves!"

Leo "Hey—how do you know my name?!"

Utrom "There is much that we know about you all... Now. If only we had known it when you first entered our facility—we could have avoided all this unpleasantness! Fortunately, while you were away, we have been aided in our comprehension by someone who, I think, would like to see you again...!"

Leo "Huh—? Who—?"

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Helicopter "Attention, citizens—please clear the area!"

Helicopter "Attention!!! This is the National Guard—you are ordered to leave this area at once, or face arrest!"

April O'Neil "What now? What are they planning to do?!"

Page 15

April (Holy mackerel—look at this place! Police, SWAT teams, and National Guard! Oh, geez—I hope the guys aren't in that building—!)

April (This was where they were headed the last time I saw them...)

April (Over three days ago!)

Soldier "Ma'am? Beg pardon, but I've got orders—"

Soldier "This area is to be cleared of all civilians! This way, please"

April "Why? What's going on?"

Soldier "Sorry ma'am—afraid I'm not at liberty to say!"

April "Please—a friend of mine was supposed to go there yesterday to...uh...apply for a job—and I haven't heard from her since!"

Soldier "I'm sorry... I... Ah... Oh, heck!"

Page 16

Soldier "C'mon—I'll tell you what I know as we're walking! This way, quickly—!"

Soldier "I don't know all the details, but the boys upstairs are getting pretty nervous—they think some kind of secret terrorist organization could be inside."

Soldier "We'll be trying to enter the building by force pretty soon—"

Soldier "—Could be a real mess!"

Soldier "Gotta go now—you find someplace safe!"

April "I will—thanks a lot!... And good luck!"

Soldier "Thanks"

Soldier "OK, you people let's move it out, now!"

April (I knew it was useless for me to come down here... What good could I do?)

April (Anyway, the guys probably came home while was out...)

April (Yeah, thats it.)

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Other Turtle "Master Splinter—!! I-I can't believe it's really you!"

Leo "We thought you had... Had..."

Leo "...Well, passed on..."

Hamato Splinter "Ha, ha, ha! No, not yet my sons! Ah, I am so happy to see you are all alive and well!"

Leo "I'm very confused, Jonin Splinter—how did you come to be here? Do you know what this place is..."

Leo "...What it means to us?"

Splinter "Yes..."

Utrom Commander "Clear that platform area--and give me a damage report quickly!"

Honeycutt "Excuse me--might I be of some help?"

Splinter "...And it's quite a strange tale! Come... Sit, and rest--and I'll tell you what I know..."

Splinter "It all started almost a month ago, as you all know, when Baxter Stockman let loose his little metal monsters in the storm drains...*"

[* In TMNT #2]

Turtle "Yes, the Mousers! We—We thought they had eaten you!"

Page 18

Splinter "Yes... I very nearly met my end when four Mousers broke in and attacked me in our underground home..."

Splinter "While fighting them, I was wounded, but escaped into the drains—only to confront many more!"

Splinter "I was surrounded... They moved in for the kill..."

Splinter "When suddenly—they turned and left!"

Turtle "Oh geez! That must have been when we attacked Stockman's underground lab! He managed to activate a self-destruct program, which called all the Mousers back to the lab to destroy it—and all inside!"

Splinter "Then, I owe you my life! Thank you, my sons!"

Splinter "This is a bit foggy... But apparently I collapsed, weak from blood loss..."

Splinter "...That was when I was found by these things. Thinking me a mere dead rat, and about to vaporize me, they were shocked when, in my delerium, I spoke!"

Splinter "When I awoke in what seemed to be a hospital bed, I was sure I'd been caught, and immediately tried to escape! That is when I happened to see the aliens in their true form—"

Splinter "The shock was too great for my weakened state, and again I collapsed. Fearing heart failure or stroke, they put me into a sort of suspended animation for observation and care."

Page 19

Splinter "That, they tell me, is when you showed up..."

Turtle "Yes, we discovered this building during an exercise run—"

Same Turtle "—The name T.C.R.I.—
—The same name as on the cannister that caused our mutation...

Same Turtle "...Well, we had to investigate—to find out more!"

Splinter "—And found me! It was youre emotional reaction to my presence that eventually made the TCRI's bring me out of suspension so they could find out why."

Splinter "But at that time they had no idea who or what you were, or that they had—indirectly—caused our mutations! Unfortunately, before any explanations could be made..."

Mike (flashback) "I'm falling!"

Utrom (fb) "He's hit the translocation control panel!"

Splinter "...You accidentally set off the translocation device, sending the four of you on a random trip into deep space!"

Splinter "The T.C.R.I.'s were angry that you had damaged their machinery, and were not planning to search for you or try to bring you back—but I managed to convince them, aided by their curiosity about you, once they found out that something of theirs had created us..."

Leo "So they brought us back—so what now? They gonna put us under a microscope, or what?! Who are these guys anyhow—?!"

Utrom Commander "I believe I can answer that..."

Utrom Commander "About a hundred of us came here over twenty years ago, as an expedition to observe this planet and its dominant life forms..."

Page 20

"Unfortunately, we had a critical malfunction in our ship's drive system upon entering your atmosphere... And crash landed!"

"Our craft was almost totally destroyed... Only a third of us survived the crash. We had no way of contracting our home planet, and they thought we had perished."

"Very little was salvageable from the wreck--mostly our exoskeletons and portable power sources."

"Using our exoskeletons and false skins, we took up residence here, in your New York City... Found jobs... And were lucky enough to never be discovered..."

"Eventually, we accumulated enough of your currency to buy this building, and we began adapting it to our needs..."

"...And stripped the interior to make room for the intergalactic communicator we would attempt to build, using the products of your crude technology... And, later on, we'd use the space for the translocation device..."

Page 21

Utrom Commander "...And then you enter the picture! Your Master Splinter told us that you are fifteen and one half years old..."

Utrom Commander "...Exactly that many years ago we had our accident..."

"We were moving the last of our salvage from the ship into the city by truck..."

"It was peak rush hour so we took some back streets to make better time. It was on one of those streets that a blindman strode into the path of our truck..."

"...Our brakes couldn't stop us in time--we were going to hit him!"

"Suddenly a young man leaped from the sidewalk..."


"And pushed the blindman out of our path!"


"Then a cannister was jarred loose from the back of our truck and struck the boy on the head!"

"Once we had called an ambulance, and seen to the care of the old man and the boy, we returned to look for our cannister... But found nothing--it had disappeared!"

"We never knew what became of the cannister, until your master solved the mystery for us. He had witnessed everything from a nearby alley..."

Page 22

"From his vantage point, he saw the cannister continue to bounce down the street..."

Chester Manley (flashback) "Hey Dad—is it an accident? I can't see anything!"

Chester Manley's father (fb) "Yeah—some truck almost hit a guy, I think!"

Dad (fb) "Chester—look out—!"

Chet (fb) "Huh?"


Chet (fb) "My turtles—!"

"...And strike a young boy's glass terrarium, which contained you four as infants! The bowl shattered, plunging you (along with the now cracked and leaking cannister) into the open manhole..."

Dad (fb) "You okay, Chet? Yeah? Aww... Sorry about your turtles—guess they wouldn't have survived that fall! Don't worry, we'll get you four new ones, okay?"

Page 23

"...Moments later, Splinter followed, and found you all alive and unhurt, and covered with the glowing ooze that had leaked from the cannister.
Gathering you up into a discarded coffee can, Splinter was himself exposed to the same substance—
A mutagenic agent which caused you all to change into what you are today!

Utrom Commander "Meanwhile, we had successfully reestablished hyper communication with our home planet. As we had survived and adapted so well to this world's ways, our leader asked us to stay on and continue observation of your world."

Utrom Commander "...And to build a permanent (but secret) base here. We had just completed our translocation device, after years of work, when you entered the picture!"

Utrom Commander "Unfortunately, when you smashed the control panel and set off the device, key circuits were crossed—and the resulting power surge melted our communications grid, destroyed the beam suppression systems--"

Utrom Commander "--And caused an energy flash that was seen all over the city! As a result, we are now beseiged by the National Guard and the N.Y.P.D.!"

Turtle "We're sorry for our part in all that... But listen—won't the folks on your home planet do something to help you? If you're out of contact for a few days, won't they get worried and send help?"

Utrom Commander "Sadly, no... To keep discovery risks to a minimum, we only communicate with home once every thirty days... And, since it's only been eleven days since our last message..."

Page 24

Turtle "Yeah... Not expecting to hear from you yet, your radio silence won't worry them! Damn! Can't you escape any other way? What about—"

Utrom Commander "--The tunnel exits, such as where we found your Master Splinter? A good idea, but our sensors picked up much underground activity--troop movements--and we had to seal them off..."

Turtle "Great..."

Utrom Commander "...But don't worry—we can beam you out to any location you desire! You will be the first to leave!"

Leo "Hey—thanks!"

Other Utrom "Commander! Important news! Please come quickly!"

Same Other Utrom "I've been monitoring the radio traffic among the humans outside--they've cleared the streets, and are now preparing a forced entry into this complex... I'm afraid we have just minutes before they attack!"

Utrom Commander "And the damage report on the translocation device...?"

Same Other Utrom "Not good--the control panel sustained serious damage from the Triceratons' blast rays..."

Same Other Utrom "It can be repaired, but we need more time--!"

Utrom Commander "Notify all sections to go to crisis condition four--and alert all personnel to be ready to beam out of here as soon as the device is fixed!"

Utrom Commander "Activate all auto-defense 'bots on the first three levels--stun setting only! That will gain us some time... Hopefully enough!"

Page 25


Hedd "Able squad, check in..."

Soldier A "Able squad in position..."

Hedd "Baker squad check in..."

Soldier B "Baker squad ready..."

Hedd "Charlie squad check in..."

Soldier C "Charlie squad all set!"

Hedd "Charlie squad—"

Hedd "Fire!"


Page 26



Utrom A "An explosion!"

Utrom B "Yes--the humans have begun their assault!"

Utrom Commander "Situaton update, please!"

Other Utrom "We have three major problem points..."

Same Other Utrom "The #2 dematerializer has a small hole in its sheilding... It's almost completely patched..."

Same Other Utrom "The direction motivator also received minor damage; its main power cable needed to be replaced and several hyper-conductors blew... It should be repaired momentarily..."

Same Other Utrom "...But the real problem is the main control panel. It's taken a lot of abuse--half the internal components were completely fused! The, ah, robot, Dr. Honeycutt, has been very helpful--its knowledge of magnetic bubble memories and ultra-micro circuitry is incredible!"

Page 27

Hedd "Good shooting, charlie squad—but most of the door's still up—"

Hedd "—Hit it again!"


Soldier "Go!"



Utrom B "Commander! A second missle has taken out a large part of the main entrance blockade--they have access now!"

Utrom Commander "Understood, control..."

Utrom Commander "The building has been penetrated... How much longer...?"

Utrom C "At least ten minutes before the translocation matrix is working... But... The coordinate-setting circuits are a charred, hopeless mess! The only coordinates we can use are the ones preset in permanent memory--"

Utrom C "--Luckily, those are for the home world!"

Utrom C "Not so lucky--for the turtles!"

Page 28

Soldier C "The second missile did it—the barrier is down!"

Soldier C "All clear, leader one!"

Hedd "Over! Lock and load, men—this is it, move in!"

Soldier A "Able squad, advancing!"

Soldier B "Baker squad, moving in!"

Soldier "Looks clear—no movement so far!"

Soldier "Forward slowly, keep your eyes peeled..."

Page 29

Soldier "Watch your step, men... Easy does it...!"


Soldier "Huh? This wall thing made a—"


Soldier "Look out! Could be a bomb—!"

Soldier "Take cover—!"

Soldier "Cripes! More of 'em—an' they're sproutin' legs—!"

Soldier "Uh-oh—drop back and—"

Soldier "Fire!"

Page 30

Don "Darn! I feel so useless—I know alot about electronics, but T.C.R.I. stuff is way out of my league!"

Leo "Hey, listen!"

Leo "Automatic weapons fire! The troops must be inside the building!"

Leo "Let's go check on the transmat—if these guys don't get us out of here quickly, those troops will be all over us!"

Soldier "Holy sh—!!"

Soldier "—We're gettin' torn apart!"

Medic "Lieutenant, you won't believe this, but—"

Medic "—These men aren't wounded!"

Medic "Whatever those things are firing at us, it isn't harmful&mdashthese men are just unconscious! Must be some kind of... Stun ray!"

Soldier "OK, you men—hit 'em again!"

Page 31

Leo "How's it looking, Dr. Honeycutt?"

Honeycutt "Almost complete, Leonardo--just a few more micro-welds to make... A minute or two more..."

Utrom "Monitor station to commander—first floor defense 'bots almost overrun... Human troops are advancing toward stairway to upper levels!"

Utrom Commander >Go to crisis condition five...<

Utrom Commander >Alert all stations--the device is almost operational!<

Utrom Commander "All personnel, report to translocation area!"

Utrom Commander "Begin withdrawal procedures--abandon exoskeletons!"

Page 32

Soldier A "First floor secure, Lieutenant!"

Soldier B "Those elevators aren't operational—only way to go is up the stairs!"

Soldier "Take no chances!"

Soldier "Ugh!"

Utrom Commander "That's it we're as ready as we'll ever be..."

Utrom Commander "...Hit the power!"

Other Utrom "Power..."

Same Other Utrom "...On!"

[And, blocks away...]

TV 6

Jim "Oh my God—! It's happening again—!"

Jim "Jim McNaughton reporting live—looks like our boys are walking straight into hell!"

Page 33

Jim "That mysterious beam of light is back, just minutes after National Guard troops attacked the T.C.R.I. building—"

Jim "—And once again, this flash can be seen throughout the city!"

Jim "What in God's name could be happening? Only time will tell!"

Utrom Commander "The device is 100 percent operational...!"

Utrom Commander "Quickly, fellow beings--onto the platform!"

Soldier "Move it, move it! Up this way!"

Soldier "You four men check this level—the rest come with me to the third floor!"

Utrom Commander "Programming set... Power level building to transit threshold... We have only seconds left to go!"

Leo "Hey, wait!!"

Leo "What about us?!"

Page 34

Other Turtle "You said you'd beam us out first, to any place in New York we wanted to go! What happened?!"

Leo "Yeah!"

Utrom Commander "Please--don't worry! We'll--"

Other Utrom "Commander, you must leave now! The human forces are on this floor--all our personnel have relocated to the home world--"

Utrom Commander "--All departure procedures have been completed!"

Utrom "Self-destruct devices have been activated--all evidence of our presence here will be obliterated!"

Utrom "We must leave now!"

Soldier "Careful, men—feel that strange vibration in the floor?"

Same Soldier "Check all doors and stay sharp!"

Utrom Commander "Quickly, Dr. Honeycutt--Splinter--turtles--"

Utrom Commander "--No time to explain!"

Utrom Commander "Trust me--and follow! We'll se✺"

Turtle A "No! Wait—! We don't want to go to your world—!"

Turtle B "Stop!"


Raph "That little creep—! Should've drop kicked him the first time I—uh-oh, more trouble!"

Leo "No time to complain, Raph—we've got to leave—again!"

Page 35

Don or Mike "We've got no choice—the army's blasting through the door right now!"

Leo " 'Bye, Earth!"

Leo "Come on, Master Splinter!"

Raph "What a revoltin' development this is!"

Soldier "Holy Mother!"

Soldier A "Look at this place!"

Soldier B "Hey—listen!"

>Attention! This structure will self-destruct in five minutes--all life-forms should evacuate immediately! Attentions--!<

Page 36

>To recap New York City's three day mystery crisis, we'll go now to the location of the exit T.C.R.I. facility...<

Jim >Good evening—this video tape footage is of the last burst of light from the T.C.R.I. building as viewed from a three block distance!<

Jim >That final blast of light was seen by thousands throughout the city, preceeding—by five minutes—the collapse of the T.C.R.I. structure...<

Jim >Although much of this is still a mysteyr, we have General Hedd here to run down the action that took place just over one hour ago... General—?<

Hedd >Well, Jim, our boys—over coming fierce opposition—took the building with no casualtes, other than a few bumps and bruises...<

Hedd >Unfortunately, the whole place collapsed into itself before we could find out anything about it! Our boys just barely made it out themselves!<

Jim >Thank you General. So... No casualties, minor injuries, and total destruction of the T.C.R.I. building! The crisis is over, but the mystery remains...<

Jim >...Who—or what—was in that building? Officials have already begun excavation of the rubble, looking for bodies... No survivors are expected.<

Jim >For News Center 6, this is Jim McNaughton saying "good ni✺<

April "Oh, great... Just great! What happened to the guys!? What do I do now—?"



April "Yow!"

April "W-What was that—!!?"

April "It came from the bathroom!"

April "Holy!"

Page 37

Leo "Gack!"

Don or Mike "Umpfh!"

Don or Mike "Hi April!"

Don or Mike "You're never gonna believe the story we have to tell you!"

Raph "Gar! Those little creeps! "Oh, don't worry, we'll beam you right into the comfort of your own living roomno prob!" "

Raph "Hah! Right!"

Raph "Ah, well, I guess I shouldn't have tried to kick that leader guy..."


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