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Earth's Oceans



Date of birth

Over 5000 years ago

Weapon(s) of choice



Mighty Mutanimals

Physical description

Mutant Fish
Former human




6' 2"


220 lbs.

Eye color


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Archie Comics

First appearance

Mighty Mutanimals #7

Created by

Dan Berger

Teachers and Students

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Merdude is a mutant ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and associate (but not formal member) of the Mighty Mutanimals in the Archie continuity.

Bio Profile

'Ello, my name, eet ees Merdude! I hev also been called Jacques, and when I was but a boy, my name was Alim! For you see, I too was once a human like you, ovair five sowsand years ago! But as Fate would have eet, I was mutated into zis form when I fell into za sea and was exposed to what I hev now discovered to be Mutagen! So, I fell into ze drink, and I became zis mutant merman! At first I was very scared, no? But as time passed, I learned to love my new body and za ocean that has become my home!

I first met Michelangelo several years ago, and we hev become good friends! His brothairs and he come to vizeet from time to time, and we hev also battled some pirates togezer! When I am not busy with my friends from za sewairs, I like to spend my time swimming with my allies of za deep, za lovely mermaid Eowithe, and but of course, ze mighty Ray Fillet! Za Mutanimals and I, we do many zings togezer, and zey are fine defendairs of ze depths!

I now bid you adieu, my friend! I hope zat you have a pleasant journey on zis world and zat ze stormy wezzer does not set you stray upon your course! Until we meet again, safe journeys!

- from the Official TMNT Website Profiles


  • Ray theorizes that, considering Alim mutated over 5000 years ago, he may be the world's first mutant transformed by mutagen.
  • Merdude is one of the few allies of the Mutanimals to not be killed off.

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