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Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and friend, and assists him in his work as Batman.

While Batman was trying to puzzle out who the Ninja Turtles and the Foot Clan were, he confided his suspicions and doubts in Alfred. Alfred also revealed that the police had identified Wayne Enterprises as a likely target for the next technological theft.

After Batman made friends with the Turtles, Alfred was put in charge of obtaining large quantities of pizza for the teenagers, something he found distasteful. He also was displeased by Michelangelo skateboarding indoors, which had caused the Turtle to knock Alfred and the pizza over. Alfred responded by taking away Michelangelo's skateboard. He was also displeased by the poor table manners the Turtles exhibited.

When Batman was left unconscious after his temporary mutation, Alfred cared for him. He also put a cast on Donatello's broken arm.

Despite his initial coldness to the Turtles, Alfred was touched when Michelangelo attempted to make amends with him by offering his prized skateboard. When Batman revealed that he had obtained several pizzas, an overjoyed Michelangelo carried Alfred over to them, where he ate a slice with a knife and fork.


  • Brian George previously voiced the character in Batman: Killing Joke.


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