"The Jazzin' Jet Fighter and Pepperoni Pilot!"

Vital Constructistics

Accessories -  

Two Slicin' Sais Mutate into Mega Jet Machine Guns 

Mutant Marauder Mask with Night Scope Mutates into Cool Kowabunga Canopy and Long Range Missile Sight 

Backpack Rad Rocket Launcher Mutates into Wing Mounted Mutant Missiles and Turbo Fan Engine  


"Airspace is safe when Airforce Mutation Raphael is on patrol. Usin' his handy Mutant marauder mask with night scope, Airforce Mutation Raphael checks the ground for any fooish Foot who dare wander onto the Turtle base. Once he spots one, he just lets 'em have it with his backpack rad rocket launcher. And if the alarm goes off, it's a snap for Airforce Mutation Raphael to Mutate into a jazzin' jet - patrollin' the skies for any flyin' foul Foot fiends and pizza parlors. A twist, a flip and a rotation makes the procee a cinch. Once he's a full Foot fightin' jet, Airforce Mutation Raphael can Mutate his walkin' weapons into awesome self-contained mini-munitions! Whether it's his backpack rad rocket launcher Mutatin' into his wing mounted Mutant missiles - or his slicin' sais Mutatin' into mega jet machine guns- Raphael is ready to lay down the law... and lay out some Foot. When the Foot all fall from the sky, Airforce Mutation Raphael radios his fly-by-friend, Airforce Mutation Donatello, cuz there are still plenty of pizza parlors out there."


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