"The Hoverin' Helicopter and Pizza Pilot!"

Vital Statistics

Accessories:- Shoulder Mount Laser Blaster Mutates into two Wing Mounted Cannons and one Nose Mounted Machine Gun Infared Target Scope Mutates into Nosecone Targeting System 
Battle Plate Mutates into Tail Turbo Engine Assembly  

Systems check. Rudder. Check. Engine. Check. Bullets. Check. Pizza. Check and double check! No mission would be complete without a dozen pepperoni pizzas. And no mission is surefired successful unless Airforce Mutation Donatello's standin' upright with all the battle gear a good guy could ever want. His battle plate provides protection, while the infared target scope lines up the losers in the crosshairs. Then, whoosh! A simple shot from the shoulder mount laser blaster! When the battle needs air support, no problem! Airforce Mutation Donatello can take his firepower up, up and away. A couple of flaps and snaps and Donatello's behind the controls of his thunderin' attack copter. This hoverin' hornet o' the sky's got more sting than anything. Check out those two wing mounted cannons. Only a Foot fool would dare challenge the kind of waste 'em weapon o' warfare! And there's no escape at night from this air eagle either, cuz the nosecone targeting system can lock on for a massive Mutant air strike, even in the dark. With victory at hand, Airforce Mutation Donatello may contact his good buddy, Airforce Raphael, and have him fly over for some shared glory and pizza pies. But then again, maybe Donatello will eat first - and just share the glory!


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