General Aguila
General Aguila
Biographical information

Central America

Date of birth

around 1000 B.C.

Date of death



Invulnerability, Immortality (as stone being)

Weapon(s) of choice

Double-bladed sword




Stone Generals, Max Winters

Physical description

Stone Being (formerly human)



Eye color


Out of universe information

2007 film



First appearance

TMNT (2007 game)

Created by

Kevin Munroe

Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson

Teachers and Students
General Aguila is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT as one of the film's main antagonists and the leader of the stone generals. He, along with his three brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Aguila's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Aguila and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl a flesh and blood immortal.

Centuries later, he and his stone siblings are awoken by Yaotl (now under the name, Max Winters) to help collect all 13 monsters and return them to the portal, thus, undoing their curse. However, liking their new immortality, Aguila leads a mutiny against Winters by telling his fellow Generals that he thought their brother had plans to betray them to preserve their immortality, and bring forth more monsters to assemble an army to conquer Earth. During a fight between the turtles and the stone generals,General Aguila engaged Raphael in combat. The turtles defeated the generals and kicked them into the portal. The stone generals emerged from the portal and Aguila told the turtles they would never be stopped unless they returned the thirteenth monster. The thirteenth monster then barged into the chamber and slammed the stone generals and itself into the portal. Aguila and the other stone generals were turned human again in the process, apparently breaking the curse. General Aguila's weapon is a double ended sword.Plus in the TMNT(2007) video game he had many other abilities such as shooting lasers, creating meteor showers, summoning lightning,(etc.).


A General Aguila figure was released as part of the movie toyline. The figure had a button near the neck, that when pressed activated a light on Aguila's chest.


  • Aguila means Eagle in Spanish.
  • Aguila was based on the Aztec eagle warriors, as they wore a suit made of eagle feathers and were in the highest ranks of the Aztec military.
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