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A certain abandoned industrial park in rural Massachusetts is a setting appearing in two stories of the Mirage continuity.

It is the main setting of the story I, Monster where it is the dwelling of the Rat King. After the turtles wander into the park, they are attacked by the Rat King's horde of rats. The Rat King is felled by shuriken, falling from a high location into one of the park's abandoned silos.

The industrial park reappears during the City at War arc when Splinter wanders into the same park seek shelter, but accidentally falls into one of the silos, breaking his leg in the process. And since no one knows he is there and he is too injured to free himself, there is a real possibility that he will starve to death there. Splinter is come across in his injured state by the Rat King who is living in the silo. The Rat King offers no tangible aid, but does frequently visit and talk to Splinter, tormenting him about how rats typically survive famine by eating each other. Over time, Splinter becomes weaker and weaker from starvation, and after one last psychological taunt from the Rat King, Splinter grabs and kills a nearby rat, eating its flesh raw. After a steady cannibalistic diet of rats, Splinter gradually regains his strength, and after two months is recovered enough to explore the silo he fell in. But Splinter is shocked to find the Rat King's long-dead corpse—he had died years ago from his encounter with the turtles, and had been already dead the entire time Splinter spoke to him. Finally, Splinter improvises a way to climb the silo's inner walls and free himself.

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