A Turtle in Time
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) episode
Title screen
Season Code: 10
Episode: 4
Original airdate October 5, 1996
Written by Jeffrey Scott
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"The Power of Three" "Turtles to the Second Power"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1996 Season
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  2. "The Beginning of the End"
  3. "The Power of Three"
  4. "A Turtle in Time"
  5. "Turtles to the Second Power"
  6. "Mobster from Dimension X"
  7. "The Day the Earth Disappeared"
  8. "Divide and Conquer"

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"A Turtle in Time" is the fourth episode of the 1987-1996 animated series' tenth season, and the second part of the Shredder and Krang trilogy.


Dregg has just successfully drained the Turtles' mutagenic strength and Krang's mental energy, making himself more powerful and formidable than ever before - he has all the mental power and physical abilities of his victims. Shredder manages to saw through the connection to his own head, and manages to escape when Dregg isn't looking.

Despite the loss of their strength, the Turtles try to take on Dregg but discover that he now has all their ninjutsu skills. Donatello also confirms that without their life energy, they likely won't survive long. April manages to contact Carter and begs him for help.

Shredder rescues Krang and easily disposes of Dregg's minions, but is stopped by Dregg himself in the teleportation room, saying that because he has Krang's memories he knew exactly what Shredder would do. Shredder manages to evade the superior technology of the Dreggnought.

Dregg decides that now he's going to enact an evil plan: transporting a piece of the Sun into the middle of the city, and if they don't submit to him, he will turn the entire planet into a second sun. However, Shredder has stolen a chip vital to the teleporter, hampering Dregg's plans.

Carter attempts to rescue the Turtles, who are rapidly fading from the loss of their life energy, but fails to do so. Splinter advises him that he may still be able to mutate when he most needs it. Meanwhile, April manages to outwit the guard and free the Turtles, though their weakness has made it difficult for them to move. Unfortunately, they are trapped in a fusion reactor, which means they'll be killed if the reactor is turned on.

Needing to transfuse life energy from other mutant turtles, Carter contacts Landor and Merrik, whom he asks to bring the Ninja Turtles of the past into the present. They agree, but if they aren't returned to their proper time periods within twenty-four hours, both sets will vanish. Landor and Merrik go back in time a few years (to the events of "Turtle Trek") and rescue the Turtles from Shredder and Krang, and bring the Past Turtles to the present.

Dregg begins teleporting steel from bridges, trains and other objects, intending to turn them into an invading army to keep the citizens busy until he can recapture Shredder and Krang and get the necessary chip back. Meanwhile, Shredder has transfused some of his life energy into Krang.

Carter and the Past Turtles manage to teleport themselves onto the Dreggnaught, but are immediately attacked by Dregg and his Batmen. Carter manages to mutate again while fighting Dregg, and April blasts open the wall of the fusion room. The Past Turtles rescue the Present Turtles, and they all manage to escape... only to be confronted by a giant robotic monster.

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Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Final Season
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection


Animation errors

  • At the end of the previous episode, "The Power Of Three", the Turtles are tied up in the following order from left to right: Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo. However, at the start of this episode, Michelangelo is next to Leonardo.
  • Raphael and Donatello have swapped positions when the Turtles break free.
  • After the Turtles are drained of their life sources, Dregg knocks both of Raphael's sai out of his hands and onto the floor before putting the Turtles into laser cages. The sai then vanish completely.
  • After Landor and Merrick try to help the Turtles in the past and Shredder blasts the floor out from under them, causing them to fall, Donatello and Raphael's colors swap for a couple of frames.
  • When Carter mutates, his right boot changes twice from black to gray for a couple of frames.


  • At the end of "The Power of Three", Dregg drains everybody's power, but at the beginning of this episode, Shredder escapes Dregg's trap, not being drained at all.
  • Past Raphael mentions the classic TV series The Twilight Zone.
  • Final appearace of the Foot Soldiers.


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