Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Raphael "Rah!"

Raph "What?!"

[This sucks.]

Raph "Yahh!"

[Big time.]


Splinter "Again, Raphael!"

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[I've been alone all my life.]

Raph "Raagh!"

Donatello "Uh, Raph... Leo is your opponent this session..."

Splinter "Raphael! Stop!"

Donnie "Hup!"

[(At least the part I remember.)]

[And even though I didn't know who I was or where I came from...]

Michelangelo "I gotcha, dude!"

[...I always knew how to take care of myself. How to fight.]

Raph "Back off!"

Mikey "Whoa!"

[But the way these guys keep beating me, I'm startin' to realize that livin' and scrappin' in the streets didn't exactly show me how to be a ninja.]

Mikey "I was just tryin' to help ya. You don't gotta get so mad."

Raph "Let me... Nng! Go!"

Splinter "Release your brother, Michelangelo."

[These guys poundin' on me are supposed to be my long-lost brothers.]

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[My family.]

Mikey "No hard feelings, bro?"

[Welcome home, right?]


Raph "Outta my way."

Mikey "Hey!"

Splinter "Control yourself, Raphael. The purpose of this training is to develop skills and hone discipline. Your anger does not serve you here."

Leonardo "It's true, Raph—you're taking this way too personally."

Raph "Yeah, well, feels more like gettin' my but handed to me than trainin'."

Raph "And it's hard not to take it personal when chucklehead there's always smilin' at me."

Donnie "Uh, I wouldn't read too much into that—Mikey's always got a goofy grin on his face."

Mikey "Heh. Sorry."

Leo "Raph, for only being back with us less than a month, you're doing great. All you need is more time and practice, just like all of us."

Raph "No... All I need is some fresh air."

Leo "Raph, wait, listen—"

Splinter "No, let him go, my son. Your brother hears..."

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"...But he is not yet ready to listen."

[Okay, that sucked, too—bailin' out like that.]

[I know I shouldn't get so ticked off. They're just tryin' to help me adjust, I guess.]

[From homeless guy to family guy.]

[When my brothers found me and I learned who I really am... It was the best day of my life.]

[But all this trainin' and tryin' to be somethin' I'm not—sometimes it's way too much and I gotta get away.]

Casey Jones "Took you long enough, man. Thought you wussed out on me."

Raph "Yeah? Well, only wuss I see here's got his sports mixed up."

Casey "Say that to my face."

Raph "You mean that ugly mug you got hidin' behind that mask?"

Casey "Look who's talkin' ugly."

Casey "Ha! Good to see you, bro! What took you so long?"

Raph "Nothin'. Just some family stuff. You ready?"

Page 5

[Casey Jones. My best friend.]

[He's had it pretty rough most of his life—dead mom, drunk loser dad... The works.]

[Sometimes, like me, he needs a change of scenery—]

[—Someplace to blow off a little steam.]

[To do what feels right. Natural.]

[To kick butt instead of bein' kicked.]

Raph "Dude, that ruled!"

Casey "Hell yeah."

[To win.]

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Casey "You wanna hang out, bro? We could watch some TV or somethin'."

Raph "What about your dad?"

Casey "He won't bug us. Dude's probably passed out cold by now."


[His family ain't even family. But the way Casey says it... Like it's nothin'...]

Raph "Nah, thanks, Case. Think I'm just gonna head home."

Casey "Your loss, dweeb."

Casey "Say hi to the rest of the sewer critters for me!"

Raph "You know it."

[...No feelin' sorry for himself, no blamin' anyone else. Dude just deals.]

[Man, I seriously gotta get my head right.]

[Time to get over myself and face an important fact.]

[Casey goes home hopin' his old man's already asleep.]

[But me?]

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[I want nothin' more than for my dad to be awake.]

Splinter "Welcome home, Raphael."

Raph "Father? What are you—"

Splinter "I've been waiting for you since you departed. I was... Concerned."

Raph "Really?"

Splinter "Of course. You are my son."

Raph "I'm... I'm really sorry for screwin' up the whole sparrin' thing earlier and makin' you angry. I got no excuse."

Splinter "I was never angry, Raphael, and you did not "screw up," as you say. You need only to see that setbacks do not reveal failure—only room for improvement."

Raph "I know. And I really wanna improve. Even if I lose my cool sometimes."

Splinter "Your technical abilities will increase as you continue to train with your brothers."

Splinter "In turn, they will benefit greatly from your field experience and battle-tested skills."

Splinter "Understand, my son, when I am stern, it is only because I see you exactly as I see your brothers—filled with potential and possessed with remarkable strengths. And yes, some weaknesses, as well."

[You know, maybe I have been alone all my life, it's true.]

Raph "Wow. I guess we all have a lot to learn, huh?"

Splinter "Yes, my son, we do..."

[But I'm startin' to understand.]

Splinter "...Together."

[I don't have to be.]

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