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With Bane, Bebop, Rocksteady and the entire Foot Clan pumped up on Venom, the odds are severely stacked against Batman and the Turtles. All looks lost until Master Splinter steps in—only to fall victim to the treacherous Bane! The heroes on the half-shell live to fight another day, but at what cost? Donnie thinks he has a plan for victory, but Batman warns against it.


Casey is working on a two-way radio while April prepares an interdimensional teleporter. The two are concerned about the long silence from the Turtles, and Casey's attempts to contact Donatello are unsuccessful.

Back in Bane's headquarters, the Turtles, Splinter, Batman and Robin are surrounded by a small army of Venom-enhanced Foot ninja. When Bebop comes close to Robin, the boy slaps a small explosive on the mutant's hand and damages the hose delivering Venom to his system. This ignites a battle between the two sides, and while the Turtles are able to fend off their ninja enemies, they are still severely outnumbered. Donatello's bo is broken by one of the Foot Elite, who mocks him.

Batman and Robin try to tie up Bebop and Rocksteady, but the mutants simply burst out of their bonds. Meanwhile, Bane goes up against Raphael, who is able to land a few hits before the giant throws him into a wall and prepares to kill him. Splinter intervenes before Bane can murder his son, and succeeds in temporarily immobilizing Bane. However, his concern for Raphael leaves him open to attack, and Bane slams the rat mutant into the wall before collapsing the building on top of him.

Bane and his forces withdraw from the collapsing building as Donatello pulls Splinter from the ruined building, but he panics when he sees that Splinter is non-responsive.

Back in their lair, the comatose Splinter is cared for by April and Donatello. Batman muses over the fact that Bane has never given Venom to a whole army before, and that this is a new strain of Venom that they have never seen before.

When Michelangelo suggests that they should use their minds to defeat Bane, Donatello incredulously says that Splinter thought that his brains could defeat Bane, and they still lost. He reveals that he snatched a canister of Venom from the laboratory, and suggests that he can analyze and synthesize it so that they can use it against Bane. Raphael agrees with him, but Leonardo and April are adamantly against it. Batman says that they don't know Venom as he does, and that it corrodes a person's very soul.

Batman attempts to comfort Leonardo by telling him that Splinter has a resolve greater than any other warrior he's seen, and that Bane has never contended with a family who inherited that spirit. Donatello walks away dejectedly, and begins to cry.

In an abandoned building, Karai and a small number of Foot ninja confer about Bane and his increasing power in New York. She demands to know the location of Bane's new base, and one of the ninja reveals that it's not a secret: Bane has taken the Statue of Liberty as his new headquarters. A copy of Bane's mask is unfurled over the statue's face.

Late that night, Leonardo and Batman strategize while the others sleep. Neither of them notice Donatello taking the canister of Venom and sneaking out of the lair. He quietly apologizes to his brothers, saying that this is the only assurance they can win, then he screams as the Venom flows into his body.


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