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Script: James Tynion IV

Art and Cover: Freddie E. Williams II

Colors: Jeremy Colwell

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Variant Cover: Kevin Eastman with Tomi Varga

Assistant Editor: Liz Erickson

Group Editor: Jim Chadwick

Batman created by: Bob Kane with Bill Finger

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles created by: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird

Release Date: Dec. 20, 2017


The team behind the smash-hit crossover series is back to reunite the Dark Knight and the Heroes in a Half-Shell. When Donatello goes looking for a new mentor to help him improve his fighting skills, he opens a doorway to another reality, hoping to summon the Turtles’ one-time ally, Batman. But instead, he gets sent to Gotham City and someone else comes through the open portal—Bane! Suddenly, there’s a new gang boss in New York and he’s out to unite all the other bad guys under him. Can Donnie get back in time and bring Batman with him to help his brothers before Bane causes irreparable destruction?


Batman enters a sumptuous apartment and easily knocks out Ra's al Ghul's four ninja guards. Ra's isn't surprised to see him, and confirms that he has been usurped, but that he now has heard that Bane is gone. He also has guessed what Batman is there for, and immediately gives him a mechanical component, saying that he might as well get rid of both his rivals at once.

Meanwhile, Donatello and Robin are riding motorcycles while Mr. Freeze blasts an ice ray at them. Robin spins out of control and knocks his and Donatello's motorcycles to pieces, but Donatello immediately starts cobbling together a new vehicle out of the broken parts, and soon they are blasting after Freeze on the Bat-Sled. While Robin retrieves the machine part they need,  Donatello subdues Freeze's henchmen and exults about what a genius Freeze is.

At Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox and Batgirl finish the trans-dimensional machine while Donatello speaks to Batman about his insecurities and how selfish he feels he was. Batman, Robin and Donatello all head through the portal and reappear in New York, where buildings are burning. Donatello is horrified.

At a bar, Bebop and Rocksteady are drinking when a Foot Soldier arrives and tells them that the entire Foot has reunited under Bane, who has crushed sixty men that the two mutants sent after him. The Foot Soldier also adds that Bane is there, and he demands their allegiance. Rocksteady and Bebop head outside, find Bane waiting for them, and kneel before him.

Down in the sewers, Leonardo and Raphael are helping Michelangelo back to the lair, while Michelangelo melodramatically claims that he's dying of a sprained ankle. When they open the door, they are delighted to see Batman waiting for them, and Leonardo is overjoyed that Donatello is all right, and praises him for bringing in reinforcements. Robin then reveals that Donatello was the one who has caused all this mayhem, causing Raphael to yell at his brother.

After a fight almost breaks out between Robin and Raphael, April shows them the footage she's been taking of Bane on her phone. Batman is pleased to see that Bane has almost run out of Venom, a dangerous and addictive steroid, and that he'll soon be debilitated by withdrawal symptoms.

At Foot headquarters, Bebop and Rocksteady deliver Baxter Stockman to Bane, who demands that the disgraced scientist formulate a great deal of Venom for him - enough for all of Manhattan.


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