ABC's for a Better Planet

ABC's for a Better Planet was a children's book published in 1991 by Random House.[1] It was written by J. K. Rosser and illustrated by The GEE Studio. The book looks over a number of environmental concerns and presents them in alphabetical format.


  • Acid rain
  • Batteries
  • Cruelty-free products
  • Dolphins
  • Extinction and Endangered species
  • Fast Food
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Hazardous waste in your Home
  • Ivory
  • Join
  • Keep informed
  • Litter
  • Meat
  • Newspapers
  • Ozone layer
  • Pesticides
  • Questions
  • Remember to Recycle Rubbish
  • Seals
  • Tropical rain forests
  • Unleaded gas
  • Volunteer to clean up
  • Whales
  • X-rays
  • You
  • Zoos


  • The title incorrectly uses an apostrophe to designate the plural form of ABC, which is only done when the letters are all lower-case.
  • Some of the information presented in the book is insufficiently researched, dubious, or biased, even for the time in which it was published, especially towards organic foods. Specifically, it indicates that buying organic produce will avoid ingestion of pesticides, when most organic produce necessitates more or stronger pesticides as opposed to varieties of non-organic produce which is specifically engineered to combat pests on their own. It also states that organic is "good for you", as if non-organic automatically is not.
  • While Michelangelo's color scheme is a very dark orange throughout the book and is tough to differentiate him from Raphael unless they are close together for comparison, his palette is identical to Raphael's under "You".


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