Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Mondo Gecko "Errraaagh!"

Mondo "Song's wicked, right, Seymour?"

Mondo "Hah. Not your speed ...It's cool, I get it. Don't you worry, dude. We've got all day."

Mondo "Check this out—here's something even harder that I think'll really blow your mind."

Mondo "If this doesn't cheer you up, you're probably dead or something, haha..."

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Seymour Gutz "Stop."

Mondo "'Sup, dude?"

Seymour "I said stop."

Mondo "Heh, okay, man. It's all good—metalcore isn't your thing."

Mondo "There's gotta be something I can do to snap you outta this funk."

Mondo "I got this pretty rad skate video—real underground stuff."

Mondo "Ooh! We could watch that old Italian horror flick I was telling you about!"




Mondo "Gross. That cough came with a prize."

Mondo "You okay, dude?"

Mondo "{Nng} No."

Mondo "Hold up, dude—lemme get you, like, an energy drink or something..."

Seymour "I said stop {koff} Mondo!"

Mondo "Oh, hey, doc. Was just chilling with S.G."

Mondo "He's extra grumpy today, look out, hah—"

Lindsey Baker "Mondo... We need to talk."

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Mondo "No. No freaking way, Lindsey."

Mondo "I don't believe you..."

Lindsey "I don't want it to be true as much as you do, Mondo. Trust me."

Lindsey "But we have to be real about it. His body is giving up. Seymour is dying."

Mondo "There has to be something you can do for him! He can't just die!"

Mondo "You're the doc, doc. Fix him."

Lindsey "I don't know what else to do. I can maybe buy some time... Induce a coma."

Lindsey "But that's all it will give us. Time. And very little of it."

Lindsey "I don't even know if he can come back from that."

Lindsey "I mean, E.P.F has more than enough tech to fix him, so short of getting our hands on that, we've exhausted our resources."

Mondo "Do it. Buy me the time. I'll handle the rest."

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Lindsey "Seymour is—for lack of better words—messed up."

Lindsey "Not at all human, but not far from it either."

Lindsey "I'm giving him some propofol."

Lindsey "Once he's out I'll have to monitor his vitals and figure it out as I go."

Lindsey "A tight rope between too much and too little... Leaning on the latter."

Mondo "Whatever you gotta do, doc."

Mondo "He doesn't deserve this. No one does."

Mondo "Just hope I can pull through on my end."

Lindsey "There. Shouldn't be long to kick in. He'll just go to sleep until we wake him up. Hopefully."

Mondo "Don't sweat it, pal. Just catch some ZZZ's for now, aight?"

Mondo "Ol' Mondo's gonna get you some new—"

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Seymour "No! Don't! Don't you dare wake me up!"

Mondo "Whoa! Dude!"

Seymour "If you're my friend, you'll do it, Mondo. You'll end me. Stop my suffering!"

Mondo "Those drugs are makin' him tweak, doc!"

Lindsey "It's not the drugs, it's him—he's fighting it."

Lindsey "He needs another dose."

Seymour "Please. Just let me die. Please kill me. I can't live another second in this wretched body..."

Mondo "Dude... I can't. I won't. I'm saving you."

Seymour "Kill me! I'm begging you, just kill me!"

Seymour "Do it or I'll hate you with every breath in my horrible lungs..."

Lindsey "Oh, holy crap. He's out."

Lindsey "I think."

Lindsey "He didn't mean it, M. He just panicked."

Mondo "Yeah. Thanks, Linds. I'll talk to Hob."

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Old Hob "No way. I'm sorry, but no. It's way too dangerous."

Mondo "Are you kidding me, Hob? Seymour's gonna freakin' die if we don't do this. Like, now."

Hob "Listen to what you're asking me, Mondo."

Hob "You want us—enemy #1—to break into the E.P.F. and steal some of their no doubt lethally protected tech."

Mondo "I'm asking you to save S.G.'s life!"

Mondo "Seems like a no-brainer to me."

Hob "I have a responsibility to this team! I'd be leading all of us into a death-trap."

Hob "Bishop already captured us once..."

Mondo "Sounds like you're {nng} forgetting your "responsibility" to this family."

Mondo "Or maybe Seymour's just not useful enough for you to put in the effort."

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Hob "I know you're feeling a lot right now, but I created you, remember? So that makes me kinda like your dad."

Hob "So I suggest you reind yourself that I'm looking out for all of you."

Mondo "You ain't my dad, bro. And you don't know squat about family."

Mondo "This is freaking insane. I'm out."

Hob "Mondo, you petulant little brat!"

Hob "Get back here and face me like a man."

Mondo "Seymour's my brother and you're gonna kill him."

Mondo "That's on your hands, "Dad." "

Hob "Mondo, stop. You know I love Seymour. I..."

Hob "Mondo!"

Lindsey "Hey. Hold up."

Mondo "How is he?"

Lindsey "He's totally out, but holding up."

Lindsey "Look, I know you're going to do the mission alone..."

Mondo "I have to. And you have to keep him alive as long as you can."

Lindsey "I won't tell Hob. Just be safe. And quick, if you can."

Mondo "Yeah. Thanks, Linds..."

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"...First I gotta make a pit stop. See if I can get a little help from someone who cares."

Mondo "Hey, Mikey..."

Mondo "Earth to Mikey!"

Michelangelo "{Hnng} Pineapple isn't a topping!"

Mikey "Oh. H-Hey, Mondo."

Mondo "You cool?"

Mikey "Am I cool? I was meditating. Cool is Michelangelo."

Mikey "What's up, Mon-dude? Wanna hit the pipes for some night skating?"

Mondo "I wish. Not here to chill though."

Mondo "Your brothers around? I need help."

Mikey "Nah, they're out on recon. I'm on home duty—Leo's been trying to get us to practice our meditation. "Astral plane" stuff. Pretty sweet, huh?"

Mikey "But the good news is, you get me!"

Mondo "Yeah. "Good news..." "

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Mikey "Man, if you need help finding something, you're outta luck—I don't know what any of Donnie's nerd stuff is."

Mondo "I'm okay with some computer stuff. I gave your bro the digital files I stop from the E.P.F. the first time around..."

Mondo "Bingo. Got 'em."

Mikey "That's going to get you into the base? It's just words and numbers."

Mikey "Ooh— Is it like, a secret password?"

Mondo "If only it were that easy. The files are staff contact info for E.P.F. agents..."

Mondo "...And personal addresses."

Mikey "Oh! I know what you're thinking. Pizza delivery bomb! E.P.F. won't know who hit 'em."

Mondo "Nah, I'm going to break into one of these punk's houses and tear it apart until I find out how to get into their base."

Mikey "Oh. That's... Actually really dark, dude."

Mikey "Mondo, wait! This isn't like you. I'm worried. I'm coming with."

Mondo "Don't gotta do that, bro. This could get gnarly."

Mikey "Exactly! Who else would you rather have with you?"

Mikey "I'm very well known for my high gnar-potency."

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Mikey "Real talk, dude—are you, like, okay?"

Mikey "I know stuff with Seymour is serious, but you seem... Off."

Mondo "No. I'm so not okay."

Mondo "Just feels like all the things that are supposed to be there to help us are doing the exact opposite, y'know?"

Mondo "Seymour has the right to, like, not die—but no, he hates my guts now and is in a coma that he might not snap out of."

Mondo "And Hob's supposed to be a father to us—or at least a leader."

Mikey "Dude. We've had out share of father issues. I feel you, big time."

Mondo "Hob's letting Seymour down. He's letting everyone down."

Mondo "All because of the need to fight this system that's hellbent on trampling some of us and not others."

Mondo "I'm just getting real damn tired of that system, dude."

Mikey "Here. I think this is the street."

Mondo "The more I wake up, the more I see things won't change for the better for me. Or Seymour. Or you."

Mikey "Trust me, dude—as a guy always coming out of a sewer tunnel—I totally get where you're coming from."

Mikey "Just don't trade in hope for anger..."

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"...'Cause anger bites back hard, dude."

Mikey ··Dang. Look at this place. E.P.F. pays pretty swell...··

Mondo ··Keep watch. I need to find an office or something.··

Mikey ··This carpet {gasp} it's like walking on lotion.··

Mondo ··C'mon... There's gotta be something in here.··

Mondo ··Schematics. Yes!··

Mondo ··Gotta be a keycard here... Access code... Something.··

Page 12

Man "Stop, mutant freak!"


Mikey "Easy now, bro... Were not going to hurt you."

Man "You... You're in my home!"

Mondo "Rrrrargh!"


Man "{Unff}"

Mikey "Whoa! Dude, don't—"


Mondo "Tell me how to get into your base before I mash your head into your own floor!"

Page 13

Mondo "Keycard. Access code. Anything."

Mondo "Start talking, keep living."

Man "Stupid mutie... Access only with iris and fingerprint scans..."

Man "...You're not getting in—they'll kill you on first sight."

Mondo "Fingers and eyes? I can make that happen..."

Girl "Daddy? Daddy, what's wrong?"

Girl "I'm scared..."

Mikey "Mondo..."

Mikey "...Enough!"

Mondo "{Hnf} What are you—get off of me!"

Mikey "We're out of here. Now."

Page 14

Mondo "He has information! You're messing up my whole mission, Mike!"

Mikey "Uhh, that wasn't part of our mission, bro. You went total aggro on that guy. You were gonna kill him!"

Mondo "Yeah, well, he deserves it. He and his goons want our heads, man."

Mondo "If it means getting what I need to save Seymour, then—"

Mikey "This isn't you, Mondo. E.P.F. or not, that guy was innocent. We were in his house. With his family."

Mondo "{Sigh} I'm doing something that my best friend's gonna hate me for. But I know in my heart I gotta."

Mondo "Like, how can I live with myself if I don't save him? Feels like I'm damned either way."

Mikey "I'm sorry, man. You gotta be feeling the pressure. You know I got your back though."

Mikey "Look, if you feel like losing control, you just lean on me. Support each other, right?"

Mikey "If we're gonna do this, we gotta be smart about it. All logical-like."

Mikey "Father always says, "The blade of least resistance is the one that makes no cuts." "

Mondo "Yeah, I don't think that's a saying? Fine. I'll try to keep my cool."

Mondo "Thanks, bro."

Page 15

(Mikey) "There it is... The big bad E.P.F."

(Mikey) "You sure about this? Looks pretty locked down."

(Mondo) "Doesn't matter if I'm sure."

(Mondo) "Let me handle the introduction."


Guard "Oof!"

Mikey ··Shh... Night night, li'l buddy.··

Page 16




[E.P.F. Headquarters. Level 16.]


Guard "Nglk!"

Page 17

[E.P.F. Headquarters. Level 0.]

Mikey "Please {huff} tell me we made it. I can't {huff} do anymore."

Mondo "According to the map I stole... Yep."

Mikey "Man. We're real good at this {huff} ninja stuff."

Mondo "There—I think that's the storage area. Where they keep all that techno junk."

Mondo "Lindsey gave me a little shopping list of the stuff she needs to get Seymour all fixed up..."

Mondo "...I just hope it's all there and we can find it."

Mikey "Yeah, uhh, don't forget, we still gotta get back out sixteen floors of this joint."

Mikey "Dude? What's up?"

Mondo "..."

Mondo "I knew I'd been here before."

Mondo "Feelin' vibes in this joint..."

"...Some real gnarly, not at all cool, throw-down in the pit type vibes, man."

Page 18

Mikey "We... We should hurry, Mondo. C'mon. Forget this stuff."

Mondo "Naw. No way. Never forget."

Mondo "Hhrrrahh!"

Mondo "Never again!"


Mondo "E.P.F... Null... Hob... These agencies and companies—they're all the same. They only care about one thing—themselves."

Mondo "I'm done playing your game. Done being part of your twisted, selfish machine."


Mondo "I used to be free! I was ripped from peace and pumped full of greedy propaganda!"

Mikey "Bro, are you crazy? Now is not the time for a rebellious awakening."

Mondo "They think they can put the boots to my neck? I've had enough... This time I'm biting back. For me. For the silent ones."

Mondo "You hear me up there? Huh? You fools listening?"

Page 19

Mikey "Dude, chill. You're losing it. For real."

Mondo "I'm losing it? You should be just as mad as me!"

Mikey "Bro, we gotta go! You're gonna blow this thing!"

Mikey "Lemme remind you that while you're on your little punk rock freak-out, your best friend is lying in a coma."

Mondo "You don't think I know that?"

Mikey "I think right now you need to listen to me."

Mondo "Yeah, well, maybe you're, like, one of them."

Mondo "Just a mindless pawn in their system."

Mikey "Man, I totally get what you're saying. All of it. I've been the "little one" my whole life. A "freak." "

Mikey "But you're pushing back against everything too hard, too fast."

Mikey "So whatever—you wanna take on the evil empire? Fine. At least Seymour will die happy."

Mikey "That solves your conscience problem, right, dude?"

Page 20

Mikey "Oh, wow. Sorry. That was kinda harsh."

Mondo "Naw, you're right. I'm just so overwhelmed... I keep wanting to fit into something that gives me the strength to—"

Mikey "What the—"

Mondo "Ah, crap!"

John Bishop "Welcome back, Mr. Mondo. I see you brought a friend."

Bishop "Before we proceed, I'd like to thank you for making it easy for us. It's not often that the prey just waltzes into the hunter's home."

Mikey "Mondo... We gotta find cover."

Mondo "Nah. I ain't backing down."

Mondo "Come get it then, you fascist pigs!"

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